Ughhhhh I feel like shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

I feel like a bad queer person because I don't like Steven Universe that much

I want spotify but with all the joy of winamp visualizations.

I voted, but my polling place has no stickers so pretend I have a sticker

Spooks the cat has dressed as Spooks the bat for Halloween #mastocats

It's so weird. I technically work for Microsoft now and I passed my Microsoft background check and y'all it doesn't feel real.

This isn't "they have a right to privacy" shit any fucking more. They are fucking murdering people.

You know what i don't fucking care. We know there antisemites and white supremacists are in the city. We keep removing the shit they post in the streets and then they are on Gab spewing their bullshit.


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Emailed one tattoo artist about a new piece and I think I'll email the other at some point. 💸

I kinda wish people didn't conflate panic attacks with experiencing anxiety. They are VERY different things.

So fucking exhausted. I got paged nearly 100 times since yesterday.

I'm so fucking furious that one person's inability to listen to fucking boundaries is _STILL_ giving me nightmares. STILL. And he probably has no fucking idea that he's stolen my sense of peace he just thinks I owe him communication and I'm furious.

"Magical Pregnancy" remains to this day my LEAST FAVORITE story trope and then like I realized that's literally the plot of the new testament and I feel like that explains why Christianity never really caught on with me

I'll probably lose the fight but Im convinced GraphQL is bad

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