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The latest Humble E-book Bundle is the Games & Puzzles Bundle by Wiley

Get DRM-free e-books like Casino Gambling For Dummies, Poker For Dummies, Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition For Dummies, and Dungeon Master For Dummies.

Multi-format for all devices.

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The latest Storybundle is The Winter Weirderland Bundle, curated by Sandra Kasturi.

This collection of e-books looks great, strange, intriguing and... yes, weird. Well worth a look.

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all your reading devices!

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just saw this on birb site:

"A Christmas Carol is the heartwarming tale of how rich people must be supernaturally terrorized into sharing."

which was like, supposed to be snarky? but uhm yeah, that is EXACTLY what Dickens was trying to do there.

The latest Humble Bundle includes Emotionally Intelligent Design by Pamela Pavliscak.

Drawing on her own research and the latest thinking in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics, Pamela shows you how design can help promote emotional well-being.

Every Tor Publishing book being published in early 2019.

Since Tor's e-books are always sold DRM-free (I get mine from Kobo), I'm sure a number of these will find their way to my library.


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does anyone know any good intros to web development? i am going to try and make something in Lisp and ActivityPub

The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is the Product Management & Design Bundle by O'Reilly Media.

$458 worth of business and design e-books, including Designing Products People Love, Product Leadership, Design Sprint, Articulating Design Decisions, Emotionally Intelligent Design, and many more.

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all devices!

Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is Ugly as Sin by James Newman.

For the first time in over thirty years, Nick returns to his hometown of Midnight, North Carolina. There he will come face to face with old demons, forge new friendships, and make dangerous enemies.

An electrifying tale of “white-trash noir,” a taut page-turner that skates the razor edge of a familiar, horrifying reality.

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all devices.

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Here's a website I highly recommend: It has a ton of articles on the history and design of adventure games. The recommended reading order is by order of publication, since it goes chronologically, and the articles are also available in ebook format in volumes for a more concentrated reading.

Today's Deal of the Day from @DriveThruFic is BattleTech: 25 Years of Art and Fiction from @catalystgamelab.

The ultimate chronicle of the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe, with 304 pages brimming with hundreds of color and B&W illustrations that span BattleTech's 25-year legacy.

DRM-free PDF format.

(Please note: This PDF is low resolution to allow for a manageable file size of 83.4mb.)

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Okay so tumblr is banning rotating cubes saying it's porn and facebook banned saying "i'm gay" saying it's sexual solicitation and Twitter always seemed like it could disappear at any moment

I feel like we need to be getting ready for Mass Migration to Mastodon, which means we need to fix anything that keeps Mastodon from being usable, and there is in fact something that keeps Mastodon from being usable, there's one specific thing, it's this:

Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is Fascist Lizards from Outer Space by Dan Copp.

The Politics, Literary Influences and Cultural History of Kenneth Johnson's V.
Featuring exclusive interviews, this book examines V's cultural impact.

DRM-free watermarked PDF!

Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is Tomes of the Dead: Brain-Eating Britain by Simon Bestwick, Gary McMahon, Matthew Smith

Abaddon Books presents three of their finest Tomes of the Dead books Bone-crunching, blood-chilling survival horror.

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@trunk Please add me to Books, Comics, Cyberpunk, Digital Rights, Fantasy, History, Horror, Privacy, Science Fiction, Small Business Owners.

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@kevinbeynon @inventaire @orbifx @switchingsocial One service I would like to see is a way to write a review of a short story and have it linked to the story's appearance in various magazines, anthologies, collections, etc.

That way, people interested in reading it can find it wherever it appears and don't have to depend on finding it in a particular book / magazine.

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Memset are an excellent UK-based hosting company, and where Libreture stores readers' e-books.

They provide cloud storage, IaaS, VPS, dedicated servers, etc.

If you're interested in giving them a try, here's £10 credit towards your account.

It's part of their affiliate scheme, so I get account credit in return too. This is the only company I'm sharing affiliate links for - that's how happy I am with them.

They're big supporters of the concept of data-sovereignty.

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