I am going on a 31-day social media hiatus. (1-31 December) See you next year :-)

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I've been wondering again about the role of Hubzilla, and social media in general, in my life. Much of the time it is fairly boring for me to read through my network timeline. It seems that the most animated conversations concern Hubzilla itself. While it might be interesting to read occasionally about that, the scope of such discourse is a bit limited. Then there are lots of pictures of cats. I don't dislike cats, but I have zero interest in seeing pictures of them. It's interesting to keep abreast of free software and the fediverse, and the alternative social networks are about the only place one can learn about that. On the other hand, it would be possible to cover that ground with a few RSS streams.

Hubzilla provides me with a convenient link to place under my signature when sending emails, though, to date, I have never known anyone to actually follow such links. Yet I do like to have a more public place to record my thoughts or observations than in my longhand diary. I'm not sure why, but it's probably the same impulse that motivates so many writers, especially those who have no expectation of celebrity or material gain.

I think that ultimately, if we want Hubzilla and the fediverse to become a more interesting community, its denizens will need to be more open about their life impressions and experiences. Technical discussions are interesting only up to a point. Link sharing too is sort of an exercise in futility when it is so easy to access information. We should all be using feed readers more and social media less if we are truly passionate about matters that interest us.

There are issues with privacy. My personal way of dealing with that is to keep my real name out of the stream and to hamper search engines in their efforts to catalogue us. I don't mind if people make the effort to discover my identity - it's quite easy in my case - I simply prefer not to create direct connections to it.

The Guardian has stepped up its contemptible role as one of the main media conduits for the persecution of Julian wsws.org/en/articles/2018/11/2

Also related. Not so related. And so unrelated. Not so unrelated

Einstein on the Beach: The Changing Image of Opera (1985) www.ubu.com/film/glass_einstein.html

Open Studio today 5.30pm onwards at Theertha, Borella.

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After a long time did a cycling trip. Travelled 38km to Kallanai dam in the Cauvery river, while enjoying lush green farmland. Actually its the first time I could see endless farmland. In horrible drought of 2016 I remember that this farmland was mostly uncultivated.
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The Guardian is starting a new regular column by an anonymous worker in an Amazon warehouse:


"Through the use of digital trackers, our workday is managed down to the second, with each task timed based on a rate set by managers who push us ever faster. ...we are essentially extensions of the machine."

"...management doesn’t regard us as crucial contributors to its success. In reality, they treat us like disposable parts."


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I promised to sell some stuff with my #generative overflower print. Here are the fabrics: Cotton Twill for pillow cases and gym bags. With a slightly brighter print: Linen/Cotton Canvas for pencil/cable cases and tote bags.

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It was a bit foggy the night I arrived in Japan. This is Narita station and a nearby hotel.

#japan #narita #fog #photography

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My Android phone broke, and seems to be unfixable. I don't feel like buying a new one. I was blissfully phoneless for a week or so. I finally borrowed an old feature phone from @solariiknight. I am impressed by how sturdy and usable these phones are, and how distraction free they are. A strange feeling considering that about a decade and a half ago, when phones were new, I was eager to keep upgrading to the latest and greatest phones. Looks like I have come full circle.
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"How many gigabytes of data did we (the people of Earth) create yesterday?

...brain. is. thinking...

More than 2.5 billion!" https://opensource.com/article/18/11/data-scalable-open
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Lost a pixelfed user because of a bug. Mutes and blocks are working now but it's unfortunate.

This makes me want to hold off on the release (federation support) until I can ensure expected privacy and safety features work as expected.

I will make this right, and I'm sorry if any bugs have lead to a bad user experience.

That awkward silence when you hear about the "new president" and hopes for "more democracy".

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