Sure would be nice if DeSantis was ultimately responsible for that building collapse in Miami Beach. And that it would cause his political career to be as crushed as the victims. But we probably won’t get so lucky.

The last time I paid attention to McAfee was when he was going on about super perv powder then fleeing Belize as a person of interest in a murder there. He probably did commit suicide in that Spanish jail because at 75 he’d probably spend the rest of his life in a US or Belize prison.

I can’t donate to every worthy GoFundMe and a Retweet is the best I can do for some. I have to be selective in who I give too.

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**Watch: Ron Johnson booed for showing up a Juneteenth celebration after trying to block the holiday**

"Controversial Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) received a cold welcome from constituents in Milwaukee on Saturday."Senator Ron Johnson stopped by Milwaukee's Juneteenth Day celebration Saturday afternoon, June 19. A crowd of people at the event booed and heckled Johnson while [he was] speaking to reporter…"

#news #bot

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How to redeem $2000 of HNS for being a FOSS developer

Oh wow! Someone just emailed me that they want to give me $2000 worth of Bitcoin equivalent for being a swell guy! All I have to do is download and run their command against my SSH and PGP private keys to see if they’re eligible for the free money!

(Note: If you’re the kind who doesn’t parse sarcasm well, *don’t fucking do this*. No, seriously. This is how people Fuck Your Life Up™️.)

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How to troubleshoot memory problems in Python

This post shows how we diagnosed and fixed a memory problem in EvalML, the open-source AutoML library.

It sure would be nice if the progression of Trump’s dementia would make him a vegetable by the end of June, though I’d accept the end of the summer, but I’d prefer no later than the end of the year. I fear it’ll last well into 2024 or 2025. My back of the envelope calculations has it sometime in 2022.

It sucks that we have to wait for a disease to end him being a threat. He needs to be arrested and tried for his crimes and inciting an insurrection ASAP.

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The raspberry harvest has arrived. It used to be in July but climate change has scooted it up into June.

Having fresh backyard raspberries for the #SummerSolstice is not a bad thing.

I gave the berries a big drink of water from the rain barrels/butts, and will do again, as we have hot weather coming.

#gardening @plants

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There are people destroying the planet and their fellow humans I hate, but I cannot waste my emotional energy hating them. I have no control over them. I can however control how I feel about them and how to respond. I need to find the most effective response with the minimum amount of emotional energy expended. I will not allow them to consume me.

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Building Python Projects at Scale with Pants

Learn how to build Python projects and monorepos at scale with the Pants Build System.

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Up, and with Mr. Butts to look into the baths, and find the King and Queen’s full of a mixed sort, of good and bad, and the Cross only almost for the gentry.

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When educators seek out technical evidence of students cheating, whether through logs, proctoring apps, or other automated techniques, they must also seek out technical expertise, follow due process, and offer concrete routes of appeal.

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@pluralistic "No citizen is above paying taxes. Well, except Marcus Vansten. But that's understandable because he's soo wealthy! When you're worth as much as Marcus Vansten you have proved your value to society through hard work & determination, and are no longer required to show anyone any further proof that you care about anything or anybody else. Because you obviously do. Look at all your money!"

Welcome to Night Vale e11 Wheat & Wheat Byproducts (a bizarre comedy show)

I had the weirdest dream. I discovered I had to change my pants in public but I couldn’t find a restroom to change them in. This is opposite of not having any pants dream. I remember more details but that’s the gist of it.

TL;DR DeSantis is a murderous moron. Jones has her flaws. Pretty balanced piece.

Also Twitter has permanently banned her for sharing this. She’d been in hot water with them. You can find her on Instagram.

What Rebekah Jones saw behind the scenes at the Florida Department of Health

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"FBI-run company sold encrypted phones to criminals, leading to 800 arrests"

In headings like this always try to mentally substitute "criminals" or "terrorists" with "whistle-blowers" or "activists", and see if you like how that sounds then.

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