Got my analog photos developed and scanned professionally for the first time! They of course did not have EXIF data so I added it like so:

`exiftool input.tif -Model="Rollei 35 SE" -Lens="40/2.8 Sonnar" -ApertureValue="8" -FNumber="8" -FocalLength="40" -ExposureTime="1/125" -iso="400"`

Check out the results!

THEM: is your keyboard programmable?

ME: yeah, I mean you can make it do pretty much anything an Arduino can do. you could have a Fibonacci key if you wanted. I guess it would be hard to get bigint support on a 16-bit system tho, and there's only 2.5kb of ram. I put a forth interpreter on it once; it worked for the most part but keeled over when you tried to load in more than a page or two of code--

THEM: no I mean like, can you make it Dvorak?

ME: oh, um, yeah you can make it Dvorak.

So basically everyone on my main Twitter list is on Mastadon

Wow, guess which site got Twitter-hugged today?


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