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My better half, genuinely : “Oh right, you’re old, you don’t know that.

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Hardware? It’s just someone else’s software

Eh, Masto, je me posais une question.

Il se passe quoi quand un streamer affilié se fait ban de pendant 2 semaines ? Est-ce que Twitch lui verse les revenus de ses abonnements à la fin du mois comme si de rien était ?

Ltac can be used to do fun tricks, like computing the type of a fold function for any given datatype, as long as we can provide the “canonical form” (like unit + a * list a for lists)

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And… non_empty_list α == α * list α

This one was tricky to prove (I wanted to prove it by rewriting, but couldn’t ): )

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Another nice lemma to prove :
α * (β + γ) == α * β + α * γ.

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I’ve finally started to work on my next blogpost: Why algebraic datatypes are “algebraic,” explained.

Inspired by @na and her nice write-up (in French, here

Proofs are done[§], I need to actually write the explanation now x).


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Common lisp
Uncommon lisp
Rare lisp
Epic lisp
Legendary lisp

Eh @raichoo (: I don’t know if you have a account, but you may be interested in the comments of this submission :p

(if you want an invit, feel free to ask for one!)

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This worked... I'm slightly surprised.

(It's an echo server, with the socket state tracked via linear socket types.)

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Stories? LinkedIn? Wtf?
(I don’t have a LinkedIn account, I’m just curious)

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#Guix is now built with #Guile 3.0.3, using its fast “baseline compiler” to build the many package modules.

Together with authenticated commits, that’s one of the most anticipated (by me) change.

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You know the feeling when everything happens in three days, so you can’t do anything today?

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Ça me fait penser, je ne sais plus si je l’ai dit ici, mais ma bibliothèque #Coq pour les politiciens est disponible ici : À utiliser à vous risques et périls !

(Et c’est probablement la seule fois où je suis à peu près sûr que la IGNUTILE est la bonne licence à utiliser.)

RFC: Introduce the guard/unguard attributes for Fixpoint ()

Would love to have some feedback on this one.

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Du coup j'ai un blog

Et j'ai fait un super article d'intro

Voilà, voilà. Avec un peu de chance je posterais un peu plus que deux articles avant de l'oublier 😬

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