No but seriously though I really want frozen yogurt

// + \
|| RIP |
|| the |
|| world |
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Me: I trust science. Climate change is real. Get vaccinated.

Also me: *casts spell on the new moon because my luck has been trash*

What if I love watching Wes Anderson films because I love that the characters a broken, but there's something beautiful in their brokenness

What if I love reading YA sci-fi/fantasy because I secretly love a story where everything turns out okay

What if I like ordering things online and having them delivered just so I have something to look forward to, because if I don't do that I have nothing and I find myself not really sure if I want to see tomorrow

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

I want more tattoos so bad y'all can I just get like 50 at once

I moved my hand he was resting on and so this happened

As a bi person who dates I feel like I'm disappointing everyone around me when I go on dates with dudes....

I put new insoles in my boots and oh my god they feel so good.

isit weird to ask people what instance I should move to? I keep putting it off

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