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Chatted with @murph at @FLOSS_Stammtisch about props I use for my SSH presentations

it got me thinking about what I've been using for virtual events

In the last couple of days I've come up with some ideas that I think will work for a video camera and use a #SeaGL speaker gift

We also have some planning specifically for MUG in a couple weeks, Tuesday the 10th at 18:30 EDT (UTC-4)

#linux #unix #usergroup #LocalGroup #FLOSSevent #SSH #MUGorg #jitsi #Stammtisch

podcast covered the crackhead lawyers and their supplemental briefs responding to the sanctions hearing

Torrez' view is the are not doing well

the entire 5 hour hearing is on YT

I forwarded in a bit right to the point that Lin Wood's lawyer answered about representing Wood with "to the extent that anyone's capable of doing that, yes judge", ~ 5 hours 4 minutes in

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Episode 33: Which Color Should We Paint This Episode?

We discuss "bikeshedding", the notion that complex things like nuclear power plant plans go through with little commentary whereas which color to paint a bikeshed holds it up forever in committee.

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if you missed today's @SeaGL #OfficeHours session the next one is Tuesday at 17:30 PDT (UTC-7) and we have another one Saturday at 15:00 PDT

The #cfp closes soon

#SeaGL #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent

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Thanks to everyone who joined us! There are two more office hours sessions later this week:

* Tues Aug 3, 5:30pm PDT
* Sat Aug 7, 3pm PDT

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listened to this week's #SelfHosted episode and an old ep while working out before the #SeaGL office hour

Note that they are #AskSSH and my presentation next week is about #OpenSSH

I'm certain you can also askSSH about SSH, though :)

anyway, they got plexy, talked about cameras an announced new swag if you want t-shirts and stickers

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blessed to have so many thoughtful and collaborative minds with whomst to converse and build in this space regardless of its failings


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HomeTown is a fork of Mastodon which lets you make instance-only posts, adjust character limits and read long form rich text blog posts.

It's still part of the Fediverse, and HomeTown users can interact with Mastodon users totally fine.

Tech people can get self-hosting instructions here:

Non-tech people can use a managed hosting service to start their own HomeTown instance:

#HomeTown #Mastodon #MastoTips #FediTips #Fediverse

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Alright I'm ready to officially introduce:

Fediverse town is a #forum for any discussion related to the #fediverse.
Go check it out and me one of the first people to start a discussion there.

#Introduction #Introductions #FediverseTown #FediverseForum

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It seems to me that "power" has the natural tenancy to become centralised and it takes a constant grind to prevent that. And since it's so hard, we see centralised power structure appear over and over and over again through out human history. And then things collapse again and start from somewhat decentralised power status.

This also means no concept or idea we come up with will ever prevent centralised power. Only the constant work against accumulation of power can prevent that.

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As a German I have to say that some republicans really lack proper education on nazism and the holocaust. Being vaccinated is nothing like being murdered by SS medical staff with phenol injections in Auschwitz death camp. Living in the US as an unvaccinated citizen is the opposite of being a victim of the Nuremberg Laws. You are free to speak out publicly. Protected by the police! Protected! Get your facts straight!

#covid19 #corona #uspol

Source (in German):

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@SeaGL #cfp office hours Sunday at 15:00 PDT (UTC-7)

Office hours are a great opportunity to get feedback on talk proposals

Use our web portal of or use #SeaGL on or hop into #Matrix to hop in and ask question

SeaGL will be online in November

We also have #OfficeHours Tuesday at 17:30 and Saturday at 15:00

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent

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@snailerotica A glorious method of transferring both wisdom and trite. It's all the rage among parisian youths

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First look at how TN is following the CDC's new masking guidance:

Aldi: 1% masked

Asian grocery: 80% masked

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