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On your first day at the new job, squash every commit from the repo into a single commit with message "Legacy code" and force-push to master.

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me and my mates this saturday enjoying the reopening of the big pub
vs me and my mates next saturday

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In France they don't say "boomer", they say "gaulliste" and I think it's beautiful

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Interesting to see @vuejs@twitter.com borrowing some ideas from @sveltejs@twitter.com

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It's working 😍

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Hey @BarclaysUK@twitter.com; maybe don't use @internetarchive@twitter.com as a CDN for your JS assets? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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the replies to this are so many people going "wtf we're not furries!! obviously the penguin with bedroom eyes and human pecs and a weird line down the belly like a pregnant video game character on early 2000s deviantart" twitter.com/LinusTech/status/1

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GPT3 writing code. A compiler from natural language to code.
People don't understand β€” this will change absolutely everything. We're decoupling human horsepower from code production. The intellectual equivalent of the discovery of the engine. player.vimeo.com/video/4268198

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Bring back @archer_rs@twitter.com we need the end of his story

This is such a cool idea ! I'll try to participate next year

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@TheGreenGreek@twitter.com @zachleat@twitter.com yes! it's almost a tradition at this point :D

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New message.
He wants to know if the Mayor could be "squared away with a "good drink" and if he was open to a "deal".
I again said the Mayor is not who he needs and that this is all an EU matter, I suggested he contact Ursula von der Leyen.

He asked if I have her number.

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IMO overall build tool strengths:

➑️ Parcel: Being able to go HTML-first is the best design for a bundler targeting "the web".
➑️ Rollup: Simpler API and design makes writing plugins easy. Well documented. Small output.
➑️ Webpack: Community plugins are great. Good CSS support.

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SVG Daily Tip #6
To let screen readers read a title on your SVG, you will need to add these in your code:
- a title element with an id
- attribute: aria-labelledby="idOfTitle"
- attribute: role="img"


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Bye @glitch@twitter.com 😒

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With Glitch banning pinging services, it's time for makers of creative online bots to move to their paid subscription. Or move on. twitter.com/newonbotwiki/statu

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<3 this game and its community

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It's been 16ish hours since the stream finished, and it still hasn't sunk in yet how much we raised. And 113 people playing, 150+ people watching the stream? That's the biggest online event, EVER πŸ–€

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*opens briefcase* shall we dispense with the small talk and get down to business?

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Germinal d'Γ‰mile Zola, mais avec le choix de torturer ou d'assassiner vos prisonniers.

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Je repense à la recette des pÒtes carbos pour l'humanité entière.

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