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All of the answers you seek
lie hidden in the sun

Reaping / Sowing meme but it's students who watch YouTube all day on their phone and then get straight Fs

Bird site is blocked on my school wifi but toot site isn't. Fuck yeah! :yell:

On January 20, 2021 J.Lo performed This Land is Your Land at the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden, thereby abolishing the crime of trespassing forever.

Didn't end up doing any programming despite the 4 day weekend, but I did:

- Remodel my Animal Crossing island
- Outline a design for a very silly retro computer
- clean my room
- trim some trees and vines outside

... Is this a win or a lose, I cannot say

Fucked up theory that just passed through my mind: what if Sam's (and others') loyalty throughout LotR were the subtle effect of Frodo's domination through the power of the Ring? Just as the Ring borne by Galadriel would be beautiful, by a Hobbit it is loving yet inescapable.

My new book showed up earlier than I expected, so I'll actually get to play with it some over this extended weekend. Yay!

"bakabakashii" is the second best phrase in the Japanese language

Them: what happened to your wrist?? Are you okay?

Me: Oh, I've just been using my computer too much again and now I have

I'm too out of touch to know what hashtags to put on this post so people will see it lol

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In the mood to try some new musics. Anyone got any recommendations for an out-of-touch old dude?

I don't think Christopher Lee gets enough credit specifically for the way he delivers the line, "whom do you serve?" in Fellowship

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Ain't no rule that says a cat can't be an instance admin

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