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As the world at least pretends to be outraged enough to and other associated social networks, decentralised social networks need to learn from all social networks' past mistakes.

One of the biggest things seems to be some sort of redundancy, like pioneered nomadic identities, or RAID.

Forced equal gender outcomes by using sexism, is not the way to defeat sexism. This is a far left idea that won't work. Fair opportunities and pipelines leading up to them, are a better solution to ensuring women aren't held back from what they're capable of.

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This is a very interesting article. The short version: Basically everything is getting massively more expensive, for - apparently - no reason, even after you adjust for inflation. :/

recruiters on with a premium membership:
- can view your profile without it appearing as a view in your notifications
- can see how many jobs you have applied to from LinkedIn recently
- can see how likely you are to respond to them based on previous engagement on the site
- can see your entire profile
- have templates that they can use for InMail based off of the job postings available
- have the old interface with the icons beside the different profile sections still

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**4 Things You Should Know About Ayahuasca**

"If you're considering a spiritual journey with the hallucinogenic tea, read up. If you boil the two plants Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis long enough, you’ll end up with the powerful brew ayahuasca. But, I don’t recommend you make it yourself, nor drink it along, unless you really known what you’re doing. It’s not something to approach lightly. When co…"


removes term limit for their President, paving the way for a second Chairman Meow 😾

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Sandvine, the first-Canadian, then-US company enabling Turkey, Syria, and Egypt to poison innocent users' web traff…

Before , for most of 's history the bills instead said:

"SILVER CERTIFICATE: x Dollar(s) In Payable to the Bearer on Demand"
"GOLD CERTIFICATE: x Dollar(s) in Coin Payable to the Bearer on Demand"

That all changed with the invention of the Federal Reserve System up-ending the US Treasury. Within 60 years they achieved one of their main goals.

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Here's a tip: Use @matrix instead of Slack

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#Windows 10 S, also known as 'we want to own your desktop computer even more than we already do', I wonder how good adoption of their turd of a walled garden will be.

The first $1000 CAD note released in 1935, would be like issuing a $20,000 CAD note in today's value after CPI inflation. It follows that the $100 note that year would be worth $2000 In today's value. Yet the government wants to take the remaining $1000 notes out of legal tender status

caused by central banks has ensured that the recurring battle to restore minimum to it's actual fair value will continue indefinitely

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RT Whoever made this is a genius. I'm still chuckling.

The only thing that separates a from a , is how many people believe in it. Lucky for us, the rest of the universe does not function based on and , but rather on .

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My redesign of the PureOS website is live!

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"The researchers found profit from ride-hail driving to be “very low”. On an hourly basis, the median profit was $3.37 per hour, with 74% of drivers earning less than the minimum wage in the state where they operate."

When shit's so bad, even TechCruch can't hide it anymore.

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Lawyers for former #Catalonia president Carles #Puigdemont file a complaint with the UN #humanrights committee, accusing #Spain of violating his political rights and criminalizing the independence movement in a "repressive crackdown"

This is interesting. It seems to be a clash between equal opportunity, and equal outcome. Perhaps the first would lead to the second, but when it doesn't, it's good to understand why. I don't think this is the right approach though, especially since it does not address root cause.