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Haaa! Tetris but it always gives you the worst piece for your position qntm.org/files/hatetris/hatetr the frustration this brought me so quickly is truly amazing.

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⏰ Il est l'heure : vous pouvez dès maintenant proposer votre sujet pour les conférences de 2021 ! Retrouvez tous les détails sur notre site : paris-web.fr/actualites/2021/0 Nous avons hâte de vous lire !

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I’m not just building an app, I’m building a movement

Narrator: He’s just building an app

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This ! It's super helpful for newly graduates who don't have a network yet. If you're not sure who to recommend, get in touch with you local bootcamps ! In Belgium I know @HackYFutureBE@twitter.com can always use a hand.

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I like that one. Maybe all of us that get contacted "too much" by recruiters should start reorienting them toward more junior people in our network instead of ignoring or shutting them off.

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Literally no one :

Pizza Hut :

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🍍Marre de l’ananas sur l’Hawaïenne ? 🍕Pizza Hut lance le 07 mai prochain de nouvelles pizzas aux fruits, les Fruizzas : Pizza 🍓, pizza 🥭, pizza 🍊... laquelle sera votre préférée ?

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alright back to shitposting sry for that momentary lapse

Now, why are spacing scales so popular if they're not that useful ? I think it's because people love the *idea* of it. It makes sense intuitively : we already have design tokens for colors, why not also do it for spacing instead of using so many different values ?

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I'm ofc *not* saying that there is no value in spacing consistency in a UI. But it should always be intentional and opt-in. Assembling complex components based on more atomic ones can go a long way in achieving that goal.

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No : spacing is highly contextual, and values can and should change based on each component and layout. For the same reason that you don't want your whole UI to align on a mythical grid : you don't want consistency for consistency's sake.

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For 2), a spacing scale helps with the consistency part, but (here comes the real hot take 😜) I'd argue it's generally not desirable. Do you really care that the space between the icon and the text in your button component is the same as the padding in your card component ?

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A spacing scale clearly does not help with 1), that's just not how most designers think / work. Space is a fluid design concept, where you add or remove enough space until the UI looks good, not in fixed increments (unless forced to).

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To be useful, I think design system rules need to provide one of two things (ideally both) :
1) Map the mental model of designers into a set of rules usable by developers, reducing friction between the two.
2) Facilitate enforcing visual consistency where you want it.

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By "spacing scale" I'm referring to a set design tokens for spacing used throughout a component library. This usually comes in the form of a set of non-linear values like 4px, 8px, 16px, ...

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Design systems hot take : a spacing scale generally brings little value, and can even be harmful. A thread 🧵👇

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I hereby define The Web Signal to Noise Ratio:

document.querySelectorAll(':not(div)').length / document.querySelectorAll('div').length

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Robotic mouth chants algorithmically generated prayers.


("The Prayer," v/@DiemutStrebe)

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CSS: They're not variables—they're custom properties!

Also CSS: var()

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