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If you like my list of DRM-free bookshops, and want to support me maintaining it, you can buy me a coffee (or e-book) and share your thoughts! 🎉☕

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A new home for your e-books!

Welcome to Libreture: e-book storage for indie readers. Build a handy library from your sexy e-books:

💜 see beautiful covers
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Do you buy LOADS of e-books & comics from independent, DRM-free bookshops?

Looking for somewhere safe to store and catalogue them all in one place, while recording your reading activity?

Get 500MB of digital book storage today with your own FREE Libreture account!

Reign of Queens by is FREE!

Magic, Maidens, and Mayhem

Three Full-Length Fantasy Series Starters:

🌟 The Frey Saga book one: Frey
🌟 Descendants Series book one: Bound by Prophecy
🌟 Shattered Realms book one: King of Ash and Bone

It's !

Find loads of discounted ebooks over at A great way to find your next favourite author as you download great deals and free ebooks.

Fill up your Libreture library with your fantastic new reads!

SALE on over at's ebookshop!

Three titles are on sale at only 99p each:

🎁 Fortress of the Dead: Zombie Army 1 by Chris Roberson
🎁 Liquid Crystal Nightingale by EeLeen Lee
🎁 New Suns edited by Nisi Shawl and including by Various Authors

A Bagful of Dragon, the intense occult thriller by Sakina Murdock, now includes loads of exciting digital extras.

Buy the special edition ebook today!

Look at all the fantastic extras you get when you buy A Bagful of Dragon by from!

This fast-paced occult thriller set in Leeds and soaked in real-world magical practices is a hell of a ride!

Book Review: The Balance Academy series by S.E. Robertson

Two strangers, two years, one mission: Travel the back roads of an unfamiliar country and heal those who need to be healed. Including, perhaps, themselves.

Beautiful slice-of-life fantasy.

Are you a fan of the Lupin series on Netflix?

Read the original Arsène Lupin books by Maurice Leblanc. All available in ebook format and absolutely free!

New at!

Lagoonfire by and published by

New at

Looking at Sing for My Baby by Jenn Matthews and published by

New Bundles!

📦 - Supermassive Sci-fi, Fantasy, & Horror Bundle by - from

Get ebooks like The Freeze-Frame Revolution, The Very Best of Caitlín R. Kiernan, Beyond Frankenstein, Booklife, Adventures of a Dwergish Girl, & much more!

Reader Recommended!

Evolution by Tenea D. Johnson

"Absolutely superb. Gutting, terrifying, and hopeful."

Reader Recommended

Blood Witch by Naomi Clark

Absolutely loved this occult murder mystery novella! It's so much fun! It's fast-paced, has tonnes of likeable characters, some f/f smoochieness, magic, demons, and vampires. Will definitely read the series!

Updated the Bundles page:

📦 - Index Card RPG from
📦 - Pocket Reference Guides from

Find more details and bundles at Libreture!

The fantastic are introducing the monthly Shoreline of Infinity Science Fiction Magazine.

From March 2021 they’ll be publishing a digital edition of Shoreline of Infinity every month, and a printed edition in June and December.

Find out more!

This Charlie Mack Motown Mystery series of crime books by Cheryl A. Head and published by look really interesting.

Great titles too!

Do you have loads of ebook, digital comic and magazine files cluttering up your drives, cloud storage and USB sticks?

Want somewhere to store them safely and access them from anywhere - including your ereader? With tools to track your reading activity?

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I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives. - Jane Austen, Persuasion

Moonshadow's Guardian by Dianna Gunn looks fascinating.

And it's currently Pay-What-You-Want!

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