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👋 This Friday at 4 PM ET, and will be talking about our experience launching + our process for shipping and promoting new apps. Come chat with us on!

Surprise: it’s launch day! 🎊🎈📱 is our brand new iOS app that makes it easy and fun to track scores in your favorite tabletop games.

Download on the today and play some games with your friends!👇

Another week, another tweet!

We often attach gifs or videos to our pull requests to show reviewers our features in action. With Xcode 12.5, we’re able to save a few steps and record directly from the simulator! 😍

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It’s’s 5-year anniversary of going full time at Lickability!


🗓 2 years ago today presented their talk “Growing Pains” to the audience of in Montréal. We can’t wait to get back to speaking at and attending conferences once it’s safe.

But until then, enjoy this look back:

✨ iOS 14.5 just came out! We’ll take the week to test it out and on Friday at 4 PM ET, we’ll have a full roundup of the features for users and developers in Club Mobile.

Join us on and get it on your calendar. 📅

Do you have a lot of thoughts about today’s ? So do we—let’s chat about them on Friday!

4 PM ET with and ✨

🎉 We’re so happy to welcome back to our team! We can’t wait to build some great apps with you, Ashli. 😊

💁🏼 Our own will be joining a panel of founders and influencers at 1 PM ET on to discuss the future of LGBTQ+ folks in tech. Listen in! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

🛠✨ This week’s tweet comes from, and has started using it regularly when Refactor and Edit All in Scope don’t fit the bill!

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🕰 6 years ago, became our first full-time team member when he quit his job to go indie. Without him, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Congratulations on 6 years Brian!

Read the blog post that started it all👇

This Friday at 4 PM ET: and will be talking about our process for submitting a 1.0 to the 💥📱

See you on!

📆 In case you missed it: last week, wrote about our goals for the weekly show we started and how you can join us!

We’re live on talking about iOS layout technologies! 👋 Come say hi:

🎙Club Mobile is our weekly live audio show on about all things apps.

📝 We wrote about why we started it, what we’ve talked about so far, and our plans for the future on the blog.

📣 This Friday at 4 PM ET: Club Mobile is debating the pros and cons of different iOS layout technologies.

If you have a lot of feelings about auto layout, IB, or SwiftUI — come tell and on Friday!


“The quality and speed of their work were really great. They were nice, great people who got the job done.” Read our latest 5-star review on 👇

For our post this week, spotted this tweet about a really handy keyboard shortcut that’s especially useful in large Xcode projects. ⌨️

Once you learn it, you’ll use it daily.💡

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