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Announcing the International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering 2022 in St-Imier!

From 28th to 31st July 2022 a gathering will take place in St-Imier (Jura, Switzerland) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Congress of St-Imier which, in 1872, saw the foundation of the Anti-Authoritarian International, an event marking the birth of the organized anarchist movement.

The event will consist of 4 days of meetings, lectures, concerts, seminars and various other activities. It will be a great opportunity for libertarian supporters and the general public to debate, share and experience libertarian ideas and practices. It is an opportunity for those who have not yet discovered the rich history of the anarchist movement to learn about its contributions to social progress and its struggles from previous centuries to the present day.

This @anarchy2022 account will be the principle social media account for the event. So, start following us here to keep up to date with more details as the organization of the event proceeds.

The website is being set up at

#anarchism #anarchy2022

our crowdfunding is ending in some days
help us to work on more self organized communities!

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Saving the collective space of the communities from Los Cigarrones

Rettung des Gemeinschaftsplatzes der Communities von Los Cigarrones

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WO sind sie nur ALLE❓

Für viele ist derzeit einfach zu uninteressant.

Es fehlen reale Accounts von Menschen, Organisationen, Institutionen & prominenten Köpfen.

Der Mensch ist ein Herdentier!

Da können , & co. noch so viele Datenskandale haben, die Menschen werden ihre Herde nicht so schnell verlassen.

Schreibt doch einfach Köpfe, Institutionen, Organisationen, usw. an und informiert sie. Fragt sie, ob sie nicht Lust haben auch hier aktiv zu werden.

Macht PR❗❗❗

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Call for Global Action Days on the 18th and 19th July

Get ready and share it far.

"The 19th July marks the 8th anniversary of the Rojava revolution. We want to take this also as an occasion to connect this day with other revolutions of our history, like the Nicaraguan and Spanish revolution, and other struggles around the world.

That’s why we call for creative actions on this two days to give our struggles against colonialism, fascism, patriarchy and femicides, ecological destruction and all forms of oppression around a world a strong common expression and continue the revolution."


Costa Blanca

after spending the night at the permaculture project biovives between elche and the sea, i left in the morning direction Alicante and hopefully reach valencia later :)

how does a picture have to be for adding it to a toot? resolution, size?

when I upload one it doesn't appear and the app(fedilab) closes.

any ideas? thanks a lot!

Greeting from murcia

after having nice time with great people in a small recycling hacking space totana, i'm spending time in murcia to discover a bit the local alternative structures.

FairCoop Ebike Tour 2020

the first km are done untill the end of sierra nevada and puerta de la ragua got reached, next stop murcia!


Welcome to the blog of the FairCoop EBike Tour 2020 Start gonna be the 12th of july by leaving ciggarones(las alpujarras) in the evening towards guadix by crossing the sierra nevada,see you then!


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