I got a talk accepted at FOSDEM about Iaso, our software for "Geo-aware Data Collection, Curation and Analysis.": multitasked.net/2021/01/03/i-g

For the record, I did my first skateboard ollie while moving today.

If that’s a midlife crisis, I’m actually enjoying that part which includes picking up guitar again, and starting a martial art (Taekwondo).

Yearly reminder that python -m SimpleHTTPServer will launch an HTTP server in your current directory and there is probably no faster way to do your little html/js/css tests (if they don’t fit directly into the console).

Bought a 2ds only to play Zelda OOT and Majora's mask. What a lovely piece of hardware!

Also received a ton of games from my nephew, this is going to end in hours of playing.

In Dragon Quest V, there is a Nun called Nun of the Above, and I can't get over how this pun is perfect.

She's my master in philosophy, by the way.

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