Assume anything profitable will be done by every centrally controlled entity at some point.

This mindset makes choosing what to trust a lot easier.

PSA: test your CO sensor/get one if you don't have one. It just saved mine and my husband's life tonight.

I check for-profit social media about once a week now, and when I do it is via apps like Fritter that allow private Twitter follows and algorithm-free feeds.

I started by deleting ~1 proprietary app a month. Have been at 0 for over a year.

My mind feels like mine again.

Google added E2EE to prove they can't look at your messages but made it proprietary and kept control of the signing binaries so they can look at your messages anyway. That checks out.

#!social in ~10m. (7p PST every Thursday)

Bring security/privacy questions, and nonsense.

Paying companies to pay ransoms for you is a "business decision" often cheaper than a couple novice infosec hires to deploy the most basic of defenses.

If you don't know what Goatse is, congratulations on avoiding one of the worst internet memes.

You are better off not looking it up.

You will anyway, but at least I can say I warned you.

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I once spent two weeks downloading a WinXP ISO off Kazaa via dialup.

It booted to Goatse.

The only reasonable response was seeding that ISO to many others.

This is probably why I am so obsessed signatures on software artifacts.

Proprietary AI decided to murder the wrong person. It only kills people by mistake some of the time, so we will probably let it continue without accountability. Like Tesla self-driving.

A bunch of angry bees chased me into my home stinging me while my wife alerts me to ignore them because of the black widow web she almost walked into.

Wielding a hose, a weed torch, and a baseboard we successfully defended our home.

If I need to be able to hire or otherwise trust someone with any ties to China moving forward, I am going to want them to publicly say "Taiwan is a country".

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For those not familiar yet, the above is the new defacto canary to tell if someone fears or is controlled by the Chinese government.

Anyone that can't say or retracts this phrase, like John Cena, is compromised or a coward.

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* Chat logs, phone #, email -> Discord
* Name, email, CC #, home address -> Shopify
* Gov ID, vaccine card -> Goons

I hope I am proven wrong, but it seems the days of large US-based, open tech, and privacy first hacker conferences are gone.

If you or anyone you know has a large project that wishes to reduce the $ given to Apple by removing the 5 simultaneous user limit in MacOS, I have an exploit for you.


A flash mob protest tried to hold me in an intersection against my will today.

Thankfully my vehicle could hop the median but everyone else was trapped.

What if someone had to urgently get home to a bathroom or medicine?

Taking prisoners hurts your cause.

Don't do this.

I will continue to advise the best security and privacy possible for those that have already purchased Apple products and support efforts to reverse engineer and escape their walled gardens.

That said, I have never given Apple money, and won't recommend anyone else do so.

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Apple only cares about privacy when it is profitable.

Just remember buying their products supports giving personal data to authoritarians with a penchant for genocide.

"Apple has largely ceded control to the Chinese government"

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