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Do you buy LOADS of e-books & comics from independent, DRM-free bookshops?

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:blobcatpeek: hey, maybe check out my book?

It has:

🧟 pet zombies
👻 spookies
:blobaww: cutes
🧙‍♀️ a town of "evil" mages just living their weird lives

Read the first 3 chapters for free:

:blobcatpeek: ok bye

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Me rereading a book I've read at least five times before, every time there's a revelation, despite knowing it was coming and knowing exactly what happens next: OH SHIT

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Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is The Superhero's Son Omnibus: Books 1-3 by Lucas Flint.

For the first time ever, get the first three of "The Superhero's Son" in one convenient discounted box set!

DRM-free and discounted!

The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is The Computer Graphics Bundle by CRC Press.

Get DRM-free e-books like Graphics Shaders, 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development, The Uncanny Valley in Games and Animation, and much more, in multiple formats.

Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is Edge of Sundown edited by Kevin Ross, Brian M. Sammons.

This collection brings tales that visit the darker regions of the west, the places steeped in myth, legend, and blood.

DRM-free PDF from Chaosium Inc.

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@AltShiftX provides a much needed explainer to the film adaptation of @jeffvandermeer's Annihilation, with some mention of book(s) as well.

Annihilation Explained #books #movies #explainer

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Want to read some more afro-futurism?

NOMMO AWARDS Short Lists for 2019, selected by the African Speculative Fiction Society

#books #NOMOAwards #BookAwards

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For my mission of reading a book from every country of the world, I am currently at Angola and reading "A General Theory of Oblivion" by José Eduardo Agualusa. I'm half-way through it and it's soooo good! Definitely recommend it (if the second half keeps up, but I have a good feeling).
#books #AmReading

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Best Translated Book Awards Names 2019 Finalists Show more

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I started reading A Song of Ice & Fire (source material for Game of Thrones) years ago. Book 1 was OK, & book 2 had decent intrigue, but book 2 also had a LOT of filler. Martin just dragged it out & milked it for all he could. It was originally sold to his publisher as a trilogy, then became 4 books, then 6, now 7 (because book 4 supposedly had to be split in 2).

It's a shame. The characters are done well & the dialog is good. But I'll just wait to read the summaries.

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Help: Is there any Mastodon instance for fiction readers and the discussion for the same?

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It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for rich text to get into Heaven

Book Review: R/evolution by Tenea D. Johnson.

Thoughtful, precisely written, well-designed and powerful. An epic in a nutshell.

Currently available from Storybundle.

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I want to write a free, copyleft book about how to thrive on low income in the USA, because all the books on personal finance give advice like "don't buy a latte every day," instead of "first, get your staples at the food bank, and *then* any other food via food stamps."

I've been writing an outline, and I need more sources. What books and links can you tell me about that are like more the food stamp example? (And please retoot!)

Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is Firefighter 2070: Flashover Point by GC Rosenquist.

Braden has just achieved his childhood dream of becoming a firefighter, but a crazed arsonist, is trying to destroy that dream...

DRM-free PDF.

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See you on Monday!

This weekend I'll be reading: Under A Yellow Sun, Freedom or Death, and Tales from Earthsea

The latest Storybundle is The AfroFuturism Bundle, curated by Tenea D. Johnson.

These ten books are diasporic extrapolations that mirror the beauty and struggle of life—on this plane and the next, this planet and ones further out.

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all devices.

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