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Linus Nordberg

To all folks currently protesting against #Google, #Facebook, #Uber, #Tesla and whatnot: your protests are welcome and needed. However, keep in mind: you hurt those companies most if you simply stop using their products and services. This is what *you* can do, right here, right now. Be smart, look for alternatives. Also encourage others to do so.

Spent way too much time trying to confirm that someone else would already have solved my problem. Often that's the case but sometimes it's just not. Investment didn't pay off this time and now I need to invest some more and then pay for maintenance as well. Worse things have happened though. I'll live.

"A draft of the World Bank's annual flagship World Development Report says that its creditor-states (the poorest countries in the world) should eliminate their minimum wage rules, allow employers to fire workers without cause, and repeal laws limiting abusive employment contract terms.

The bank argues that this is necessary to stop employers from simply investing in automation and eliminating workers altogether."

I've been hearing a lot of prominent people speak about surveillance and privacy, but when I hear Richard Stallman talk about it, it really struck a chord with me.

"We need a law. Fuck them — there’s no reason we should let them exist if the price is knowing everything about us. Let them disappear. They’re not important — our human rights are important. No company is so important that its existence justifies setting up a police state. And a police state is what we’re heading toward."

The update to the of is now waiting to be reviewed and committed.

RETRO is a clean, elegant, and pragmatic dialect of Forth. It provides
a simple alternative for those willing to make a break from
systems. It was
designed to be easy to grasp and adapt to specific uses.

Ping @crc if you want to learn more 😉

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Do you run your own #DNS server? The open source implementations will stop doing some #EDNS workarounds in Feb 2019. Thankfully, "just update" is the way to fix it if you are having problems. wrote a blog post describing it

You can also check your domain(s) at

Did someone get a key for the API? I never got a reply since November. I started to integrate their API in my translation library, but I can't test it.
Any contributions would be welcome. This library is used for Yandex translations in the app. All these translations are obfuscated (mentions/tags/emails/links) before being sent to an API to increase the privacy. Thanks for helping/sharing.


You asked for it: Here's a mastodon LaTeX client! Screenshots of example output attached!

Thank you searx for the eminent "cached" link leading to the eminent archive org!

Being a FreeBSD sysadmin using Tor for browsing is pretty frustrating at times due to and their source IP address blocking policy.

searx makes my life better.

"They say things are done for the majority
Don't believe half of what you see and none of what you hear"

book recommendation "kallocain" from karin boye (sweden, 1940) #1984 -- (tjx to @ln4711)

Activists, artists, developers, journalists, lawyers, public servants, researchers, & scholars!

HotPETS is calling for 10-15min talks on hot topics in privacy enhancing technologies (PETs). What ideas, experiences, or lessons would you like to discuss?

Just as I'm almost done deploying BorgBackup, I learn about restic. Not complaining though! We'll see what happens next.






@pawal känner du någon som skulle vilja driva en mastodon-instans på DFRI infrastruktur?

So I just learned that in my beloved country, when you're in police custody, you are now compelled to give them all your encryption keys and your smartphone unlock code. No judge approval needed. Up to 3 years of jail if you don't.

Frightening. Thank you, Constitutional Council.