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anyway in this house we strive for solidarity between bi women and lesbians

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oh GREAT i made a syntax mistake in my introduction toot now everyone's gonna KNOW i don't proofread

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ok so time.

i use social media primarily to keep up with leftist drama and scream about how much i love women, in particular the one i've been with for the past two and a half years.

in my spare time i write poetry with raised-catholic angsty undertones and complain about how everyone's degenerate use of garlic.

would put my HashTagDiscourse Stances here but idk what makes y'all mad here yet

my whole existence has a Straight Men Dont Interact Tag on it (jk but i wish)

if you enjoyed my brief existence on here, follow me @lilacs ❤︎ this instance is too noisy and crowded for me, but i sure loved all the shitposting!

food + 

anyway nutritional yeast is amazing. it kinda tastes like cheese puffs? but my lactose free ass had delicious creamy cheesy pasta tonight, and i am so happy about it!

it's almost 11 pm, and i don't have plans for tomorrow. should i go to a gay bar (a 20 min walk from home) and try to make some friends, or should i stay home? i'm lazy but i also don't know anyone in this city and that's starting to take a toll on me

i have been thinking about this for hours and i have not been able to come up with one single piece of dystopian media that is not "Oh you know this thing that's been happening to poor people and/or people of color? ok imagine that, but with Middle Class Whites."

it's.... i mean im still going to enjoy those books, but it's sad to think about.

dont interact if youre not some kind of wlw 

idk i'll always be skeptical around (mainly cis/white) lesbians who act as if The Material Conditions of bisexual women and lesbians are just, like, inherently different.

our experiences can be the exact same or completely different because we're both communities of women impacted by homophobia

also like, they're a lot more informed by race/class/cis status than by Whether Or Not I've Enjoyed The Company Of A Single Man Once Five Years Ago

death mention, nazi mention, celebratory 

the dude who drove his car into the crowd at charlottesville was found guilty and is gonna spend 20 years or the rest of his life in jail 🎉🎊🍾🥂

(source: )

recovery, serious but not negative 

the most important part of recovery is looking in the mirror hard enough to recognize what are the harmful trends you engage in. the ones you *really* engage in, not the ones you think you do because they're easy to correct and/or explain away.

and then the next part, also hard, is to refuse to let yourself overcompensate.

find the middle and stick to it. but leave yourself a little wiggle room. but don't be too permissive. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

btw, do i have any scottish followers/mutuals? alternatively, where can i find scottish peeps on here? i moved recently and would love some tips on where the cool kidz (read: the 20-30yo gays) hang out n stuff

Katara Was Not Heterosexual And I Will Not Be Convinced Otherwise

the best way to flirt with women always was and always will be to make them a seasonally appropriate dish. nov-jan it's my lentil soup with smoked sausage. some herby croutons on the side. make it vegan for extra oomph. a tasteful movie after, boom, gf guaranteed.

@lilacs well if you're bi and want to be invisible we already have that base covered lmao

bisexual womanhood is complicated. some of us want to masc it up for our lady loves and fem it up for our boyfriends, some of us want to do the opposite. i, personally, just do not want to be perceived ever.

anyway in this house we strive for solidarity between bi women and lesbians

long, thoughts on psychiatry and recovery 

circulate workbooks and suggestions on coping mechanisms amongst yourselves and yes, if you can afford to, see a therapist (and listen to your friends' opinions on what makes a good match with a therapist). but remember, always, healing is not something you can purchase, healing is something you achieve through hard work within a community. nobody recovers alone. we have to have each other's back.

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long, thoughts on psychiatry and psychology 

find other people with a similar life history to yours. find other survivors of abuse, find people with your same symptoms, even if the diagnosis are different. find people who have been reflecting on their mental/emotional dysfunctions for longer than you have. resist the urge to give into the crab-bucket effect. find people who have lifted themselves up and reflect to see if their advice applies to you.

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long, thoughts on psychiatry and psychology 

so, like, all of this is true and disheartening. if counseling/therapy is just another tool of capitalism, how can we legitimately try to process how hard it is to be alive right now? (let alone if you're unfortunate enough, like me, to have endured traumas and abuse, or if you're neurodivergent, or have other mental health problems)

and the answer is human connection. it was always going to be that. it sounds cheesy and stupid but it's true.

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long, thoughts on psychiatry and psychology 

and this is, of course, just society desperately trying to patch up the crisis brought by the fact that we're living in late stage capitalism, we work 80 hours a week and still don't have enough to secure our basic necessities, let alone have time to pursue relationships & creative hobbies (which is VITAL to be a healthy human being!)

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long, thoughts on psychiatry and psychology 

there's a lot to critique on how has become incredibly bootstrappy. "Not happy about how capitalism has made your life shitty? So alienated from your labor and your time that you're miserable most of the time? With only 6 months of Weekly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, for 200$ a pop, *you too* can learn how to keep a gratitude journal and appreciate the small things in life!"

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