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quitter.se appears to be down

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My #art 'Glory of War' can be seen from different perspectives. If you stand directly in front of it, you will see the suffering in the face of the soldier. https://gnusocial.ch/attachment/262801 !art
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: a quarterly journal of south asian literature. Its newest issue focuses on new writings from . But it isn't limited to Sri Lankan writings. It contains poetry and prose written in English & translated into English from , , , and



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What kind of braindead password requirements are those?!

* "maximum of 12 characters"

* "must start with a letter"

* Symbol set limited to 11 different symbols

ffs, people… http://sn.chromic.org/attachment/328464
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Supreme court is hearing on the issue of Right to Privacy with a 9 bench judge. Follow Prasanna's live tweet here for a live tweet of the hearing.
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All new status update on Matrix development, funding & sponsorship is up: Groups, Rich Text Editor, Mentions & more! matrix.org/blog/2017/07/19/sta

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Busy, putting off things until tomorrow.

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@normandy @lohang @hikerus You're missing the context. He spent months writing most of the FAQ that many instances use. After the fact, the instance admin changed the site's ToS in a way that he believes is harmful to the fediverse as a whole and he felt misused. His POV is widely different from most of us, particularly techies, but sometimes we need that to cause us to examine our own preconceptions. Though I strongly disagreed with him sometimes, the fediverse is poorer for his leaving.

Good morning & dear fedizens :-)

@hikerus @Normandy I am sad that he left. He is a very interesting and intelligent person. My timeline is a lot poorer without his posts. You cannot expect everyone to like and praise everything that happens on the fediverse.

P.S I follow him on Twitter and I haven't seen any "nonsense" posted about GNUSocial.

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addendum to editbacklog 80 :) Show more

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Hugin [hugin.sourceforge.net/] is a panorama stitching software but that is not all that it is useful for.

I use Hugin for aligning image stacks, in astrophotography or super-resolution images. Its quite good out of the box in stitching and aligning, but it also allows you to set control points and modify settings easily enough if the default settings do not work.


Good afternoon & dear fedizens! c[~]