We’re in the middle of a global fight to stop stalkerware, and we’re winning. Learn more about the work we’re doing to detect and destroy these covert tools that enable intimate partner abuse and stalking in an upcoming EFF At Home online discussion: eff.org/event/eff-home-fightin

Stumbled over this "Lisp-stick on a Python": docs.hylang.org/en/alpha/

This will probably mean more time in a REPL while at the same time having access to all the python. Sounds useful.

Doctorow @pluralistic writes about a paper called "The Paradox of Source Code Secrecy":

[...] Lessig's metaphor that "code is law" is no longer metaphorical.
Judges and regulators habitually defer to automated systems, acting as though software-enabled determinations of guilt are empirical and thus reliable [...]


The Biden administration's (carefully worded) support for a WTO IP waiver on vaccines may not be the full-throated support the issue warrants, but it was still a complete reversal of decades of subservience to Big Pharma, and the industry is waging all-out war.


Bruce Schneier coined "feudal security" to describe the dominant Big Tech security model, in which you surrender your autonomy by moving into a warlord's fortress (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc) and in return get protection from the bandits that roam the badlands without.

The historian Stephen Morillo pointed out that this is more like "manorialism" than "feudalism."


Imaginative fiction trains people to be aware that there *are* other ways to do things and other ways to be, that there is not just one civilization and it is good and it is the way we have to be. -- Ursula K. Le Guin

"Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter can be said to remedy anything."

Reminder, to myself and whoever needs it: Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.

Source: A Cypherpunk's Manifesto activism.net/cypherpunk/manife

If you think that understanding the world is a worthwhile cause, you can help by providing knowledge to the Tor metrics timeline.


Hi. Here's my favourite online service: Draw an iceberg and see how it will float.


lifehack for cis people 

Having trouble with pronouns? Try this one weird trick:

When you misgender someone, and anyone takes the time to correct you, say "Thank you." This will help you take the correction gracefully, and remind you to appreciate that someone believes you want to get others' pronouns right.

Plus, when you develop positive associations with those corrections (instead of shame), it makes it so much easier for your brain to accept the information!

open 👏 source 👏 projects 👏 should 👏 not 👏 use 👏 closed 👏 chat 👏 platforms

RT @ACLU@twitter.com

Our client Christopher David, a US Navy veteran, asked federal agents in Portland why they weren’t upholding their oath to the Constitution.

They beat and gassed him in response.

He’ll now have to get his answer in court.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ACLU/status/129989

Try our app, it's exactly like our website down to the pixel except for how it accesses your contacts, location, microphone, pictures and camera and it's not always nagging you to try our app.

I was notified that @tateisu's Mastodon app "Subway Tooter" has received a warning from the Google Play Store citing user-generated content that "incites discrimination".

A Mastodon app does not host or promote any content. The user types the address to connect to. The responsibility of moderating resides with that server. So unless Google is going to drop Chrome, Firefox and Opera from its platform, this is completely out of line.

Source in Japanese:


Disturbing reports that Google Play is threatening to kick out Mastodon apps. See:



App stores have a track record of acting capriciously & are also easy targets for gov't censors (including Trump). This is why alternatives like @fdroidorg are so important for user freedom.

If unfamiliar: F-Droid is a free & open source app you can use to install other Android apps, with focus on free & open source software. Get it here:


6. Border Externalisation: outsourcing border controls and surveillance

7. Biometrics Processing: a feast of databases

8. Facial Recognition: making surveillance frictionless

9. Artificial Intelligence: your fate in the hands of the system

10. Private Companies: when the border is a good business


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