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Also one more thing. I mentioned Randy, myself, the whole board... but I forgot to mention one other person. @tsyesika has already been working directly on Spritely thanks to support from NLNet, and is in many ways the first real engineer on the project other than me!

And the other exciting thing to know about that is that @tsyesika and I are both co-authors of the ActivityPub spec! ;)

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But we just went down a rabbit hole of @spritelyinst's tech stuff. That's cool and all, but the purpose of Spritely is to build a networked communities platform of the future for *everyone*.

Building that future requires the right foundations.

It also requires the right *governance*. I'm excited to say that we're already a 501c3 nonprofit in the US: We also have an awesome board, not only me and Randy, but also @o0karen0o, Alex Handy, and Libby Reinish. Off to a great start!

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In addition to recent price cuts, today I further decreed: the warranty for all laptops sold is now 5 years, instead of 3. Warranties extended +2 years for people whose 3-year warranty were still valid today.

The laptops come with coreboot, which replaces proprietary BIOS/UEFI, and Debian Linux as the default operating system.

I sell coreboot, and coreboot accessories.

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Taking privacy rights from half the U.S. population has consequences. #VoteBlue

Opinion | Dobbs abortion ruling leads more women to register to vote -

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Wish to join a purpose-driven team, go beyond mere compliance paperwork and build strategic litigation? Then get in contact with us today!
We are constantly growing our team and looking for GDPR lawyers from all over Europe.

➡Find out more:

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In den nächsten Tagen möchten wir uns an dieser Stelle bei unseren großzügigen Sponsoren und Partnern bedanken, die die 20. Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage ermöglichen.
Viele von ihnen sind sicher auch als Arbeitgeber interessant!

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"You're worth more than what social media makes you feel."

I have nothing I need to add to that statement.

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#DestinationLinux video #podcast 290! 😂❤🐧

We talk about hardware gadgets you may have never heard about, but will have you screaming "take my money". 😍🐧

& The Great Debian Debate of 2022.

+ Our tips, tricks & app pics!

#Linux #OpenSource #tech


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> #Twitter has been forcing people for years to add their phone numbers to their accounts...

I managed to get around this by sending them a ticket that said (*very* careful wording): "I do not have a cell number that I can give you. Kindly reinstate my account..."

It worked, but even then, I knew I was on borrowed time.

Deleted my account when #ElongatedMuskrat started courting them.

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So about that Twitter thing here:

- 2022-01: Twitter learns of a vuln allowing anyone to find the account a phone number or e-mail is connected to. They "had no evidence" of it being exploited, so they took their time.

- 2022-07: Fix is deployed. They still didn't tell anyone.

- 2022-08: Twitter learns it _was_ exploited, and a data dump is already on sale.

Sounds like a bog standard #security incident, but here's the kicker:

- 2022-03: #Russia invades #Ukraine.


Millions of Americans will soon be able to buy hearing aids without a prescription, takes effect in 2 months

Sen Elizabeth Warren has been working towards this for years. It seems Sen Chuck Grassly has been working on it with her

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A quote from The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin 

"They're afraid because we exist, she says. There's nothing we did to provoke their fear, other than exist. There's nothing we can do to earn their approval, except stop existing--so we can either die like they want, or laugh at their cowardice and go on with our lives."

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When I was a teen, I had an obsession when out in town of stopping to scan any cobbles I came across.

Why? I had a relative with a disability where cobbles presented a hazard when they were out walking. I'd learned from an early age to scan ahead, to see if there was a way around or to prepare for harm. If it had rained the risks increased.

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A Kiki but with another color palette, fixing bugs. 🐞 🐞
(cooldown evening sketch, nothing serious) #krita #mastoart

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🌩️ Schools in the #USA continue to outsource highly sensitive data about students to #proprietary #software vendors to store in the "cloud", er, #Amazon #AWS.

🔓 A vendor used by some of the country's largest cities was recently breached, despite years of increasing legal policies ostensibly to protect #education data.

🤦🏻 You won't believe what happened next.

#privacy #infosec #security

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Good news in this article. This relief is necessary and more relief is yet to come.

Biden administration cancels another $3.9 billion in student loan debt for former for-profit college students-

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