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Still looking for an alternative to #GitHub? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at #Codeberg today, the #OpenSource and community-maintained #Git-Hosting! 💻

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Did you know AdBlockPlus makes millions from Google, etc.? They say trackers are “acceptable.”

They also say they don’t take money from Google to unblock them, they only take money from Google because they’re unblocked.

(If that sounds like bullshit to you, well…)

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Ad blocker: visually hides ads. Tracker scripts by ad companies still track you.

Tracker blocker (e.g., better.fyi): actually blocks trackers. Blocks ads as a side-effect as 99% of ads are trackers.

The former is like closing your eyes to make the wolf disappear.

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Is GDPR worth the paper it’s printed on? According to these fine folks, “browser fingerprinting … incognito mode detection … geolocation … anonymous user detection”, etc., are all apparently GDPR-compliant without consent if done for “fraud protection.”



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Concerned about #GDPR #HIPAA and other data protection regulations?

Self-hosting is the easiest and most reliable way to be compliant.

Learn about #SecureFileExchange and how it can help you get your data back under control! nextcloud.com/securesharing

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Are you a native speaker of German, Greek, Russian, or Spanish?

Please help finish translating the OnionShare 2.3.2 documentation, it's nearly done!

Here's our weblate project, the tool we use for translations: hosted.weblate.org/projects/on

Here's the docs: docs.onionshare.org/2.3.2.dev1

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May 15th is .

Their new privacy policy makes the app unsuitable to those who require privacy and security.

We've teamed up with @Watomatic@twitter.com to help you leave WhatsApp for good. You can use Watomatic's auto-reply function to help people find you on Session.

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#Watomatic 1.16 released
• 🤝 Allows other apps to suggest relevant auto reply messages
• 🗣 New and improved translations for
↳ 🇪🇸🆕 Español (Spanish)
↳ 🇷🇺🆕 русский (Russian)
↳ 🇳🇱 Nederlands (Dutch)
↳ 🇫🇮 Suomi (Finnish)

Get it: git.io/watomatic

Detailed release notes: github.com/adeekshith/watomati

#foss #fdroid #opensource #android #privacy #whatsapp #fb #deletefacebook #deletewhatsapp

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Cómo dormir bien: el secreto para lograr un sueño profundo y relajante C... youtu.be/WcoVwQ6g1vg a través de @YouTube

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Clean Up The Web!



- Italian translation by Alain Mauri (github.com/wildeng)

- VSCod(ium) code tour for translators by Tomas Ekeli (github.com/TomasEkeli) who also wrote the Norwegian translation

- French translation improvement by goofy-mdn (github.com/goofy-mdn)

Thank you all :) 💕


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12 days till new terms come into effect that will allow to spy on all your chats and do whatever they want.

today which has that just works in a simple to setup and use interface.


lamentable lo ocurrido en el Metro de Mexico.

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I know it is on github but i found a really cool and extensive list of software, services and websites around #rss People who love rss should definitely check it out: github.com/AboutRSS/ALL-about-

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