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I decided to go with rss2email[1] as my replacement for Newsboat. I have set it up with msmtp[2] on my Alpine Linux computer and it's working good so far.

I enjoy being able to read my articles using Neomutt, as well as having access to everything on my phone as well, without any complicated 'cloud' or any additional software.


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Neue Testreihe: Diesmal ohne große Aufreger. 😍

Gleich 5 gute #Scanner-Apps - sie alle schaffen sogar Texterkennung (#OCR) lokal auf dem Gerät! Einen Favoriten haben wir natürlich trotzdem.😉

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After one hour on the Birdsite, the feels even more like a safe space to me.

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»TITANIC wird sich nicht selbst zensieren, um dem verkniffenen Humor von Monopolwichsern in San Fernando Valley, äh: Silicon Valley gerecht zu werden.«

Just transferred USD 5 via and transaction fee was USD 3.75. Welcome to the new world.

I love free software, because together we can achieve more. (and yeah, the plussy is still in my heart)

The smell of burnt electronic devices makes me nervous.

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New month, new update🚀 for (in AT, CH, DE right now. Other countries will follow soon)
* Dark Mode 🌑
* Weather box ⛅️
* Group same location names on city page
* Remove IE11 support

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I'm looking for Sales Engineers, joining my team at !

You are used to work in a international and distributed teams? You have good technical knowledge and like to work closely with customers and partners, helping them to integrate Nextcloud into their environment and use cases? Than you might be the right person!

You can find the detailed job description here:

I would love to hear from you!

in and

Screenshots von Videokonferenzen find ich auch irgendwie doof.

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PeerTube v3: it’s a live, a liiiiive !

🎉🎉🎉 PeerTube v3 is out today!!! 🎉🎉🎉

On the blog :
➡️ The stages of development
➡️ Peer to peer live streaming
➡️ A behind-the-scenes short film
➡️ What we imagine for the future!

Illus CC-By @davidrevoy

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Castopod is a free open source podcasting platform you can host yourself. You can follow at:

➡️ @Castopod

The website is at

#CastoPod #Podcasting #Podcasts #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Libre #SelfHosting #Audio

I think I will never really get used to this Cut & Paste / Drag & Drop behavior of macOS.

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