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Dialog continues to block Lanka E News while I am able to access it via SLT.


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@brainblasted @peter Slack has already run a bait-and-switch on xmpp, so you can only expect it to go downhill from there. Use communication tools which are controlled by the community, not some self-interested corporation.

I think Colombo made me completely dehydrated.

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" agrees to be acquired by " I stopped using the latter years ago. Now it's time to close my Flickr account as well.

Good morning & dear fedizens :-)

Soon you wont be able to distinguish them from Victorian and puritan demagogues.

For the past 43-50 years, whole careers of artists and critics were built on these criteria. In 2018, many more are willing to do the same. However, they will proceed along a far more sinister trajectory than the predecessors.

Let me go one step further. One has to take a historical perspective and place it within a larger picture. Where did these ideas come from? Should art be evaluated on the basis of race and gender? Should that be the criteria? These are the question we should be asking in 2018.

WARNING! : The very fact that this topic is resurfacing in the academia, art world and art-related journals is disturbing. This is connected to broader witch-hunting processes that are thoroughly anti-democratic (such as the campaign).

On Twitter: 'Is it still artistically justifiable for a man to paint a naked woman?'

An artist doesn't have to justify this. It should be normal for an artist to paint female and male and other individuals clothed or naked as long as art continues to look at humans and human relationships. Time to stop this nonsense and move on making art.

(1) twitter.com/aldaily/status/987
(2) thecut.com/2018/04/can-a-male-

I just don't like to watch tele dramas, specifically when my favourite actors are acting. I don't want to spoil what I've seen on stage (and on screen). So, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I don't want to join the fan club of this, that or the other tele

OMG 8 has been released! \o/ https:// trisquel.info

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Help !
On recherche un prestataire pour faire une vidéo d'animation présentant PeerTube : contact.framasoft.org/prestati
Sur le modèle de la vidéo Mastodon youtube.com/watch?v=IPSbNdBmWK

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@lohang probably Gmail's userbase won't care, sadly. Or they will even say: "new features? that can't be bad."
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Julian #Assange subjected to #torture , claims friend Pamela Anderson https://gnusocial.de/url/5179793 not the online access, but lack of contact with people. #reconnectjulian