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A reminder that the first time Nadine Dorries came to public prominence was when she appeared in this Channel Four documentary about fundamentalist Christians.

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Reminder that Starmer whipped Labour to abstain on the bill making it even harder to subject these people to any accountability, and sacked front benchers who wanted to oppose it. twitter.com/BBCNewsPR/status/1

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@DAaronovitch@twitter.com @aurelmondon@twitter.com What do you think 'hoodwinked by globalist brexiter elites' into record high levels of non-european immigration means David?

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Probably the clearest example of the way liberal & illiberal racisms function:

Being able to denounce the theory behind the Buffalo attack, yet sitting on panels debating the same ideas with well known legitimisers because of "free speech"

(Don't get me started about the Times) twitter.com/DAaronovitch/statu

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Henry Clay Frick found out without the convenience of twitter.


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with musk we are finding out what oil barons would have been like if they were subjected to individual people articulating exactly why they hate them

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How do these people explain this shit to their kids? "Well you see son, the Queen, she's better than us, which is why she doesn't want anything to do with us, while we want a supreme being to save her soul and preserve her goodness for all eternity. Probably in the sky somewhere"

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@virginia_worker@twitter.com just leaked a recording from a captive audience meeting at Target Store 1292 in Christiansburg, Virginia as workers organize for collective bargaining:


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Imagine standing proudly to sing about how much you want a made up superhero to save someone who thinks they were born naturally better than you. Embarrassing stuff

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@Peckhampulse@twitter.com @LeftWingSociety@twitter.com No. Stood up proudly I expect 🇬🇧

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19 May 1941 revolutionary working class poet Lola Ridge died in Brooklyn, NYC, aged 67. Growing up in Ireland and Aotearoa/New Zealand, a central theme of her work was the workers' movement & labour martyrs like Frank Little libcom.org/history/lola-ridge-

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19 May 1925 El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, aka Malcolm X, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He became one of the most influential advocates of self-defence for Black people as well as one of the harshest critics of America's institutional racism

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19 May 1918 the Hungarian 6th infantry regiment of Ujvideck at Pecs refused to go to the trenches. Instead they attacked the barracks and municipal buildings and cut telephone wires before occupying the railway station, resisting for 3 days libcom.org/history/articles/hu

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The far right were involved in political violence & criminality, which is the justification for the whole operation. But there was a high level policy not to spy on them.
At some point, the police will come clean & say, "we view the Left as the enemy, not the Far Right"

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In a document released today in response to unsafe tower blocks like Grenfell, it was today revealed that the government advise against saving disabled people in fires because it would hinder the evacuation of nondisabled residents twitter.com/PeteApps/status/15

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BREAKING: We have learned that @QMUL@twitter.com management is considering using external staff from Curio, an Australian Higher Education consultancy @curio_group@twitter.com, to try to break our marking boycott and grade student essays. A 🧵 on : 1/13

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Another CALLOUT FOR SUPPORT at Seven Sisters Station. Bailiffs at the Latin Village trying to evict the traders. Come down if you can!

Location: Seven Sisters Market, 231-243 High Rd, South Tottenham, London N15 5BT.

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Former President George W. Bush: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.” twitter.com/michaeldamianw/sta

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