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My better half, genuinely : “Oh right, you’re old, you don’t know that.

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Hardware? It’s just someone else’s software

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"procrastination by update" is as old as time itself 😂

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`cabal update`
`cabal build`
"Resolving dependencies"
Oh no…
*45 Minutes later*
"start working*

Step 1. Start working
Oh no, wait.
Step 1. pacman -Syu
Step 2. Start working
Oh no, wait.
Step 1. pacman -Syu
Step 2. opam update; opam upgrade
Step 3. Start working

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worst pun ever 

mixing different metals is so alloying.

French far-right non-sense 

Every time I see an article written by Zemmour, my first impression is to face an AI-generated piece of text.

I mean, look at the abstract of this chronique: “ La future vice-présidente des États-Unis incarne l’aile gauche du Parti démocrate qui veut faire de l’Amérique multiraciale une arme de guerre contre l’homme blanc hétérosexuel des classes populaires.”

This is disgusting.

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Un déconfinement le 15 décembre est-il possible ?

I wasn’t aware of the --stat arg, that is pretty interesting. It gives me the opportunity to do only one `git log` call, then to parse a bit extensively.

I could even try to generate TOML like data.

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Personne ou presque :
Macron : La COVID.

Eh folks. I am looking for a nice lib to manipulate (as-in, fetch information, not modify) git repositories. Do you have any suggestion? (the language is not that important, I can deal with having to learn one more)

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J’aurais aimé aller manifester hier, mais je ne suis pas en état, ni physiquement ni psychologiquement, de supporter une garde à vue ou même une nasse. Je voudrais remercier celles et ceux qui se mobilisent en ce moment pour défendre nos libertés fondamentales. Merci à vous ! Je suis comme vous, extrêmement inquiète face à cette confiscation de nos libertés par le gouvernement en place. Je vous rejoindrai dès que possible, en attendant de faire mieux, encore une fois, merci de tout 🖤

@lyxia semblerait que l’article sur coqffi ait été accepté aux JFLA \o/

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Aragorn: “You have my sword.”

Legolas: “And you have my bow.”

Gimli: “AND MY AXE!”

Elrond: “Frodo, this is why we need to talk about your kleptomania.”

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My favorite type of commits are the one where it changes nothing to the behavior of the program, it just improves the code itself.

Like this one.

Not the much productive kind of works, but definitely the most satisfying, at least to me.

Step 1. Write a program which generates EPUBs
Step 2. Start distributing generated EPUBs
Step 2. Discover that some ebook readers complain about the EPUBs, due to Adobe Digital Right Management issues…

I mean, what?

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1. Click link
2. It's
3. Close tab

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