I want so many tattoos and I'm just like how long should I wait for more

I'm taking detailed notes on healing my nipple piercings. Nopples as it were. Just because they can take forever to heal so I want to track any sort of irritation or random trauma so I can see what's affecting the healing process.

The thing I like about Sea of Thieves is they give you a little speaking trumpet so proximity chat goes further and I can shout "This is fantasy coastguard pull over" at ships shooting at us

...is there any way to limit who can message me on keybase? It looks like I can block the convo after the fact, but I can't limit who can initiate?

Nipple piercing healing protip that I just learned: if you wear bras sleeping in one is better than not

Cat likes stomping on my chest on the best of days so to help with healing I need to try to keep him off and it's so hard he really wants to sit on my boobs

Finally got my nipples pierced and I'm so proud of myself. Hurts but looks awesome.

Ughhhhh I feel like shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

I feel like a bad queer person because I don't like Steven Universe that much

I want spotify but with all the joy of winamp visualizations.

I voted, but my polling place has no stickers so pretend I have a sticker

It's so weird. I technically work for Microsoft now and I passed my Microsoft background check and y'all it doesn't feel real.

This isn't "they have a right to privacy" shit any fucking more. They are fucking murdering people.

You know what i don't fucking care. We know there antisemites and white supremacists are in the city. We keep removing the shit they post in the streets and then they are on Gab spewing their bullshit.


anti-semitism, violence 

I don't know what to think or what to say when anti-semetic violence is so blatant in my city and people are now dead because of it.

I don't have words. There's nothing I can do to really express how broken this makes me feel.

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