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Great! I was gonna stream tonight but took away to long on a video. OH well, See you tomorrow at the regular stream schedule.

Alrighty Everyone later tonight I'll be up online via

Partnered with new case company I can't announce soon. Announcement coming up this week.

Live stream now right now

Live stream now right now

First Post in a long time, Mastodon will be my choice of SM as long I am here. I'm back

This is it! I'm official done with Twitter! FUCK THEM! THEY CAN SHOVE IT! AA platform that I stay around 2009, I'm over it for good!

Jump for an Apex Round, LVL 10 Goal!

**NEW** Cyberpunk 2077 3rd Night Playthrough, Let's Go!

For anyone that is stuck in your old ways will never learn or seek to adapt to new things through our futures.

Embrace the good and bad. We have to move forward.

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I gave up on Warrior Within to finish off Shadows Of The Tomb Raiders, .......Didn't I was gonna complete the game, but...I did it!, On Monday more Elder Scrolls Online tomorrow's MMO Monday Night Stream, Peace out everyone!

Done with PoP Sands of Times Yesterday, Now for Warrior Within

Powerful message, Something I recommend listening to too all following, this is something, not everyone talking about.

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