I see Linux has "smartmontools" but it's not obvious to me how to interact with that. What do Linux people use to ask a disk or SSD how it's feeling?

I may have to start eating my lunch outside, or at least away from my desk. It has taken me four attempts to eat this sandwich. :-|

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cellphones didn't make payphones obsolete. The pay part did.

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Please don't smash like buttons. I work at the like button repair shop, and often when the buttons have been deliberately smashed, there's nothing we can do to salvage them. So wasteful

It seems surprisingly difficult to find octal rotary switches.

Thinking about the Motorola 68008 microprocessor.

Has the global chip shortage encouraged the use of solutions at all?

An unexpected perk of trying on my was being able to try the IDE for the first time. It works!

Reading some Unix history while my desktop PC builds Firefox 91.

Looks like it'll have to wait until I can put it on a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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Perhaps it's just as well that we don't get to watch the Eurovision song contest.

Am I the only person who thinks the new ThinkCentre bezel looks worse?

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