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Lindsey Bieda

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Oh hey it's new Mighty Thor and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl~!

"don't write comments, just write clear code" yeah and also write comments

I was lazy setting up my older computer many years ago and I never hooked up the jumpers for the reset button and I regret it constantly, but I still havent bothered fixing it.

Im playing around with animating meshes with just ragdoll physics

Everything sucks and then I listen to music I love and feel so much better

I would be so easy for me to steal so much expensive shit just sitting open in there too.

I went down to the lobby and spicy building manager was there.

"Do I have any packages?"
"No," rolls his eyes, "Oh, maybe one."

I'm not really allowed into the room with all the packages, but he was standing firm where he was. So I happily jump into the room and start sorting through everything to find whats mine. Oh look a package.

"Thanks," I wave at him as he scoffs at me for going into the forbidden room.

Spicy building manager hates me so much now.

My heart rate is JACKED right now because there's an airshow this weekend and there were fucking fighter jets flying over head and I had no idea this was going to happen