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Continuing where I last left off BGE twitch.tv/leonlagrey

Today I'll be doing another recording on @Twitch before going to a BBQ a day before 4th of July storm twitch.tv/leonlagrey

Time to start mining again is climbing up again, not a opportunity to miss this

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Finally I'm back live on Twitch, Hope your Monday is going great!


I'm online again, VIDEO PODCASTING TONIGHT. Twitch.tv/leonlagrey

Gonna continue with FF7 again twitch.tv/leonlagrey

Alright everyone I'm feeling very energetic on streaming early....let's do this! Birthday stream, twitch.tv/leonlagrey

Will be streaming for a moment tonight Memorial Day, For those that serve Thank you!


Hello to all Metal fans! Todays I got a sweet surprise! Todays posting is a Band signing album of Condition Human from all the members of get album ok onto your collection for all you


Alright everyone I'm getting ready to stream in a few minutes and coming in early liked I mentioned yesterday!

Hey good evening guys! happy Friday if anyone is looking into a Dreamcast I have one up on auction! Which it'll be over in less than 50 minutes.


I'm on early today continuing FF7 from last night twitch.tv/leonlagrey

twitch.tv/leonlagrey Podcast and Tech Talk Sunday and Happy Mother's Day

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