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Important thread about Google's new steps in "restricting access to certain content based on arbitrary, changeable, and non-transparent criteria." Too bad I cannot follow some of these accounts from here.


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Good morning !fediverse !tzag. As a new working week begins let us have a fresh start and a fresh positive attitude. May you bring joy to the lives of all who you come in contact with today #BeExcellentToEachOther

@kevie good morning! and thanks for these good thoughts :-)

One place hung up the phone on me even before anyone said hello. They simply were not in the mood to talk I guess.

Have to be on the phone with a couple of government offices and places today. This isn't something I get to do often. I'll need stronger levels of tolerance.

@theru a very good morning to you too! o/

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> Facebook taking psychological experiments to the next level via spying

Why am I not surprised?

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quitter.se appears to be down

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My #art 'Glory of War' can be seen from different perspectives. If you stand directly in front of it, you will see the suffering in the face of the soldier. https://gnusocial.ch/attachment/262801 !art
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: a quarterly journal of south asian literature. Its newest issue focuses on new writings from . But it isn't limited to Sri Lankan writings. It contains poetry and prose written in English & translated into English from , , , and



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What kind of braindead password requirements are those?!

* "maximum of 12 characters"

* "must start with a letter"

* Symbol set limited to 11 different symbols

ffs, people… http://sn.chromic.org/attachment/328464
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Supreme court is hearing on the issue of Right to Privacy with a 9 bench judge. Follow Prasanna's live tweet here for a live tweet of the hearing.
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All new status update on Matrix development, funding & sponsorship is up: Groups, Rich Text Editor, Mentions & more! matrix.org/blog/2017/07/19/sta

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