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Today the MAVIS busyweek people at Siding Spring #Observatory got an in depth tour of the Anglo-Australian #Telescope (AAT). The AAT, commissioned in 1974, was the 1st large telescope to have a computer control system, one of the last to have an equatorial mount, and with a 3.9 m diameter primary mirror it is still the largest optical telescope in Australia.

A catwalk runs around the outside of the Anglo-Australian Telescope building at the base of the dome, 26 metres above ground level. If you're OK with heights it provides the second best views of Siding Spring Observatory and the neighbouring Warrumbungles National Park.

(The best views are from on top of the dome. I have been up there in the past, but we didn't go there today.)

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Sharing a nice picture from Ny-Ålesund in Svalbard, 79 degrees North. And the first stage of the Endurance rocket that was launched while I was there!

Greetings ! A short stop headed for -Ålesund to do a magnetic survey at a potential new site for the magnetic observatory.

Gratulerer til Prof. Asgeir Brekke for innlemmelse i den oppadstigende sols orden! Det er velfortjent!

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