🇫🇷 Comme d'hab on ne peut qu'être émerveillés par les illustrations du #framablog par @davidrevoy

🇬🇧 As always we can only be amazed at the illustrations by @davidrevoy in the #framablog

Las absurdas y abusivas exigencias de la nueva versión de Windows 11 y las cada vez más rocambolescas acrobacias que hay que hacer para evitarlas: Para instalar el nuevo sistema se te exigirá tener una cuenta de Microsoft.


Y digo yo, y visto lo visto, ¿tan descabellado es instalarse un Linux con entorno de escritorio bien guapo?

📽️Livestream (in French)
This evening 20h00 Paris Timezone, I'll share a collaborative drawing with @peha , @odysseus_libre and @gee . We'll draw and paint while talking using Drawpile.

⏩ You can assist to the event and chat on Peertube here: aperi.tube/w/gTbVBccFre8V2METG

amazon and microsoft are up there in my personal "i do Not trust you no matter what you do or what you claim to be" list

as shitty as they are, even google and apple dont manage to be as Comically Evil as the former 2

And, by the way, if you work at Microsoft, you need to be actively doing something about this. You have the opportunity to prevent negative change.

I have zero respect for software engineer cowardice.

@tindall @AgathaSorceress Like - hmm, I wonder. This company that wrote a fuckload of memos in the late 90s about how they were going to lose to open source and linux in general, a company has a history of doing FUD and if that fails, EEE. Has stopped doing FUD, and is suddenly embracing open source software and linux? hmmmmm. hmmm I wonder what is going on heree

@tindall this happened with vscode and intentionally crashing their extensions in open source builds, this happened with the recent minecraft microsoft account migrations and moderation features, and now this, and yet every single time people act as if nobody could've predicted that this would happen

@tindall i dont know why but the "microsoft ❤️ open source" thing has been scarily successful and a lot of people are actually convinced that microsoft is "good now and cares about users more than profit"

then every time microsoft does something like this they act surprised as if "how were we supposed to know?" when people have been warning them for years and they have been ignoring it

Microsoft has asked Lenovo to make it harder to boot Linux on their computers.

obviously I know some really cool people who work at Microsoft but it's very funny to me that people have been harping on us FOSS types for not instantly forgiving them for 20 years of malice, and now we've got this. [1]

when Microsoft is asking manufacturers to prevent people from booting other OSes and not communicating as to why, they are positioning themselves as the enemy. it's that simple. if they want to be trusted by Linux users, they need to earn that trust.

we're about 2y away, by my estimation, from living in a bizarro world where x86 PCs are less open to free desktops than ARM Macs.

1: mjg59.dreamwidth.org/60248.htm

Microsoft intenta de nuevo ponerle puertas al campo con los chips Plutón: impiden ejecutar cualquier sistema operativo que no sea Windows. Afortunadamente, como con el Secure Boot de años ha, se pueden desactivar desde UEFI.


Any #FreeCAD v0.20 UI testers interested in testing out a new Theme/Preference-pack called 'Dracula'?

Instructions are in the this ticket: github.com/dracula/freecad/iss

La empresa española @SlimbookEs saca un elegante y potente ultrabook con procesador Ryzen 5700U y con el software de @kde preinstalado.


Hoy es el día de abandonar GitHub y llevarte tus proyectos. La alternativa es permitir que Microsoft trafique con tu código libre, insertándolo en otros proyectos (que pueden ser privativos), sin respetar tu licencia ni solicitar tu consentimiento.


Don’t give Twitter any more of your mindshare or content. Write long form on your blog where it truly belongs.

Estimad[as|os] compañer[as|os] usuari[as|os] de mastodon.social,

He empezado a notar recientemente un incremento en el número de spambots vomitando maliciosos anuncios a la línea temporal local. Sugiero que ayudemos a mantener esta, nuestra acogedora instancia, limpia denunciando a estos usuarios maliciosos.

Para ello, si ves un spam en la línea temporal local, pulsa en el botón "..." en la parte inferior del mismo mensaje y escoge "Report [nombre de usuario]" del menú.

Dear fellow mastodon.social users,

I have began to notice lately a rise in the number of spambots on this instance, spewing out malicious advertisements on the local timeline. I suggest we try and help keep our welcoming instance clean by reporting the malicious account to the admins.

To report a spamming account in the local timeline, press the "..." button at the bottom of the post itself and pick "Report [username]" from the pop up.

Microsoft estrena IA que regurgita código de fuentes abiertas sin consultar a los autores originales, y lo hace como servicio de pago. GitHub gratuito? No: .


Google obliga a empresas a pagar por un servicio que antes ofrecía gratis y del que ahora dependen.


Porque eso nunca ha ocurrido. Nop. Nanay. Nunca visto.

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