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If you like my list of DRM-free bookshops, and want to support me maintaining it, you can buy me a coffee (or e-book) and share your thoughts! 🎉☕

Thank you!

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A new home for your e-books!

Welcome to Libreture: e-book storage for indie readers. Build a handy library from your sexy e-books:

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Do you buy LOADS of e-books & comics from independent, DRM-free bookshops?

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The values of patriarchy are buried in the very plots of our stories. New plots are needed.' — Karen Joy Fowler

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Why are we reading, if not in hope of beauty laid bare, life heightened and its deepest mystery probed? – Annie Dillard

Readers are storing 10,000 ebooks, digital comics, magazines, and RPGs with Libreture!

We've reached the big 10k! Thank you all for supporting Libreture and the indie and DRM-free bookshops we connect readers to.

Here's to 10k more.

Happy reading!

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Insomniac musings about fiction 

Reading Dune and finding something interesting about storytelling. In books like The Expanse series, you don't know everything about the universe but neither do the characters you follow. So you discover it together. It's a really easy and pleasant read all the way through. In Dune, the characters all know a lot more than you do as a reader. It feels like you're eavesdropping on them without context, even though you can read their thoughts.

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Insomniac musings about fiction 

@aeki C. J. Cherryh has a particular style for this - she writes in third person but really only what the characters notice/are thinking - so a character who has lived their life in space doesn't think too much about what space stations look like - they look like stations! - and you instead get descriptions of whether this one looks prosperous, or dangerous, or... I quite like it.

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Readers are storing 9,999 ebooks with Libreture.

Almost at 10k!!!

Start your own personal ebook library today with space for hundreds of ebooks, absolutely free!

The 2021 Debut Sampler ebook is available to download for free from all ebook retailers today.

See what Tor have planned for our reading joy this year!

New Bundle Alert!

📦 Murder by the Book - from

It’s getting serious, stabby, and sometimes spooky with a heap of incredible thrillers by Crooked Lane in our latest bundle!

Find this and more on Libreture's Bundles page:

My latest reading activity includes adding 20 FREE ebooks on Palestine to my library, courtesy of the fantastic!

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Put a new short story on itch! Actually wrote this ages ago but found it in my drafts and cleaned it up a bit. Enjoy (it's free!)

The Bells are ringing, so Jessa is running. Towards the trouble?



Anoka: A Collection of Indigenous Horror by

"...tales that provide a refreshing point-of-view and unique imagery that get into your brain and writhe behind your eyes.

Can't wait to read a longer work by the author. Need more!"

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Chaser: “…an editor who read the book in 2011 turned it down on the grounds that the villain, a megalomaniacal and corrupt U.S. president, was too awful to be believed.”

I hope that editor sent Abrams an apology.

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“Abrams wrote most of her latest book while serving as minority leader in the Georgia State House of Representatives.”

You can choose to display your library publicly to help others discover your favourites. If you record where you bought your books (from our DRM-free shop list), visitors can follow the link and buy their own copies.

Supporting an ebook ecosystem!


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Remember! Libreture exists to support an ebook 'ecosystem', not one particular retailer or ereader manufacturer.

Upload your ebook, digital comic, magazine, & RPG collection to your own private online library. Lovely covers and all the book details are added automatically.


Big news over at

Blackhand & Ironhead Season 2 has begun!

Buy the 49-page comic in your choice of PDF, CBR or CBZ. No DRM, no encryption, just plain files optimised for on-screen reading. Available in English & Spanish.

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