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Do you buy LOADS of e-books & comics from independent, DRM-free bookshops?

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@mhoye also: there are places without internet or really slow and/or expensive internet, or your service is fully or partially blocked by a great firewall

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Even among people who can afford to buy their own gear... have you ever tried doing that? Starting from a blank box on Google, with a blinking cursor on it, and seeing where it takes you? Without years of preexisting experience _and without the communities surrounding us with more of the same, it's no wonder most people buy hardware like it's a salami. They go to the store, pick out one that looks good, measure out how much computer they want to buy and have the guy behind the counter bag it up.

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A thing I wish more people in tech understood: Being able to choose your hardware at all, much less have the time to have opinions about it, is a major luxury, a sign of significant privilege.

An awful lot of people don't own their hardware. And I don't mean in the open source "you don't really own an android phone" sense, I mean it's a fleet vehicle work bought from the lowest bidder, locked down and handed them, or their parents (or controlling spouse) bought, or it's a library machine....

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Sometime later today I'll have backed up everything I've ever read on AO3 to epub (minus the 40 or so fics that were deleted. SADDNESS)

So, the next thing I'm going to do is delete my history. That way I can run this kind of scraping session once in a while and not have to worry about duplicates, etc.

Going forward, I'm going to try to limit my reading to only my Kobo with stuff downloaded via FanFicFare, which is what I've been doing for months now anyway.

It's amazing how much my brain has gotten invested in this little project. It's just so satisfying.

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J: "It's funny how the Forgotten Realms are probably the most well known of the realms"

I'll be sending out the latest newsletter in the next few days. Quite a few updates and info, so subscribe today! 📨

Readers are storing 12,327🥳 DRM-free ebooks, digital comics, RPGs, and magazines with Libreture.

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Kobo are changing their Super Points loyalty programme. Effectively ending it for anyone other than VIP members.

If you don't pay for VIP membership, you have a month from now to earn points, and a year to use them. Minimum points to redeem is 2,400. 🤷‍♂️

Added Fantastic Fiction to the huge list of Goodreads alternatives!

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had been meaning to look into this format after installing #Foliate a while ago cause I seen that it mentioned supporting it and was unfamiliar with the standard. I was just browsing @libreture's website after seeing a post by them go through my feed and saw they have a section on supporting it as well.

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Thinking of consolidating library-wide links and settings in the library menu itself...

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Monopsony and the Publishing Industry

In a break from my usual focus on contracts and intellectual property law, I’ve decided to delve into a little antitrust law for this month’s column. Many authors have been watching w

#OntheBooks #Uncategorized #antitrust #competition #DepartmentofJustice #DOJ #HarperCollins #litigation #market #monopoly #monopsony #PenguinRandomHouse #PRH #publishing #S&S #SimonandSchuster

Please note: I am NOT a medical professional... 🤷‍♂️

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Pee on it! 💦

Pox? Pee on it!
Crossbow bolt to the eye? Pee on it!
Gout? Pee on it!
Run over by a siege tower? Pee on it!

Can you tell I haven't read Pen & Sword's discounted Medieval Military Medicine ebook yet?

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Yet another way big tech wantonly, arrogantly disrupts the livelihood of actual humans who love their work - supplants it with industrial-made centralized bullshit.

The models were trained on works of random people that were never meant to be fused into private AI models (AI is people, and big data is nothing more than a heist of unpaid labour!)

and the worst part: the indisputable novelty and curiosity value serve to trick people into *applauding* every noospheric landgrab 😡

What a lovely post from r/romancebooks about Lisa Kleypas' Historical Romance titles helping a reader get out of a slump. 💜💜💜

And urgently needing more book cash!

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