All payment terminals at #HCPP19 this year accept #LightningNetwork payments!

Fully p2p, anonymously onion-routed payments, for less than 0.0001 USD fee per transaction. The future is now.

Wired, 1993: Rebels with a Cause - Your Privacy. "On the cover were Eric Hughes, Tim May, John Gilmore, holding up an American flag, faces hidden behind white mask, their PGP fingerprints written on the foreheads. Gilmore even sporting an newly-founded EFF T-shirt. (from Thomas Rid, CS Monitor)"

Wired, 2019: YOU'RE IN PRIVATE MODE. To continue using a private window, sign in or subscribe. The title of the article being denied reads "It's Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser. Ad trackers are out of control".

So I woke up in Sydney this morning to see a stream of lovely supportive messages, helpful suggestions, reports of typos, broken links, etc. (all fixed now), and 11 patrons and €144/month in patronage on our first day for Small Technology Foundation ( to support our work on Site.js (, Better (, and Tincan (

I just wanted to say thank you. I’m quite moved and feeling reinvigorated by your support.


At the Odyssey Hackathon, 1500 people working on digital infrastructure/commons challenges

Hosted the Ethical Deep Dive for the upcoming Odyssey Hackathon today. Tons of fun and food for thought

OnionShare is an open source tool by Micah Lee for securely and anonymously sending and receiving files using Tor onion services.

The newest version adds anonymous dropboxes, supports new Tor addresses, and is translated into a dozen new languages.

...she continues: "Purism could have been my one-stop shop for tech-giant-free products had I waited a bit. It plans to start selling a smartphone soon, but unfortunately... it’s not slated for release until this spring."

🎁 Pre-order *your* now!

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Kashmir Hill: "Unfortunately, the smartphone market is currently a duopoly. It’s basically impossible to get a smartphone that is not part of the Android or Apple ecosystems."

I’ve put my slides from yesterday’s talk, ‘People might actually use this’ online with accompanying text. It’s not a transcript, but when the video is up, I’ll post it (with captions) so you can get a real idea of how inarticulate I am in person.

I'd like to create a mastodon Instance for the city I live in. Will create an awesome timeline! But ultimately, everyone should be able to run his/her own instance and be able connect to everyone else.

On blocking 

@GenKnoxx Ideally, we would all have Mastodons of One (decentralisation at the person scale), and we'd have parity between individual and instance. All places on the Internet are privately-owned; the question is whether or not they are spaces of one and hence represent an individual or spaces of many and hence represent a group. Public space on the Internet isn't a place but the interconnections between spaces. +@Gargron

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