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This just happened!!!! Thank you SO much @nprmusic@twitter.com for having us at the legendary, hallowed Tiny Desk. Coming soon 🙃

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Lichess v2 is here! You can now use Lichess on any device.


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I never got to meet @joeerl@twitter.com, but I worked with his (and Robert’s and Mike’s) baby for 13 years, read nearly every public thing he’s written, and listened to nearly every talk he’s given. Thank you, Joe. Your work improved mine in countless ways.

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It’s jogging season again

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Kudos to Michał "phoe" Herda for their work implementign package-local nicknames on CCL github.com/Clozure/ccl/pull/18

Fun with charts in .

Same chart may be displayed in the listener as an ordinary output record and in a new window with the same command.

Is it possible to smear paint on a wall WITHOUT creating a valid Perl program? Just barely, it turns out. colinm.org/sigbovik/

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Reinventing, rethinking and playing with UI that is just fine already:


A nice example of creativity in software design, and the value of building things that already exist!

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Is there a better title sequence in all of video games? I can think of some other good ones (AC2 comes to mind) but I dunno man, this might be the best.

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My most favourite moment - improvising the audience at the end of every show. The feeling is like no other.

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Here's a great free, open-source website for solving fast-paced chess puzzles: blitztactics.com/

And the puzzles are from the Lichess tactics trainer 😀

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Cheers, @pickup______@twitter.com ! My spontaneous rendition of “Best Part” by @DanielCaesar@twitter.com and @HERMusicx@twitter.com . Choon.

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If you feel anxious about an upcoming hard deadline, just remember that is less than 5 weeks away.

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