In the week of the third post, "Change of course", in my series on LAM Digital Infrastructure at the Library of the University of Amsterdam, which started a year ago with a tweet critical of -

Because of the many uncertainties related to the COVID-19/Corona virus developments the local organisers and the international program committee have decided to cancel this year's ELAG conference in Riga, and postpone it to 2021

"Infrastructure for heritage institutions – first results": second post about our library digital infrastructure developments:

I could not find a comprehensive article on Persistent Identifiers for Heritage Objects, so I tried to write it myself. Here it is, published in Code4Lib Journal:

Don't forget to send in your proposals for ELAG 2020 in Riga in June, extended deadline February 19 -…

Do you want to share your brilliant library/archive/museum technology ideas or projects with the world? Submit your proposals before February 12 and come to Riga in June

Don't forget to send in your proposals for ELAG 2020 in Riga in June, deadline February 11… now on - ethical, privacy conscious alternatives to social media, tools and software

Completely bewildered by all the official online stupidity today😟

I was only able to see a handful of talks on the livestream, but Niklas Lindström's presentation as always reminded me that I can and should do better than I think I can.

Now this a good idea. Return envelope for recycling ink cartridges included with WeCare Connect recycled cartidges

Really excellent, clear summary of why storage is not preservation

The Dutch consistently rank amongst the happiest in the world.
Could that have to do with cycling?

Yes, say 86% of Amsterdammers; it is the second most important factor after the beauty of their city:

Cycling makes cities more human (Rotterdam scene)

40 years ago today,'s Unknown Pleasures was released. Its cover featured signals from the first pulsar CP1919. To mark the anniversary, we made this observation of the pulsar earlier today

Eergisteren verspreidde de Haagse PVV'er een oproep tot genocide. Hij heeft de retweet nu verwijderd. Op een links en een rechts blog na (Krapuul en De Dagelijkse Standaard) hebben nieuwsmedia de zaak tot nu toe geen aandacht waard gevonden.

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