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My better half, genuinely : “Oh right, you’re old, you don’t know that.

I really am looking forward to see how Lean evolves in the future. It really looks like they want to build something more akin to Idris than Coq, i.e., a functional language backed by a theorem prover, and not the other way around.

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Fixed that last known issue #hikari had with #wlroots 0.13.0. Looks like we are back to normal again. Going to roll the 2.3.0 release later today. 🎉 #Wayland

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Actually this looks quite similar to

I mean... somebody should have taken the lecture on minimalism too literally! 🤣

(but all in all... I still prefer code I can read than corporate documentation I have to trust)

where are the comments? what am I supposed to care about?

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ocamlgraph may be a great library, but I feel the documentation is a bit… lacking.

Here what the `demo' module in the examples looks like:

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Let's make a colour together! <3


Hi @raichoo! I am currently experimenting with hikari, thanks for implementing it!

I’ve a question, though. Is there a way to scale a given output by a given factor? I couldn’t find it in the man pages :o

Who will win?

One exception though: I’ve build OCaml and Coq way too many times.

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Random anecdote: I’ve started using “local switch” (`opam switch create .`) a few months ago, and it made my development workflows way more manageable than before.

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25: Governance, Leadership, and Founder's Syndrome

What is governance? To what degree are leaders within a governing institution subject to its rules? We use this framework to discuss the unexpected announcement of RMS's re-appointment to the FSF board.

For better or worst, it’s live: 🎉

Still need to do some writing, though.

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it’s not as ready as I’d hope, but I think I will push it as is for now. Just want to see it live.

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Okay, so challenge of the week-end: finishing this website redesign. Fun thing is: what’s remaining is mostly describing the changes in the respective literate program documents 😅 @dmbaturin I will definitely ping you when I’m finished describing the side notes

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Course de cyclistes ! 😀

lthms boosted Soupault 2.5.0 is available, with an option to disable HTML pretty-printing, new widgets for adjusting internal links, and multiple bug fixes.

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