Globular clusters, such as M2 - shown, are great balls of 10s to 100s of thousands of stars that orbit our and other galaxies. Made of mostly older lower metal stars, we don't have a clear idea of how they form.

#google and #microsoft are NOT #email suppliers but #surveillance suppliers (for aggregators, advertisers, spies, governments) that merely use email as data extraction medium

AVOID THEM! You harm those whom you correspond with.
Hello from #UbuntuTouch on #PinePhone

Latest image is very usable IMO.

WiFi :greentick:

Notifications/Ringing :greentick:

Phone Calls :greentick:

AMS :greentick:

Time correct :greentick:

call audio seems much improved.

all that I'm missing to make this daily driver is XMPP client. gonna see if I can find one that works.

very excited. :ablobsmilehappy: :kirbyhappy: :happykitty:

lets see how the battery goes.

"Long live the celebration of workers of all countries! 1 May" 1920s Soviet poster

This is a regular reminder to help maintain better and data :

- Turn off your cellular connections when you don’t need them
- Keep bluetooth disabled in public
- Disable location services after needing
- Stay away from untrusted wi-fi
- Avoid un-encrypted texting
- Do not use personal info to name your wi-fi, phone & computer
- Use apps, services and browsers that you trust more

Welcome to our range of phones!

This is probably the 1st privacy conscious and sustainable phone, fair for the planet and your personal data.
Preorder your /e/-Fairphone 3 today!
@Fairphone @WeAreFairphone

Skal jeg da anta at Linux pc'en min, Signal, Protonmail, Tutanota, firefox og nextcloud er mer sårbar sammenlignet closed source lignende program???

Offentlig betalt utvikling bør bety offentlig tilgjengelig kildekode.


Simula har KOMMERSIELLE planer med appen vi betaler 48 millioner for 😡😱 HVA FAEN ER DETTE FOR TULL?!


A lot of information in this April update from @PINE64, many good news and a call for developpers! #pinetime needs a companion app for Pinephone and other mobile systems!

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