Finalmente con debian10 and gnome, Solo falta el upgrade de la Ram to 16gb

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Finally got myself a nice new old laptop. X220 which I upgraded to 16GB of RAM, USB C charging, brand new battery and most importantly I externally flashed the BIOS chip with coreboot. The ME has been cleaned (as much as possible ) with the ME_Cleaner Python script and it's now, proudly running Seabios and Archlinux. 🤘 @distrotube @ArchLinux_Community @OpenSource #coreboot #x220 #linux #freeasinfreedom #thinkpad #opensource

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Finally settled on a domain for my app.

FOSS, client side, private contact sharing!

Spread the word (I think it's really cool and you should too, kthx)

Finalmente ha llegado mi x250, ahora a instalar Debian.

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Federated alternative to Medium. Just checking whether is easy to find using search engines.

¿Te gusta WordPress? ¿Quieres aprender WordPress? ¿Ya lo usas pero quieres saber mas sobre diversos tema? Genial Te invito al próximo WordCamp Lima 2020 Que se estará Realizando este 25 y 26 de Septiembre completamente Online.

Inscribite en la pagina Web del Evento.

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#mastodon #24H24L #GNULinux #Evento #OnLine

¿Quieres saber...
cuándo se celebra el evento?

El próximo 12 de diciembre y empezará a las 16:00 hora española

Recuerda seguirnos en las redes sociales para estar al día de todo


I have created a group in Telegram for amateur cyclists, or not in , or LaTAM. You are cordially Invited,

He Creado un Grup en Telegram Para Ciclistas aficionados, o no en , o LaTAM. Estan cordialmente Invitados,

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At 23:00 UTC, We have our #DebConf20 Closing session: "So long, and thanks for all the .debs!". Follow the #DebConf20 video stream at

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