between the fuckups with building on Alpine, the fact that "solidity-repl" can't find useable entropy sources on macOS, and that the web compiler is kinda sorta not always working, it's amazing that shit gets done *at all*. </rant>

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it's amazing to me how much fucking time I've spent trying to get node & Solidity to play nice on a VM that I can give to a client. I still haven't come up with a decent setup for a custom Ethereum blockchain, though that seems easier with docker (thank Christ)

Man, I hate how Twitter has become self censoring; don't get too edgy cuz of NAZIs, don't get too lovey cuz of creepers and work, don't get too loud cuz of hordes of followers. So I just drift back into the blue noise of the bird and

Nick Land's dismissive assertion that left accelerationism is subsumed or swallowed up by his analysis of the inevitable ascent of capitalism can only appear plausible in a world in which 30 years after Varela's "Steps to a Cybernetics of Autonomy" not much has improved in terms of technological focus, and meanwhile the science has come around to resoundingly confirm the pragmatic or enactive paradigm.

I think for my Curry On talk, I'm going to do a report out of all my little findings of Mastodon, and how I use Functional Programming & Types to model that

what is everyone using for Mastodon on their mobile devices? I've both Android & iOS (primary carry is iOS, but I travel abroad with Android).

In case you're following along at home, I moved my ed-like directory editor over to using directory buffer objects. First pass with the new refactor is live in a gist:

I need to be on Mastodon more often, just so I can have @djsundog back in my life more 😂

Actually, if you think about how many programs you could code-golf on Twitter, imagine what you can do with Mastodon?

hahahahaha we need a Cramer meme for twitter right now.


@munin hilariously, I was writing some code for IP blocking today, and thought of you. I think we'll open source it soon, but I was like "Man Munin would be all over this."

Just think, butterflies only live for about a month and they manage to add so much beauty to the world.

And you came out this morning and decided that shirt was acceptable. 😔

Wow, and "Horizon Zero Dawn" has "Idiot Army" as a doxing collective? I'll take Otherland's Wicked Tribe first... 😂 😂 😂

I know it's stupid, but even talking to @munin here is more pleasant… the space to not have to artificially constrain what I'm trying to say leads to at least slightly better elucidation of what I'm thinking.

Really the only thing that keeps me on Birdsite is my lady... otherwise, the experience here is so much more pleasant...

Having to search for remote posts through the Mastodon UI to interact with them is a fairly annoying defeat for tabbed browsing; there should just be a canonical URL to prepend to them so I can make a browser button to go there from the corresponding page on the remote instance.

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