A short edu-blog post on learning the 'how' and not just the 'what' 

@mahabali I don't think Mastodon produces RSS but that's not a major issue - it's open software, so it can be created.

I say "of one's own" instead of "our own" because ownership of my own inbox is key to sharing. We can meet in the public square, and the *square* can be "ours", but I need to be able to leave when I want, or to go to a different square, and that's the element of "one's own" that is crucial.

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I'm following this conversation, but also struggling with it.

I worry about reinforcing fear that strangers & "others" are out to harm us, reinforcing our safety "at home" and "where we belong."

In my experience and statistically the biggest risks come in the offline world from people we know & hold power over us. These are also the folks who unknowingly define (at least my) use of online spaces.

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The wind blows in most parks. The trash you drop quickly spreads to foul much more than your little corner.


Recognizing that, be thoughtful. There is NO effective crew of park groundskeepers in the Internet park.

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Depends on where you're writing. I intend for my blog to be online for many years to come. There's stuff there from a decade ago.

Places like Mastodon, Twitter, even Tumblr (the way I use it at least) I expect to be more ephemeral. It lasts, but is lost easily as we scroll away.

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Part of the challenge is that we're talking about constantly changing tools in an online space that is transitory/toxic at times. But, if you're thoughtful, you have opportunity to build a robust cyberinfrastructure. I think it starts with your website as main hub & reaches out.

Picture this professional situation cc @katebowles
Context: Egyptians are neither white nor black but some shade of beige, and are aesthetical racists (i.e. whiteness/blondeness/blue-eyedness considered beautiful).
To market two diff perspectives, u see 2 women:
One, African American, conservatively dressed (Muslim), serious. Comes on time, and talks to u straight.
The other, long blonde hair, blue eyes, dressed like she's headed to the beach. Jokes around w u.

Biasing much?

@Autumm @mahabali @Algot @ekcragg @TheWayneGibbons @wiobyrne @TheWayneGibbons @theartguy @clhendricksbc Toots have four privacy levels, and you can set this as an account default, or change per toot. Unlisted means you don't show up in the local instance public timeline.

@mahabali @wiobyrne @ekcragg @dogtrax There are pros and cons. A bigger instance can get noisy, but can lead to unexpected connections being made. A smaller instance is easier to follow, and is more likely to have people with similar interests. As more people join the smaller instances, I think they have the potential to be great.

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What process did you use which lead you to select scholar.social as the new place to establish your account?

Please let us know how your experience goes as you move forward.

Week 3 is here

@mahabali and @katebowles

"The meeting between self and other online is not generic: online as offline, we adjust ourselves to others and also to the particular spaces in which we meet those others. But hospitality in open and public online environments is increasingly a terrain of risk."


Open invitation to participate in exploration of how we feel in digital places/spaces and practices of digital hospitality
With @katebowles and me

@wiobyrne that is an interesting instance, scholar.social. Is it something u set up or others?

New estimate that between 1.15 and 2.41 million tonnes of plastic waste currently enters the ocean every year from rivers.

That's fuckin' to much. pls raise awarness on these issues, and find out where you're part of the problem and become a solution.


@lauraritchie I love this idea of knowing a road well enough to close your eyes as you run. That's a new thought.

@tellio My daughter, the supermarket worker daughter, went to a school with 63 pupils all up, from the littlest to the 11 year olds. It's in an old school building perched on a cliff with those big windows you talk about. When the humpback whales migrate past, twice a year, the whole school stops what it's doing and the kids and teachers go outside to watch the whales go by.

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