@LemmyDev FYI your security certificate just expired on lemmy.ml

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I would like to thank you @fdroidorg
Not only for your answer to the current matter but for all the work you provide.
I guess that everyone wants to use the Fediverse for catching best friendly moments. Yes, I will never censor instances but I will always provide best tools for everyone.
You are and will remain the best place for foss apps. And I am happy and proud that Fedilab have its place with all other amazing apps that you provide.
So simply, thank you 🙏

nice tool to make a statically-linked Python executable on major OSes.


Found this list of open-source game clones, for those who might be interested

I like and use the Android app a lot, but man I wish there was a Solid Explorer addon (I'd pay for it). The builtin file manager of Cryptomator is okay, but it doesn't beat a fully-featured one. I know Solid Explorer has some kind of builtin encryption function, but I prefer using one I know is open-source and multiplatform. (I sync the folder with between my phone, my PC and my server)

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Just a reminder to anyone who didn’t know: you can toggle off some tracking in the Reddit app. Go to Settings -> Personalization Preferences and toggle off this nonsense about sharing your browsing with third party advertisers

The Firefox Preview is getting better and better on Android, can't wait for addons to show up!

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"Support products and companies that protect your freedoms, put you in complete control, and work to eliminate harm. The interesting side effect is you will also be building a more tolerant, empowering, diverse, and inclusive society."



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