Just added idempotency-key support to my language agnostic background jobs manager, Tasques.


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Rails CVE

tl;dr: Specially crafted requests can be used to access files that exists on the filesystem that is outside an application's root directory, when the Sprockets server is used in production.

Basically, don't set `config.assets.compile = true` in production


Finally bought and started on the Programming Rust book.

I’m fairly “into” Rust already but I have no doubt there are holes in my knowledge :)

Also, there aren’t many better ways of showing my support than with my $&£!

Wow, finally figured out where my 2FA thing was for mastodon !

Came back to Mastodon after months away. Looks like it’s a lot snappier, but not sure it that’s because (it seems to me) there are less active users??

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Does anyone know if ffmpeg is deterministic? If you convert the same input with the same settings, will the final hashsum of the file be the same?

Facebook's new language: Reflex.

Merges FP and OO. It's main party trick is its "reactive" change-propagation system built-in as part of the language.

Kinda seems like a big mashup of Rust, Scala, and Reactive Streams in into one.


Flattening the matrix into a single vector ~> 35% faster grid updates in my Game of Life implementation. *And* much smaller standard deviation and memory footprint.

Guess having 2 heap-memory derefs can get somewhat expensive and unpredictable when the matrix is big.


Using 's std::mem::swap : how can something so wrong feel so right


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@patdavid @Curator @cnc @eylul @AvaJarvisArt

the other day i came across a pretty bad example of treating a designer offering/volounteering his work to a floss project. at least it ended up devs starting to work on CoC.

grab some popcorn for a bit of horror.


Got my feet wet in + by writing Conway's Game of Life: github.com/lloydmeta/gol-rs

First time doing any kind of graphics work and I learnt a lot. The gfx-rs library was also a real pleasure to use.

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Oh my god, are you


Theresa May: "I'm clear: if human rights laws get in the way of tackling extremism and terrorism, we will change those laws to keep British people safe."

Do you write software? Do you use Homebrew? Try running `brew cleanup`.

Did it for the first time and got back ~9GB


Wrote (rambled?) about my year of programming in Rust.

What I like, what I had to adjust to, and what I'd like to be different.

cc @rustlang


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Nice ! Scastie ( in the browser) is now available to *ALL*

Works great w/ Scala.meta paradise macros too. Gave it a try with @Diesel and @ktrans annotations: scastie.scala-lang.org/jo3gUQv mastodon.social/media/eI5NoXsf

Wrote a macro to simplify Kind transforms on Tagless Final interpreters (or any similarly Kind-paramed thing).


Released v0.2 of Diesel, my Scala.meta macro aimed at making Tagless Final more painless (github.com/lloydmeta/diesel)

Now with zero overhead, way less macro code, same-ish usage.

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