if you are a #NFT collector, hobbist or curious, and you want to download some for inspection, you may get some via #BitTorrent getting the links from thenftbay.org/ and paste them in our #Anonymous #Online #BitTorrent #Web #Client at onlinetorrent.lucentinian.com , but remember, if you want to use them, purchase them from their respective market and check with the author their respective license
The NFT Bay is the galaxy's most resilient NFT BitTorrent site!
if you're trading #DOGE or other crypto currencies like big players www.engadget.com/spacex-dogeco… you may want to query exchange rates with our bot and being notified when reached certain limits
Telegram Web
web browsers interpret values like 45.00 as strings instead of numbers (with 45, we get a number), so we've patched our widget to care about this situation. Feel free in integrate it in your websites 😀

See more at
Currency Exchange / Euro (EUR) to United States Dollar (USD)
when you hear about a #videogame like #cyberpunk2077 costs the estimated 1.2 billion #Polish #złoty #PLN , how much is the #cost in your #habitual #currency ? discover it with our currency exchange service
Currency Exchange / Polish Zloty (PLN)
We are starting to integrate other currency exchange rates providers like #coingecko in our service starting with #MintMe.com coin (aka #webchain).

Please contact us if your company or organization is trading assets, and you have way (API, etc.) to share exchange rate info.
Currency Exchange / MintMe.com Coin (WEBCHAIN)
Just a quick reminder that the reason of why some downloads stuck in our #online #torrent #client is because the lack of seeder peers. Please be patience and remember to return back to own page for status.
Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client
Today Facebook "surprised" again in its sharing articles way, because we liked our article twice, shared it once, then on sharing into another page of our own they said they won't do that and our account has been restricted, without telling what has been restricted, and they asked me if we agree with that, so we told them we were not agreeing thinking if they are going to ask us for feedback but nothing else. We ended typing other article in our other page but related with the first one.

Here we don't complain about their rules, they can do whatever they want with their product, right? but in the way they alert you or inform you once after the action has been done without any previous alert and without anyway to rollback, and asking you for just looking at their ambiguous community rules with so much wide terms.
Are you trading #Bitcoin or #altcoin ? Beware about the exchange rate techcrunch.com/2021/01/11/cryp…

Follow up your favorite currencies with us and query the value of the #BTC by just asking "1 btc" to our #bot at
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We've purged old and dusty torrents which last activity was older than 24 hours without anyone downloading them, so anyone attempting to download something with us and got stuck should get its download activity resumed. Thanks for you using our services!
Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client
Make the red cylinder robots to crash against the blue blocks before they catch you!

Find our VR/AR mini game for web and mobile out at
Chased by Robots
#VR #AR #VRGame #ARGame #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality

Our ISP has changed the static IP of our servers, making them temporarily offline. We're changing our DNS settings in the meanwhile we're working with our ISP to make sure this doesn't happen again.

testing our friendica installation, supposedly this and that network can talk each other, no?

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