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This is a really cool guide on setting up your own Jitsi server. It really doesn't look that difficult. I like the way NotS explains the ins-and-outs of the process, very useful and interesting.

The new Disney World fastpass sends you straight to the ICU ( seen elsewhere )

Lewis Howard Latimer (1848 - 1928) was an American inventor and draftsman who was the son of former slaves who was raised in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Have you ever wondered what the SeaGL seagull is named? Plot twist: it's nameless! We're hosting a bracket-style contest to name the seagull, but first we need (gender-neutral) ideas. Propose a name in the replies - we can't wait to read your ideas!

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script upgrade.log # script is a nice program that allows you to record your interactive shell session and records everything that seen in your terminal. Just exit the shell when done. Great for logging upgrades, audits, and general CYA work.

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PLUG tonight at 19:00 Arizona, UTC-7

Topic: Kubernetes and Python

Austin will intro containerization and k8s, show a containerized #Python app, then show how to use Python to interact with the #k8s API

Mtgs are virtual in #BigBlueButton info on #GetTogether page

The Free Software #Stammtisch is Tue, the 21st, also in #BBB

This month we'll give resume reviews starting at 18:00

#LocalGroup #PLUG #FLOSSevent #FLOX

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Bradley Kuhn on organizations in the FLOSS community and giving a certain new entity a chance

a reminder from Bradley, "while appropriately run trade associations do balance the needs of all for-profit companies in their industry, they are decidedly not neutral; they are charted to favor business needs over the needs of the general public"

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funnily enough, if I keep calling the script incorrectly, it will continue not working

this has been an irrelevant public service announcement

A song for today

Blue Öyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars (Live) 10/9/1981

Styx - Too Much Time On My Hands

not an affliction i suffer from, but still a fun tune

Holy 70's MastoPerson

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Hello everyone!

If you want a Open Source GPS that works offline and doesn't track you, then I do have a choice you might like. ;)

Name: OsmAnd / OsmAnd+

Features: Can get very detailed, Maps from OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia POIs, Download offline maps.

Note: You can get the paid version for free on F-Droid. It's called OsmAnd~


:android: , :apple_inc:

I hoped you maybe learned something and Stay Safe!


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der.hans boosted needs #krita artists to interview! Teens, kids, and people making animations especially invited.

AP conf includes pictures of pioneering computer scientist Margaret Hamilton on their registration page

Planning on watching the musical about her this weekend now that it's available online


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