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Css in js is very cool and you don't need to be good at js to like it

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With Mark Zuckerberg's fortune, you could buy 62,222,222 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano.

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Still the simple best explanation of what machine learning is compared to classical programming.

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I have no idea which genius made it, but it was worth the creation of Monty Python for this alone. Itโ€™s perfect.

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A community is measured not by its good actors but by the worst actors they tolerate.

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Art bots, fun bots, comedy bots, useful bots, boring bots, lazy bots, confused bots, political bots, simple bots, image bots, GIF bots, sad bots, happy bots, angry bots, lonely bots, lying bots, stay at home bots, poetic bots, it's all right here on botwiki.org ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

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Such a great new feature <3

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@brian_d_vaughn@twitter.com My personal favorite new feature is the โ€œrendered byโ€ list in the right pane. It answers the question: โ€œWhich component are my props coming from?โ€ and skips the intermediate parents.

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How to make a fast web page:
1. Duplicate your web page, remove most/all of the <script> tags in it, and save it as webpage-fast.html
2. Delete the original web page.
3. Rename your new web page to match the name of your original web page.

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Ulysse : Allez les gars, on rentre ร  Ithaque. Naviguons !
La mรฉditerranรฉe :

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yes please

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a marie kondo type show where disabled experts ask: "is this accessible?" and if it isn't, they get rid of it.

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Frontend development is an interesting look at how we, as a group, can unlearn things.

We now have a generation of web developers discovering SSR like it's a brand new concept.

We almost forgot what it meant to properly build for the web in just about a decade.

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Why is the โ€œSaveโ€ button on MS Excel represented by the picture of vending machine? (with purchased drink at the bottom)
โ€” a question by young Japanese caught a buzz in Japan twitter.com/fea0er/status/1160

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oh my god, i need this to be me in 20 years

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I will not abstract prematurely
I will not abstract prematurely
I will not abstract <when>
<who> will not abstract <when>
<who> will <shouldAbstract ? '' : 'not'> abstract <when>

oh no

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[first day as a pilot]

control tower: what are your coordinates

me: Iโ€™m by a cloud that looks like a lion

control tower: can you be more specific

me: simba

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Native lazy loading just launched on Chrome 76 โœจ

<img loading=โ€lazyโ€>
<iframe loading=โ€lazyโ€></iframe>


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everyone should have at least one novel they're passionately in love with, a book that you rave about, that you weep over, so that when you meet another devoted fan you immediately know you've found a kindred spirit.

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