: talking with other bigcat furries about things that real bigcats do, and having to clarify "nono I meant bio-tigers, not furries"

That annoying moment when the other bus that's been behind you all the way suddenly overtakes the one you're on, and you just know it'll get to your destination first.

Marmalade on toasted crumpets, with tea. This breakfast could only get any more stereotypically English if served to me by a butler called Jeeves

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the key point being that once you remove the systems that require profit, the people themselves can focus on helping others instead of finding the shrewdest way to screw them over. that's anticapitalism at the core

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What came out of the printer when I hit eBay's "print return label" button

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Interesting 'assistive tech is for everyone' example I just realized/noticed: closed captioning on is good for loud restaurant

Or other instances too. Definitely seems a bit early to tell quite yet

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Lots of furries on mastodon.social, but also seeing quite a few on canislupus.im.
Waiting to see what turns out to be "furry central" before I pick something more specific

Given the increasing terribleness of Twitter lately, I think I'll start making use of this more instead from now on. I need to go on a bit of a "bulk discovery" and try to find all the same people to follow again - any suggestions?


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