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I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.


Phew! Power outage ended after 7.5 hours. That was the third full-workday outage within the past 7 days. Thank you CEB!

Another morning. Another power outage. They all start around 9.05. You have to wait and see whether this is a full day outage or just a minor hiccup.

is back. 95% of the users will now return to their normal lives, watching videos and producing content (podcasts, shows, live streams etc) on AND for .

I hope at lest a 5% will start doing the actual work that needs to be done :


, and platforms are the solution to the problem that we now face with .

I hope this epic outage will give a boost to the federated social web, also known as the :-)


And here's a comprehensive introduction on how to get started with a free and open alternative to that never goes down (because it is ) . You can simply run your own with it :-)


While is down, have a look at this page that gives you a nice introduction to that doesn't go down like because it is part of the and social web :


's 500 Internal Server Error and a photo of a monkey that had been dispatched to deal with the situation

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@dansup One of the things I love about projects like this is that the developers are down to earth and listen to their userbase, making the project not just the work of a lonely genius that can boast in his talent (or his ability to swindle gullible programmers), but the collective work of a community willing to cooperate for the greater good.

This is the very definition of synergy: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Thanks, dansup, for your work. I can't wait to see pixelfed grow and thrive.

Pages purged by Facebook were on blacklist promoted by Washington Post

PropOrNot, an organization that published a blacklist of oppositional media organizations in 2016, hailed Facebook’s actions as the precursor to shutting down the targeted organizations' web sites.


’s purge of left-wing media: A frontal assault on freedom of speech

There is no longer a question as to whether US technology companies are consciously engaged in political censorship.


Oh well. That was just a minor one. We are back. We really need an uninterrupted power supply today.

This cannot be happening. Another power outage!

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Happy birthday for one of the best communities about free software 🎂

Also: There still a incomprehensible lack of Konqi art in general🐲

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