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Highly disturbed by the fact that Randall Munroe inhabits a human body and is not, in fact, a stick figure himself. twitter.com/xkcd/status/155957

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In 1663, the partial fossilised skeleton of a woolly rhinoceros was discovered in Germany. This is the “Magdeburg Unicorn”, one of the worst fossil reconstructions in human history.

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ADVENTURER: Dragon! We are here for your gold! Prepare to die!
DRAGON: This gold?
ADVENTURER: We climbed this great mountain, swam it's flooded caverns and-
DRAGON: Fair enough
DRAGON: It's yours
DRAGON: How are you carrying it?
ADVENTURER: Um... /1 twitter.com/BretDevereaux/stat

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Ça a changé le Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Donc la je viens de voir à quoi ressemble une séance de One pièce à Marseille.... Donc c'est littéralement devenu une norme de faire de la merde sur un film d'animation connu....

@Chriis_Alc@twitter.com ont a trouvé pire que l'avant première du Grand Rex..

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around the year 1500, medieval painter hieronymus bosch drew a person with sheet music written on their butt being tortured in hell.

600 years later, a tumblr user decided to transcribe and play the song. now, you can hear it too.

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Just finished watching David Simon's new series We Own This City. Horrifying glimpse at a broken system, highly recommended.

That's a really nice one, it makes animations on individual properties much easier. And Chrome was the last major browser to implement it so now it's usable in production !

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🎉 Shipping with Chrome 104 (released today) are individual CSS properties to do transforms.

From now on you can transform elements with the translate, rotate, and scale properties. Supported in all browser engines!

🔗 Read the post here: web.dev/css-individual-transfo

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sometimes you wake up from a wild night with regrets and have to email @jackboxgames@twitter.com support to remedy your own foolishness

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Encore un film au potentiel gâché par les woke en forçant un héros féminin qui triomphe là où les méchants mâles échouent 🙄. Quel gâchis de sacrifier la valeur artistique au nom de la bienpensance capitaliste pour faire plaisir à une minorité hystérique.

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THREAD: The evolution of Pokémon cards through history, as generated by DALL·E 2

For starters, here’s what DALL·E 2 thinks 21st century Pokémon cards look like, using prompts like “A Pokémon card from 2001”

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Best Tony Sirico story I heard was on The Sopranos, when a character was going to be killed off, everyone would be super apologetic to the actor losing their job at the readthrough. Tony would show up like 10 minutes late and make machine gun noises at the person being killed off

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incredible line in the article for Italian footballer Kevin Lasagna

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Emmanuel knew I wasn’t playing when he heard his government name 😅

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Ça a quand même beaucoup baissé de niveau Pimp My Ride

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While I work I listen to the Top Gun soundtrack, because it makes writing Javascript and CSS feel a bit more heroic.

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We’ve been talking about it.
You’ve been asking for it.
We’ve been working on it.
Today, we launched it: the image description reminder!

It’s live to 10% of global Twitter across Android, iOS, and Web. 🧵 (1 of 6)

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