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Do you buy LOADS of e-books & comics from independent, DRM-free bookshops?

Looking for somewhere safe to store and catalogue them all in one place, while recording your reading activity?

Get 500MB of digital book storage today with your own FREE Libreture account!

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You think someone understands publishing? :flan_laugh::flan_XD:

All publishing advice is survivor bias.

The one eternal truth: publishers want to exploit your work for profit. It's up to you to transform that into mutually beneficial exploitation.

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@mwlucas it's so weird how these things happen. Doesn't seem like it should make a difference, if people are looking for litRPGs/GameLit/whatever we're calling them. Like surely it coming out first ought to make it foundational, not 'too soon for the trend.'

I never understand how publishing works ... I should really fix that ... XD

The Sun Dragon rises!

Joyce Chng's latest fantasy novella, Sun Dragon's Song, hits our shelves along with some tasty extras.

'More than anything, young Ho Yi wishes to become a Sun Dragon Rider, the courageous human guardians of the magnificent beasts that roam the sky and keep watch over the land....'

The latest Humble Comic Bundle is The Image Comics Showcase

Get $1,563 worth of DRM-free comic books like Monstress Vol. 1-4, Pretty Deadly Vol. 1-3, Blackbird Vol. 1, Snotgirl Vol. 1-2, and loads more!

Great additions to your Libreture library!

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Hello, I would like to follow more people who have founded or work for ethical*, non-tech (I.e. not web, programming, devops, etc) businesses/coops/enterprise.

Any suggestions?

(*ethical as far as it is economically and logistically possible)

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Review: You Should See Me in a Crown, Leah Johnson

In recent years, I’ve seen a completely amazing trend take root in YA literature: what I like to call “zany high school hijinks but make them gay.” For somebody who grew up at a time when a lot of LGBT books for teens were either a.) all about the pain of being gay, or b.) all

#Blackprotagonist #diverseYAliterature #leahjohnson #youshouldseemeinacrown

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The Selkie knew too many stories of deceitful men. This one, pleasant as he was, clearly hid something.
"I must go," she said.
He let her.
But he howled when he saw her change: "Come tomorrow!"
When she did, under the full moon, a huge labrador jumped into the sea to greet her.

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Longtime readers will remember THE MARKED, a book about near-death experiences triggering quasi-magical tattoos, grieving, and the absolute power of an enraged mother.

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I am SO EXCITED about this, and it’s been difficult to sit still and keep quiet until the release. But now it’s here!

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The bundle is curated by the inimitable Rhonda Parrish, and you can read more about the books chosen here:

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(When StoryBundle asks “do you have any books about psychopomps?” and all of a sudden your entire oeuvre is full of potential, it’s a lovely feeling.)

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Heeey so my book THE MARKED is part of the Crossing the Veil StoryBundle, along with a ton of other cool books:

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So again, my book THE MARKED—and several other cool books about psychopomps—is part of a really great StoryBundle. Check the bundle out here:

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If you're looking for a goodreads replacement that isn't owned by amazon, and maybe instead run & founded by a Black woman, then Nadia Odunayo has a treat for you! Her new platform The StoryGraph is still in beta but it already seems fully featured, looks & feels great–it has a really clean clear look, filters, half-star rating options, the works! Check it out!

The latest Storybundle is The Up, Up and Away Superheroes Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson.

Thirteen DRM-free ebooks with marvellous heroes, supervillains, secret identities, mutant powers, and extraordinary gentlemen (and ladies).

Each in multiple formats for your favourite reading devices.

The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is the Boredom Busters Bundle by ABRAMS & Chronicle Books!

Get $423 worth of DRM-free e-books, including Terrarium, Sign Painters, Build It Yourself and much more!

In multiple formats for your favourite reading devices.

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GDBee is making stickers and prints with half the sale (basically the profit) going to the Bail Project. they are an ultra talented black creator if you're not familiar.

I recommend perusing their shop in general bc they are a black creator in a rural area who can't afford to get out quite yet.

When you don't read enough litRPG books, so you tag them as RPGlit in your bookshop...

Sorry @vicorva 😉

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