Yay! My Winsis WT-02 mITX PC case arrived. Now to see where I can hack a fan into it.

I've been in my job three months and I'm starting to get "antsy", as the Americans say.

Downloading some podcasts to listen to during the week.

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bringing all my EPROMs to the tanning salon

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Please take a moment to check whether your remote backup scripts will overwrite existing backups with empty files while the machine being backed up is down :flan_cool:

Relaying this message for a friend, honestly :flan_pats:

I would like to ride on a Class 801 train one day.

Trying to play video on a Raspberry Pi model B running NetBSD/evbarm 8.0.

Switching mobile phone providers is a pain in my arse.

Well, SLIP still works. I think I have a PLIP cable here somewhere but I have no idea whether that's still in the NetBSD kernel.

I actually contemplated writing a blog post today.

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I wonder if when Michael Collins in the Apollo 11 orbiter was more distant from any other human being in history—in a most blessedly perfect solitude, cut off from all communication—someone still found a way to recommend their favorite text editor to him

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"Typing is no substitute for thinking"

-- Dartmouth BASIC Manual, 1964

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We've now published In Full Sail, our update on the state of #Solus, our project founder, services which we use, as well as our plans for the project and future Solus releases.


Leaving the Google+ "Communities" I was in.

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Well, let's see whether someone on Upwork wants to pay me to write words.

I'll admit it: I'm a cable hoarder. Because I struggle to throw working cables away, I have too many of them, which can be frustrating when I can't find the one I need. A replacement is $6 on Newegg but I know I have one somewhere..!

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