Not necessarily out of the list I gave in the previous tweet. Also consider ලිංගභාවාරෝපය, ලිංගභාවය, ලිංග අනන්‍යතාව, ලිංගික අනන්‍යතාව etc. There may be other terms you've used in various contexts...

A question to speaking people here: what is your current preferred Sinhala term for 'gender': සමාජ ලිංගය, සමාජ ලිංගිකත්වය, ස්ත්‍රී-පුරුෂ සමාජභාවය, පුමිතිරි සමාජභාවය, පුමිතිරි බව ...

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Couldn't make it to #Akademy2019? No worries: the talks were recorded, so now you can watch them all. Get up to speed with the improvements to Plasma (desktop and mobile), KDE's community goals and all the exciting apps for drones, VR and more.

M.I.A. visits Julian in prison: “It’s about truth—and that’s something people have to uphold and fight for”

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In #Ecuador, the police repression is so brutal that a group of soldiers has sided with the people.

I actually enabled in one of my blogs. But not sure how to find and subscribe to it in the wild-wild-activitypubverse :D

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Hey fedizens, how do you search and find a site that runs here on ? Is there a way to remote-subscribe to such a blog if you already know it is compatible?

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"Challenges in the Decentralised Web: The Mastodon Case" (PDF)

Interesting academic paper analyzing the fediverse and how different instances and users are connected to one another. It's cool that the Mastodon API is open enough that researchers can do this kind of work.


කලක් තිස්සේ දකින්න ආසාවෙන් හිටි නාට්‍යයක් අනපේක්ෂිත අන්දමින් සිංහලට පරිවර්තනය වී හෙට වේදිකාගත වෙනවා. පෝලන්ත නාට්‍යකරු ස්ලවොමීර් ම්රොසෙක් ලියූ "පොලිසිය (The Police)" නමැති අභූතරූපී නාට්‍යය, "සොබාවික වෙඩිතැබීමක්" නමින් හෙට (12) සවස 3.30ට සහ 6.30ට පුංචි තියටර් හිදී!


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Account migration "easier than ever, and with 3.0 comes the ability to bring your followers with you like magic!" Thanks a lot! I think that's one of the most important feature for a decentralized network!

of the day :

"...trying to make digital files uncopyable is like trying to make water not wet."
- Bruce Schneier

source :

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6 months ago, Julian Assange was arrested. Since then his worst fears have been confirmed as he’s been accused of 17 charges of Espionage in the US, where he faces 175 years in prison. For journalism.

Don't extradite #Assange!

#FreeAssange #FreeChelsea #FreeOlaBini

via Courage Foundation

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