#FridaysForFuture calls for the next global #ClimateStrike on Friday, September 24.
Find your local group or participate online fridaysforfuture.org/september

The #ClimateCrisis is a global issue and doesn't stop at borders. Let's help keep the planet a place to be.

Did you know that you can now link your account to #GitHub and #GitLab.com (fully optional)? This allows to assign migrated content to your account and a quick login via M$ GH.

- register a normal account (if not already done)
- click the "Link Account" section on the sign in page
- authorize Codeberg via a third-party service
→ migrated content from these platforms will be linked to your account
→ you can now login via these services, too (Warning: they will learn about each login)

⚠️ Telegram “FOSS” no tiene “rastreadores” según las firmas conocidas por Exodus, pero las clases hardcodeadas org.telegram.tgnet rastrean y transmiten (a los tiburones del back-end) absolutamente todo lo que haces en la aplicación, los atributos de tu dispositivo y datos ambientales. Las bibliotecas de terceros, como el popular ExoPlayer de Google, com.google.android.exoplayer, también realizan un seguimiento de tus acciones (multimedia). La biblioteca “conveniente” webrtc-android, org.webrtc, filtra tu dirección IP real, a pesar de la “protección” de su VPN, mientras llama a sus amigos a través de videollamada o transmite en vivo. Stripe Android SDK, com.stripe.android, registra cualquier pago dentro de la aplicación.

Blocking people is not toxic behavior; it’s one of the only tools social media give you to care for yourself. Hearing constant negativity—even when warranted!—is bad for your mental health. So, I’m pretty heavy-handed with muting and blocking. And I encourage others to be, too.

Privacyctools.io is now PrivacyGuides.org

The reason is that the founder is being frustrating to the team, being absent and not responding when the team tries to contact him. The domain was once almost expired, so the team did not dare to continue working on the website.Now with the new domain the team can continue to work without frustration.

And I really like the new style!

#privacy #privacytools #privacyguides


@retroedgetech Combined with to sync the content to your handheld devices this eliminates the need for any YT app and ensures offline availability of videos. Truly liberating and enhances

“Came to a bar to have a nice beer, like any reasonable person would on a Friday. The waitress asked me to order through a QR code which would take my order only if I have a Gmail account. I left and found another bar because: I don’t want to have a beer through my Gmail. Jesus fucking Christ.” – Vjosa Musliu


Actualmente les pasa que quieren reproducir Videos con videos de y no se escuchan?
At the moment it happens to them that they want to reproduce Videos with videos from and they are not heard?

or nothing. If you don't own your data, you don't own anything. is not a feature of the

Dear Turkish speaking friends, I'm sharing below a link to my blog page for an article (informal) I wrote in regard to how #XMPP differentiates from other chat programs by means of #privacy.

The text is by no means technical, but for people like myself : )


Will be happy and open to any comments : )

Hay un componente de las mascarillas quirúrgicas que se puede reutilizar: El alambre que sirve para fijar la forma de la nariz.

Se puede utilizar para atar cables, cerrar envoltorios o envases...

#NoGAFAM #LifeHacks

Todas, TODAS las redes sociales pueden causar anciedad y más en las personas, no es la excepción.

En Los complementos para que anteriormente se proporcionaban en vim-scripts se gestionan ahora de forma nativa a través de la funcionalidad nativa de Vim de “paquetes” en lugar de a través de vim-addon-manager. Los usuarios de Vim deberían prepararse antes de la actualización siguiendo las instrucciones descritas en el archivo NEWS.

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