Go is a Shop-built Jig


"Go feels under-engineered because it only solves real problems."

I'm not feeling the async pressure


or, why backpressure is important in concurrent systems

Microsoft 3D Movie Maker


"Released in 1995, this is the original source code to the Microsoft 3D Movie Maker project, now released under the MIT license as open source.

"When Sam Littlewood designed BRender, he didn’t write the code. And then document it. The way most things were built at the time. First, he wrote the manual. The full documentation. That served as the spec. Then the coding started."

Five Fantasy Games That Teach Valuable Lessons About Failure


* Celeste: Over Time, Failure Begets Success
* Chicory: Failure Is Okay
* Fall Guys: Failure Can Be Hilarious
* Dead Cells: Failure Creates New Opportunities
* Breath of the Wild: Failure Is A Matter Of Perspective

The big idea: should we get rid of the scientific paper?


"We’ve made astonishing progress in so many areas of science, and yet we’re still stuck with the old, flawed model of publishing research."

There Is No CD Revival


"Adele’s new album alone accounted for 2.35% of all CD sales in 2021. In other words, without Adele, the format continued its total decline."

javascript and me


"I had not just looked into Javascript hell; I lived it and survived."

A Shorter Words List


"This results in a neat list of 512 words, average length 4.6 characters, giving 1.95 bits per character typed, which is slightly worse than the EFF short word list but slightly better than the EFF long word list."

Mastodon Is Dead, Long Live Misskey


"Okay, so, Mastodon isn’t _actually_ dead [...]. Recently, I and many others have taken a look at Misskey, an alternative Fediverse software that also uses ActivityPub and can communicate with both Pleroma and Mastodon instances."

Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”


"What is really at work here is the default prejudice against bottom-up self-organization without a profit motive.

"Mastodon and the fediverse are not doomed to fail (they are in fact succeeding), but they are “doomed to fail”, meaning that they will be unavoidably and repeatedly characterized through the distorted lens of a capitalist media ecosystem."

Elon Musk is Actually* Buying Twitter [*pending shareholder approval]


WSJ has the deets on Musk's offer

+ $26B in assorted bank debt
+ about half backed by Tesla stock
+ $21B pledged by Musk directly

Canetti et al's Paradoxical Encryption Scheme


"In 1998, Ran Canetti, Oded Goldreich, and Shai Halevi constructed an example of an encryption scheme which was secure with random oracles, but insecure if any concrete hash function were to be used."

Bad but interesting mathematical notation idea


who needs addition when you have exponents and logarithms?

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