Question from the audience: Will a full Linux kernel in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (as per the recent WSL announcement) mean the decline \ slowdown of the Linux desktop?

"The purpose of this new suite is to give people legitimate alternatives to mainstream products, while still respecting their privacy."

Please vote for my address to the coming . Just follow the instructions in the link bellow and then search for "152160". Thanks!

Good morning @Mastodon I have just been blocked out of @twitter 😀 Happy to be with you!

Tomorrow I will be delivering another oral address at , this time on Soil Organic Carbon mapping in the arable land of the EU (session SSS11.3)


Tomorrow at I will be delivering an oral address on - the Global Soil Information System(session SSS12.3)


Wining the greatest classic in the calendar with the golden stars on your chest. It doesn't get much cooler than that.

It is still March and I am already faster than at any moment last year. Something must be wrong 🤔

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