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The creator that ships is always going to have more success than the critic who doesn't.

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Authorities hope the protection efforts will help the park get listed among UNESCO's world heritage sites.
Ivory Coast authorities build wall for endangered urban park

I never been to prom, never had the money to afford it, never understood the appeal.

One time I went to a high school dance out of boredom & not only the DJ sucked but it was awkward seeing kids make out with each other. I imagine proms being the same thing but with weirder vibes & everyone is 5x sweatier. Just surrounded by people you don’t like, they can’t dance, & you’re packed in there like sardines.

At least hoarding the cold cuts in my mouth was the only thing worthy of my attention.

who else here avoids going to cities/neighborhoods with security cameras?


28 May 1871 The Paris Commune was crushed when bourgeois government massacred thousands to regained control of the city.


RT He would not be the first person in history to be accused of a mental illness and removed from any capacity to speak publicly. How many movies have this script. Out of sight - out of mind. It is all so very convenient.

29 May 1969 auto worker Máximo Mena was shot and killed by police during a strike in Cordoba, Argentina. The result was a wave of riots and demonstrations by workers and students which spelt the beginning of the end for the US-backed military govt

Fuck the Australian flag
Fuck the New Zealand Flag
Fuck the Ontario Flag
Fuck the Manitoba Flag

Fuck Having a British flag in the corner as your national #flag

It should not be allowed.



Massive respect to and all the locals.

This is what we mean when we say "we keep us safe".

Anyone and everyone can set up an anti-raids outfit in their local. Don't wait for others to do it.


@Sionnach @TonyStark It takes decades of showing up and we're seeing the results of that right now with Republicans undoing us.

It really drives me nuts when D voters get one election won and are mad everything isn't their way a short time later.

@JamesRhodes @Sionnach @TonyStark

The other thing is that the media kneecaps us constantly.
I see people who find out something good and say, "Why isn't anyone talking about this?" And I point to where people have specifically done just that. But the media won't feature it because at the end of the day the true, hard work of governance is boring and doesn't inspire rage clicks.

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This fragile grew between some larger rocks and it didn't really look like much of a subject to photograph.

But after getting the camera as low as possible to catch the light shining from behind and isolate two of the parts, I actually liked the outcome.

It's minimalistic, it's bright and it shows how small the moss was, because you get some sand as a visual reference on the ground.

Have a great day!

I published a simple papertoy the other day. Been getting into building these paper models recently, and this is the first one I have designed myself.

I designed the model in Blender then unfolded the mesh in a Mac app called Unfolder. Then I edited the flattened shape in Sketch adding colours, and decorations.

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