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@lobodelrayo Yup. I don't trust them. I'd be more ok with a phone that lets you easily add Lineage OS without the Google Apps. It feels creepy that there is a whole multi-billion dollar industry based entirely on tracking everything you do online.

I feel an urge to stay on because it's a huge peace of mind compared to knowing and is tracking you but i am definitely not a fan of the Linux community as a whole. It's so toxic. I might find middle ground and buy a Nokia 3310 3G so i can ditch Android. Less corporate tracking if your phone can only be used for calls and texts.

do you think cats dream of flying like the birds they see?

¿Crees que tú y tus mejores amigas o amigos tienen una “conexión especial”?

Al parecer hay algo de cierto en eso 🤜🤛


En un acto sin precedentes en casi 40 años de la República Islámica de Irán, mujeres están protestando contra el uso obligatorio del hiyab

You can tell it's close to the #LunarNewYear. Students (and their teacher) are getting restless, traditional markets are super busy, & people are excited. Unfortunately, it's a short holiday this year: just 6 days altogether.


It’s not AI vs people
It’s not Big Data vs people
It’s not robots vs people

It’s corporations vs people.

i hate being so sad all of the time

Esto es raro :/
- cosas que pasan cuando eres nueva, se siente genial.


I see everyone is doing an #introduction.

I'm me! How surprising! Muahahahahahha!!!

I like figuring out how stuff works, or more accurately, how it doesn't. And I like figuring out ways to make things work in better ways (defining what 'better' means is outside the context of this toot!), and FreeBSD is my focus in this regard at the moment.

I've managed (and owned) OpenBSD firewalls and FreeBSD servers of all sorts since about the year 2000.

I keep forgetting Mastodon exists.

Why? Probably because I see it as a Twitter replacement, but haven't managed (or put in the effort) to build a diverse group of people to follow.

I've already done this on Twitter, my Twitter timeline is pretty good (at least after I filtered out any tweets with the name of the u.s. president in them).

I wonder what to do about this, if anything. *sigh*

My twitter timeline has a healthy mix of infosec, gamedev, system internals, minorities, and more.

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Oh, brilliant.

So Windows 10 now has the ability for any application to get system-unique tracking identifiers that persist across reinstalls by storing them in the TPM or UEFI firmware variables...

Look at these APIs: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/uwp/a

To add insult to injury, the APIs lead into clipc!GetOfflineDeviceUniqueID, which calls into a licensing-related service which would be obfuscated by Warbird...