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Broke: Data driven design
Woke: Data *informed* design
Bespoke: Lore driven design

This is especially hard because we don't have a car and completely rely on our bikes for transportation. The thieves also took some tools, but we really only care about the bikes. They're our mobility, agency, exercise, and sanity during this pandemic. Bike theft is really cruel.

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Briefly interrupting my social media hiatus to tell you all about's and my FOUR (!) bikes, stolen by assholes out of our locked garage in the wee hours of yesterday morning. Please share if you're in the Berkeley area. Details below 👇

Anyone ever notice all the cr*pto ads and all the sex game ads use the same exact feminine computer voice? What a weird coincidence!

Here's your annual reminder that Intuit/TurboTax and H&R Block lobby Congress to keep the IRS from developing its own automatic filing system. They are keeping your taxes difficult so you'll pay for their "help." is less evil, just as user-friendly, and way cheaper.

Some new features on this week:
-piano and concertina keyboards are fully functional
-automatically show maj, min, dim, 7, maj7, and min7 chords
-optionally color octaves! 🌈
-optionally remove note labels or respell accidentals

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In my 'note to recruiters' on my portfolio site, I specifically decline to talk to them about Prop 22-supporting gig economy companies. Those companies must be made to feel the consequences of their behavior (even mild social bummers). I encourage other techfolk to do likewise.

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These companies spent $225m to pass California's , a ballot initiative that formalized worker misclassification, paving the way for all kinds of companies to convert employees to contractors at the stroke of a pen: 2/


Wife: wtf, my brain is auto completing "wake up, wake up" with "eggs and bake-up"

Me, further auto completing in an angry whisper: grab a brush and put a little makeup

Has anyone else been tormented by this question-begging for 30+ years, or just me?

I'm elated* to announce that I'm back on the hunt for a new job. Gonna try something different this time and say I'm ONLY interested in science orgs, nonprofits, or government agencies. If you know of any in need of someone with a UX skillset, I'm all ears!

* 😕

(At Twitter HQ)
"They want latest tweets first AND no auto-refreshing? Those upstart peasants will never be happy with anything!"

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