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Weird thought of the day: a language is like a blockchain, where new rules are concurrent blocks. I hope the “neutral French pronoun” block will eventually win.

I think I can start using myself again. I’ve been able to fix my “directories are not removed correctly” issue (fix has been applied upstream) and I can push to my server (which was using a not yet supported key format for its host key).

Now, I have two big goals for pijul:
– gitolite-like tool for pijul (easy access control for pijul repositories)
– better (good?) error messages; I mean, right now, you are on your own.

I don't know when pijul-0.10 will be released, though.

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\overset{\overline{\phantom{I}}\backslash(\overset{\shortparallel}{\smile}) /\overline{\phantom{I}}}{\bowtie}

well, looks like I *can*, now.

Also, I am very bad at starting things; as a consequence, I’ve learned to be good at finishing things (you know, because I am always late when the deadline arrives)

I wish I could use pijul to *push* patches.

Je crois que je sais pourquoi le fameux point médian honnis par certains ne me dérangent pas : j’en ai plein mes buffers Emacs toute la journée.

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@lthms @amiloradovsky there's some talk about it here: it would definitely possible to use pleroma for something like this. it's really easy to add new activites and object type to pleroma. writing the git interaction would be the hard part.

@lain Hi!
I am wondering, since I know about pleroma and the fact that it is developed in Elixir (a language I really enjoy).
Do you think pleroma backend code base could be use as a basis to federated software forge?

I really want to write a pijulhub over activitypub, but this is a huge project and I know I won’t have time and energy for that right now.

I really want a [--depends-on]-like command in pijul, though. For the graph to be more meaningful

I have converted Flux to use pijul, and I continue to love the patch dependencies' graph.

And it continues:

Functor law
fluxC <$> snd <$> f x
Why not:
fluxC . snd <$> f x

I’m in love with hlint:

Use <$>
snd <$> f x >>= pure . fluxC
Why not:
fluxC <$> (snd <$> f x)

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Me: "My name is Noëlle."
Software dev: "You mean No┴lle?"
Dev: "How about NoŒlle?"
Dev: "Maybe No⍰lle?"
Dev: Can we try No묬e?"
Me: *sigh* " about just Noelle"

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On vient de me passer ça sur l'oiseau bleu : the famous HTML, du JavaScript et au final, un site avec des paillettes (le tout dans un manga)