Also I need more and new people to follow, especially those fleeing Twitter, so we can build some good old community resilience amongst ourselves. Introduce me to some cool people I don’t know or already know just not on here????

I swear everybody I know with ADHD can identify each other without being told we’re basically like vampires

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New to Mastodon? Here are four intro guides to help you understand how everything works here. 

Why hello old friends and family are we coming back here with Twitter continuing to fuck up repeatedly??

Do I know anybody whose interests lie approximately at the intersection of applied mathematics and sociology/social justice? Can we chat?? I need to talk to somebody about ranking systems.

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Further we are really want to hear from you, in the greater community, what you would want from this discussion forum. (on the forum, not in a reply!)

There is currently a thread up where you are welcome to engage in conversation about what categories (boards) you would like to see.

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And lastly, we are going to set up a category for the greater as well, where you are all welcome to give us feedback on developments, both socially and technically. My, @maloki, hope is that this can help mend some divides in the fediverse. I will reach out personally to a whole bunch of you as soon as my thesis crunch is over (52hrs to go as of writing this)

In the meanwhile you can set up an account on if you are so inclined.

Aw man I took a break from Mastodon to get writing done without the temptation to plot new research projects but man I miss this place.

@joshmillard I was wondering-- you're paying your community moderators, why do you call them "moderators" as opposed to "community managers" the way most platforms do for professionalized moderator roles?

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If anyone want to build a liaison team, which help facilitate dialogue between instance admins and users on other servers, we will be behind you, and help you spread the word, and help you get access and contact where we can. We will also help you spread the word about any funding model you choose, or don't choose.

This is part of the beauty with an open source project, not only can you take the code and do something new with it, but you can also make your own project in the social aspect of it

what does it say about me that when I'm mentally exhausted and socially anxious I go to Mastodon?

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Mastodon Tips:
1. You can send a DM by clicking the little globe and switching it to "direct"
2. You can set a content warning on toots, which makes their text hidden until the reader chooses to expand it
3. You can use the connections you form on here to make lifelong friendships and seize the means of production

Man, I get onto Mastodon to whine about my life but then I see everybody theorizing about Mastodon very thoughtfully and feel bad about not doing that.

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The more I think about federation, the more I suspect it'll be important to have an explicit notion of trust baked into the instances. Each instance would have a whitelist of instances that are believed to be good actors—they properly delete posts, don't harbor harassers, etc. They'd also have a transitively trusted subset, whose whitelists are synchronized into the main whitelist to ease the maintenance burden of any given instance maintainer. So and might share trust

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@mastodonusercount holy cow, almost half a million users? *AND* a zero-based scale of the graph? I'M IN HEAVEN.

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Moving forward we are also looking to fill several roles in the project with more permanent positions, to name a few ideas (not set in stone): Project Manager, Developer Coordinator, Public Relations, and Community Outreach. How we will go about to fill these positions have not been decided yet, but we are looking to make it an open and transparent process. Feedback, regarding all and any of this, can be directed at @maloki for now. Long form posts will come soon to further elaborate.

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