Dear Client,
As requested, the server RAM has been upgraded to 128GB and the server is booting to the installed operating system.


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Okay. I opened the ticket for the upgrade. :-) Usually, they're pretty fast...

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Yesterday I found out I can upgrade the server libranet and venera are running on to 128 GB RAM w/o paying more per month. I think I will do that. 😁

I'm currently syncing the backups between the servers. I already installed a kernel update. A reboot will follow soon.

@alfred @heluecht Oha! 😀

Run OPTIMIZE TABLE to defragment tables for better performance OPTIMIZE TABLE `friendica`.`post-thread-user`; -- can free 1794 MB OPTIMIZE TABLE `friendica`.`post-user`; -- can free 4365 MB OPTIMIZE TABLE `venera`.`post-thread-user`; -- can free 341 MB OPTIMIZE TABLE `venera`.`post-user`; -- can free 800 MB Total freed space after theses OPTIMIZE TABLE : 7300 Mb

... executing post update 1404 (updating the workerqueue) - the last update! 🎉

Show thread update is done. downtime 3.5 hours. a little faster than expected.

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Okay. Let's get that started. I will set into maintenance mode when the coffee is ready. Then a backup, then a database check, then the update. Wish me luck. 😃

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