We have just extended the submission deadline for Semantic Web in Libraries conference 2022 until 11 July 2022. So there's still some time to hand in your submission (if you haven't already). swib.org/swib22/. #swib22

Im Sommer 2012 hat OCLC ja auch mal die ODC-BY-Lizenzierung von WorldCat.org Linked Data in Kombination mit Community Guidelines verkündet. Die Seite mit den Linzenzierungsangaben und Attribuierungsanforderungen wurde interesanterweise – laut Internet Archive – irgendwann zwischen dem 2021-08-16 and 2021-11-06 vom Netz genommen: web.archive.org/web/2021081610

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Mein vorläufiges Fazit: OCLC scheint mir ganz konsequent zu handeln, indem sie immer noch alles daran setzen, ihren Hauptasset WorldCat weiterhin exklusiv verwerten zu können. Um dies zu erreichen, wird nun halt (mal wieder?) ein Konkurrent verklagt, während bisher die eigenen Kunden/Mitgliedsbibliotheken unter Druck gesetzt wurden.

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Found a new beer that goes well with archiving Ukrainian cultural heritage websites for #SUCHO...

I am using Twidere, mobile android client for twitter AND Mastodon, in one timeline github.com/TwidereProject/Twid

ELAG 2022 conference registration is open now: elag2022.lnb.lv/registration/ -

We still have room for some more great presentation and workshop proposals for in Riga, Latvia, so we extended the deadline until March 1: elag.org/2022/02/16/call-for-p

🇬🇧Historical day: #Pirates in government for the first time! 🎉🎆
Three Czech #Pirate ministers sworn in: for regional development/digitization (@PiratIvanBartos@twitter.com), Minister of Legislation (Michal Šalomoun) and Minister of Foreign Affairs @JanLipavsky@twitter.com!

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If all goes well, there will be a real live ELAG conference in 2022 in Riga! The call for proposals is now open: elag.org/2021/11/30/call-for-p

For people who are interested in web standards, open source software and libraries/archives there's a good lineup of talks at the virtual SWiB conference next week:


I'm planning to tune into parts of it. I want to lean more about Linked Data Notifications, Oxford Common File Layout, JSKOS and how their conference "virtual booth" works out (basically small demos running in parallel on Day 4).

Some background info on the Library of the University of Amsterdam open and linked data project purl.org/cpl/3227

Two weeks before I leave the Library of the University of Amsterdam I proudly present the first results of our data publication project: open data website uba.uva.nl/opendata and @TriplyDB linked data portal lod.uba.uva.nl/ (see official announcement uba.uva.nl/en/content/news/202)

You can still submit your proposal for a short talk on library/heritage technology for this year's online Mini ELAG on June 30 elag.org/2021/04/07/mini-elag-

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