The university I am working for is actively warning about the usage of 'Zoom'.

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Our partner HKN offers a 3 month free #Nextcloud setup for businesses in the German (speaking) area including video calls, office document collaboration and more! #homeoffice

If you face some issues with the Matrix server, please keep in mind that the homeserver address is just is only the Riot webfrontend.

Just had a Test Session with - works like charm.

@Liberapay do you face some issues with your infrastructure recently? Site is loading very slow or sometimes not at all.

Der Linux-Kurs hat nun ein eigenes Folding Team. Ich würde mich über eure Teilnahme freuen:

PDF annotation with Okular is simply great. Thanks @kde

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🧻 Don’t hoard toilet paper
🖥️ Don’t let companies hoard your data

Good at social distancing?
We work 100% remote and have job openings:

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