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Everybody listen to this.

(BTW, how come the NYT, Wapo or even Voice of America aren't flagged as "Ameican state-affiliated media?") twitter.com/RT_com/status/1321

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Here are a few links which are Peertube related. (Feel free to add more).

official account:

(building a directory of peertubers)

(search engine for peertube)

(curated Peertube with good quality selection of videos)

(public domain videos)

#Peertube #Fediverse #Discover

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hey #nextcloud users- I want to have a tag applied if a file is uploaded to a particular folder. is this possible?

වසංගත තර්ජනයට මුහුණ දිය යුත්තේ කෙසේද? කොරෝනා වෛරස් වසංගතය හමුවේ කම්කරු පන්තිය ගතයුතු මඟ කුමක්ද?

සිංහල හා දෙමළ දෙබසින් පැවැත්වුණු ඉතා වැදගත් ඔන්ලයින් රැස්වීමක්! සම්පූර්ණ වීඩියෝව නරඹන්න, share කරන්න: facebook.com/sep.lk/videos/106

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'The residences of ordinary people who consider them as their ancestral homes are demolished in order to erect new high rise buildings.'

Photos of the rapidly-changing Slave Island by Parilojithan Ramanathan, to make us look closer at 'development' - bit.ly/35B1ys5

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@lohang "Among the other features of the censorship tools are “across-the-board slowing of the spread of posts as they start to go viral,” the ability to tweak “the news feed to change what types of content users see” and lowering “the threshold for detecting the types of content its software views as dangerous.”"

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"Among the preparations that has made for the 2020 elections is a deeper collaboration with the Democratic Party and its faction of the US intelligence apparatus." wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/2

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"But a number of the ideas for which Richard Stallman has been attacked and punished are ideas that I as a feminist advocate of human rights find completely correct and positive from the perspective of women’s equality and dignity!"

- civil-rights expert Nadine Strossen, former president of the ACLU.


#rms #feminism #civilrights #freespeech

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Collide Residency Award
Are you an artist interested in conducting artistic research in scientific laboratories in dialogue with physicists?

Apply for a fully-funded residency @CERN@twitter.com and in labs in Barcelona hosted @hangar_org@twitter.com in 2021.
📅7/12 arts.cern/

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Site.js version 15.2.1 released

After a little over a month of work, I’ve created a database for Site.js called JavaScript Database (JSDB) and integrated it as a first-class citizen.


#SiteJS #SmallWeb #SmallTech

about : in the context of monopolies, it becomes increasingly difficult to campaign for the use of free and open alternatives, or boycott evil companies and "compromised" entities. It becomes evident that the actual problem is capitalism and there is no free & open source island or oasis to hide.

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I love this video I made for @wikileaks@twitter.com’ 10th birthday. A couple of days ago was the 10th anniversary of the . The war criminals living cozy lives protected by other war criminals & the person who made those crimes public in prison, tortured facing 175 years sentence. twitter.com/progintl/status/13

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Some say "Don't be paranoid about the Military"

I'm saying the public is not paranoid about the but the military is paranoid about the people. Otherwise, there is no reason to carry assault rifles to check body temperature don't you think?

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සැප්තැම්බර් මාසයෙන්: මෙහි යොදාගෙන තිබුණු නිර්ණායකවල අදාළත්වය දැන් ඉතා ඛේදජනක ආකාරයෙන් සනාථ වෙමිනුයි තියෙන්නේ. ඉදිරිය ඉතා අවිනිශ්චිතයි, අවදානම්.

මේ තත්වයට වගකිව යුත්තේ කවුද? පීඩාවට පත් ජනතාව ඒ ප්‍රශ්නය අනිවාර්යයෙන් අහනවා.



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