Settlement courts smell pretty fishy. "Law professor explains the dangers of ISDS (TTIP)"

A little slime contrib (emacs mode for Common Lisp) I'm working on: open a stream from Lisp that streams data written to it to a dedicated Emacs buffer.

Insightful article on the history and evolution of bass soloing. "When drums stop - big trouble!" (via

When you refactor your code, ask yourself, does this class still spark joy.

invited talks now announced! Keynote 1 by Stefan Monnier on , keynote 2 by Christophe Rhodes on , and a bonus invited talk by Matthew Flatt on !

Still 3 weeks left to submit your paper!

Groove is, first and foremost, something to feel/hear/play, but dissecting it and talking about it is pretty cool too.

One day I would like to put all open-source operating systems developers in one room and put one single slide on the screen:

"There is only one Donald Knuth and you are not him.

And no, you are not even Brian Kerninghan or Dennis Ritchie¹.

Learn to manage your ego."
¹ I have actually met dmr as an 8 yr old child and asked him to explain printf() varargs to me² which he did in the kindest, gentlest, non-condescending way.
² Yes, I was taught C & Lisp aged 6. Explains things, right?

Ever wondered where the folks who like Common Lisp, Emacs, SLIME and IRC hang around? Come and join at and meet us! (You can start by connecting via and ask for better IRC client suggestions later.)

Finally! Soundslice now supports cautionary accidentals, otherwise known as courtesy accidentals or reminder accidentals.

I'm psyched to announce STRONG SONGS, a bi-weekly podcast about music. First episode is about Toto's "Africa," second ep hits tomorrow.




I'm excited to participate at this year on Saturday, Feb 2. I'll be talking about some of my favorite subjects: open source, quantum computing, and ! Check it out:

The Stockfish chess engine requires patches to pass a test: it must beat the old version a sufficient proportion of the time.

This introduces an interesting problem: what if a patch set makes it stronger, but applied individually they make it worse?

I'm intrigued to learn that some Stockfish developers think that it would beat AlphaZero under conventional rules for chess engine competitions.

Even if that's fair, AlphaZero is still a very impressive demonstration of their ML approach.

This year I’m unleashing the Djesse World Tour! I am stegosaurusally amped to bring my musical universe to life with these three multi-brilliant beings. We’ll be cooking up the spiciest of storms....To be exploded in EUROPE (Feb), USA (Mar), BEYOND (soon). Come along, do!

Unexpected argument that Microsoft's switch to Chromium means that a) they can devote resources to the browser team; and b) they're in a stronger position to take on Google on Android:

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