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Hardware? It’s just someone else’s software

I was reading “Why Dependent is the Future of Software Development” [¤] (which is, I believe, a very bad title for a pretty good writing imo), and was pretty surprised by the encoding of bounded integers.

data Fin n where
FZ :: Fin (S n)
FS :: Fin n -> Fin (S n)

It makes sense, but I really prefer the ways of (e.g., sigma-types and a regular <) to deal with such constrains.

Anyway, I am looking forward to see more depedent types in Haskell!


Note: this may not be the only way to do that, but it happens to be the only I found :D.

adventure of the day: it is actually possible to have a function which may different types (as long as they implement the same trait) with the `-> &dyn Trait` syntax.

See for an example (`ENGLISH` and `FRENCH` are of two different types)

Oh, so there are no ways for me to tell Cargo a given dependency is used only by a binary (not the lib) in a Cargo.toml file ):

Related issue:

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I just installed `git-revise' from PIP. I wonder if there is any good autocomplete scripts for ZSH

J’aime les pubs d’industriels qui finissent par : « et vous, que faites-vous pour la planète ? » (non)

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Friendly reminder 

Si vous êtes des joueurs ou des joueuses , que le farm chill de HF ça vous parle ou que vous aimez les posés en général, hésitez pas à aller jeter un œil ici :

Ce sont deux streameuses qui se lancent dans le game (:

Carmen Sandiego (Netflix) is pretty awesome.

The main motivation to self-host, in my case, is messing around with the css :D

I really like my custom cgit theme

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