Bought and installed Mast for iOS. Posting new Toot does not work. Shows completely irrelevant timeline. Well, nothing works, but it looks nice.

I am not gonna do the 0/5 review tho. Writing software is hard. I will hope for an update.

bash: ll: command not found

When a redhatter boots up a debian server after some time.

CentOS Stream is not a Rolling Release OS. Change my mind.

HBO Go added Harry Potter. I have never seen one. Maybe now, the kid is excited. With a laptop tho.

Battery life on iPhone 11 is outstanding. Day two and 50 per cent.

Running sushi for Tueseay lunch? Probably not. I will pick a small set instead. :)

So last year I found a moderate security bug in one of the major libraries of Ruby on Rails. Reported via official e-mail but still waiting for response from the team. This is sad. Maybe picking up a fancy logo, name and putting that on my blog? 😉

My wife is going to see Bohemian Rhapsody for the second time now. It was nice, yeah. I am staying home tho.

$ dc

The moment when you want to enter a directory on a powerful server, but you end up in a -- calculator.

I love when my wife refers to our NAS (Sylology) as “náš”. Translates to “ours”. :)

I ask my wife why she go to fitness Center. I rise my table boot windows and play games while on my stepper. Today I literally watched one hour of windows 10 updating itself. Shit.

TextMate/Sublime like text editor, open-source, MacOS, Linux, Windows. Free. Written in Tcl/Tk.

My kid suddenly stops talking. "What I was talking about, dad?"
I am trying hard, but dunno. Wild guess: "LEGO?"
As I turn my focus off, he carries on with his story.

Rob Pike is talking about Go 2.0 draft specifications at the Sydney Meetup: "There's probably never gonna be a Go 2"

The most stupid unsubscribe reason ever: "I no longer want to receive these emails".

I always pick this one, the most stupid one. Because I can.

Best game for road warriors: Battle of Wesnoth. Install, launch with --max-fps 15 and enjoy 9 hours gameplay on a regular laptop. Currently testing.

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