I have a - of technical terms for humanities (mostly art, theatre, philosophy and literature) compiled using LibreOffice spreadsheets. What is the best way to publish them online as a searchable website? Is there a particular CMS you would recommend?

@LWFlouisa thanks! I'll have a look at it. My intention is to make the glossary available for non-tech people using straightforward technologies they already have, like a web browser. I cannot expect them to learn and how to use a new tool/approach solely to search for a technical term in a glossary.

@lohang What page format are you considering? I do use html form, though I prefer .txt do to its portability. (You can read .txt even in a Ruby script.)

@LWFlouisa it should be a searchable website. I don't have a programming background to deal with Ruby etc. I think the most convenient path is to get some cms like WordPress or MediaWiki. ...

@lohang Looking forward to the Literary glossary aspect, as a writer. Although I've moving away from scifi. Its not that I don't, it's just my work is becoming more magic realism like by the day.

@LWFlouisa the glossary is meant to assist those who teach, work and write in Sinhala, providing Sinhala terms and descriptions for each term given in English.

@lohang I'd avoid payng for a webhost if you don't have to.

@lohang Additionally, one could also create a messenger where writing the message happens outside the browser. Messages are then exchanged by downloading the image file, and extracting on localhost folder for IPFS.

@lohang In this sense, it completely bypasses the browser's insecure settings.


What does the hypothetical site need to be able to do?

@RussSharek ideally, it should be able to import the glossary from my spreadsheet or cvs. If not I'll have to enter thousands of words manually. And then it should provide a searchable glossary for those who look for technical terms in .


While I'm not a huge advocate of Google, getting the spreadsheet online in read only mode may be as simple as uploading it and setting the correct permissions.

I suspect you can do that with other online spreadsheets as well, allowing you to use the same types of queries you have gotten used to.

Aside from that, I'd be looking to get it all into something searchable and editable. Smells like wiki to me in that case.

Anyone know of a free/open hybrid of the two?

@RussSharek thanks to this thread, I found that there are extensions that can import from csv to joomla, MediaWiki and WordPress. A wiki would be a good option to get more people involved as contributors in the future...


Happy to help.

That was my thinking, incidentally. the sooner you get it into a tool intended for collaboration, the better for your purposes.

I'd personally lean towards a wiki over a blog or cms. It's both more purpose built for document collaboration and less likely to be frustrating to secure.

@lohang I author an extension for Joomla called Fabrik, which (among other things) allows you to import CSVs into MySQL tables, and publish them as searchable lists.

@cheesegrits aha! That is very likely to solve my problem! Will give this a try. Thanks for the tip. I wonder if there are similar plug-ins available for WordPress...

@lohang yup. We're about to do a new release, so you might want to wait a day or two. It's a huge extension (it's an "application builder") so the learning curve is quite steep, but I can walk you through the basics of importing a CSV and publishing it to a list.

@cheesegrits that would be a great help. Many thanks! I found a couple of similar importers for WordPress and MediaWiki too. Will be looking into this over the next couple of days...

@lohang yeah, if you can get it going with MediaWiki, that'd be cool.


Does wiktionary have Sinhala?

In any case, that seems like it would be a good community to reach out to.

Also, what are your plans for releasing it out from under default copyright?

@deejoe yes,wiktionary already has a Sinhala site. And I would love to use it for this purpose too. But the initial glossary is compiled using spreadsheets. There is no way to import them into wiktionary other than entering one by one.

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