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Wolf Lightning @lobodelrayo@mastodon.social

"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye" - Helen Keller

soy una feminista que va a depender al 100% de un hombre....DI VI NO

Estoy fuera de la ciudad y tengo señal. Increible!!

It's the new official NANO wallet, despite it's a beta version, working smoothly so far

I'm playing with my new crypto toy, NANO crypto is awesome, let's test it out! mastodon.social/media/NxQSGvWc

quiero seguir más gente que habla español en mastodon, pero casi todo la gente hispanohablante que he encontrado solo habla de sujetos técnicos- programación, FOSS, infosec, etc. no soy programadora y quiero seguir gente que hablan de otros sujetos. ¿alguien tiene recomendaciones?

español es mi lengua segunda pero la he estudiado por muchos años y quiero hablarla aquí..

I'd like to be in New Zealand, very easy and excellent fees for purchasing cryptos (NANO, also) with fiat (New Zealand dollars, national currency, USD 1 = NZ $ 1.369)
Easy Crypto - New Zealand's #1 site for crypto
easycrypto.nz/ mastodon.social/media/A9s5-o9K

"La princesa no se encuentra en este Castillo. Sigue buscando."

Dije, SIGUE BUSCANDO en otro lado.

Let this picture give you strength in these troubling times


We're inviting all the gamey people who want to talk about #gameing to our new community - gameing.party! Game devs, streamers of all kinds, super casual, tabletop, board games - all the gameing.

Check out our Code of Conduct and fill out the form (gameing.party) or if I or @maloki know you on here, just @ us for a Discord invite. ❤️


I know I can talk to you, but don't I need a different account to post to cyber.space ?

@lobodelrayo Yup. I don't trust them. I'd be more ok with a phone that lets you easily add Lineage OS without the Google Apps. It feels creepy that there is a whole multi-billion dollar industry based entirely on tracking everything you do online.

I feel an urge to stay on because it's a huge peace of mind compared to knowing and is tracking you but i am definitely not a fan of the Linux community as a whole. It's so toxic. I might find middle ground and buy a Nokia 3310 3G so i can ditch Android. Less corporate tracking if your phone can only be used for calls and texts.

do you think cats dream of flying like the birds they see?

¿Crees que tú y tus mejores amigas o amigos tienen una “conexión especial”?

Al parecer hay algo de cierto en eso 🤜🤛