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My hobbyist project has its own logo, thanks to Redily.


(you can have a look at her youtube channel if you wish:

Today’s I pledge myself to finish this damn state of the art

@cwebber well, theoretically, in Tetris your mistakes pile up and your successes disappear

Yay, 999 followers on Mastodon. Who will be the lucky #1000?! 😉 🍾

@dthompson @garbados anyone who uses "serverless" to mean something other than P2P immediately loses their credibility in my eyes

building software that is actually serverless is so much cooler than "using a specific AWS service"


Because you need javascript to show text based forums.

@lthms On the plus side, you know which ones to toss—the ones that you *didn't* miss ;)

File(s) total: main.tex
Words in text: 36056
Words in headers: 433
Words outside text (captions, etc.): 353
Number of headers: 158
Number of floats/tables/figures: 25
Number of math inlines: 816
Number of math displayed: 96
Files: 14

Junior dev: "I found the bug"

Senior dev: "I found a bug"

Just to be sure. If I want to establish a bidirectionnal, message-based communication channel between two hosts, I should use a Websocket in place of a raw TCP socket, right?

The pipes library is harder to grasp than expected.

Of course there is a new Meltdown/Spectre variant.

Of course it has a logo.

It becomes so old.

Does the expression “chicken-and-egg problem” is too familiar for a PhD manuscript? I kinda like the sentence I wrote, but my advisors are very careful when it comes to those questions.

@MartinShadok It is I again :p

J’ai un peu modifié un de mes paragraphes, du coup je suis intéressé…

Est-ce que ça vend bien le truc ?

That feeling when I activate the Dual mode of evince without noticing it and suddenly my manuscript is missing some pages.

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