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Well out now, a great time to jump on today's stream let's see what it has to offer.

Hey everyone I'll be online tonight early then before starting 5pm EST playing PoP Sands of time again

Gonna get some rest tonight and knock myself out, gonna get more streaming down tomorrow afternoon.

Now it is time I am live POP Sands of Time

I am not streaming tonight taking a break, having a family night watching Big with Tom Hanks

Hey Everyone, I have tons in my plate today that I will not be streaming tonight, I'll have my next stream scheduled on Friday, watched out for a notification on Friday. Have a good day guys!

Good Morning Everyone,

Looks like its gonna be another busy weekend for me. Today the @samsontech Q2U will arrive in the mail today, I can't wait to review it very exciting!

Chadwick Boseman death comes up as strange how come this does not come to many peoples minds. he was battling colon cancer for 4 years then why he didnt get it treated? I'm just being genuine about it? He was racking up dollars as he played BP.

Didnt come back to streaming since it was becoming late and decided to stop for the night. I'll come back streaming later on today.

Here's my built, I'm on break right now more stream builts part two coming soon!

As a 3 year subscriber through YouTube and follow @PeterSchiff Chan through @LBRYio recently, As an American myself I 100% America is heading in the wrong direction. Socialism is not the answer!

I'll be taking an internet break, As I am celebrating the 244th years of our nations Republic. Here's a fun fact however the United States Declaration was not officially signed until Aug 2 one month after.

Enjoy everyone.

Hey, Everyone, I'll be getting prepare for stream for the next hour I hope you chill day its been raining most of the afternoon... thank goodness the rain has passed gonna go eat then stream in the next hour. See you soon!

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