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Reminder / PSA. If your a mastodon admin and your thinking about shutting down please reach out. I will take over your instance (I would even be willing to purchase it from you).

#mastoadmin #mastodon

Almost done with those 600GB of photos to edit. It’s been a hellish couple of weeks.

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Fresh Plus plan in the house. Let’s see how this works out.

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Lightroom is SOOOOOOO slow on my computer!

600GB from last assignment sitting on my desk, waiting for me. Editing is the least favorite part of this job, and this one is going to be a difficult one. Extra difficult.

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@Gargron I enjoy the large images. I feel they are more identifiable and easier to spot if I’m scrolling back to find something.

Plus, since it’s been a common format for a while, publishers sometimes add useful information to them.

Ok, verified link and it seems to be working after a little wait.

@Gargron Hi. How long before a link should show up as verified ? Added relevant link on the site, checked and it's being served. Am I missing something ? Thanks.

Miss being on the road with my wife. We had a ton of fun for months on end.

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Amazon employees are demanding the company stop selling facial recognition tech to police departments.

Amazon needs to choose people over profits.

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Feedback from the community about our new feature to store your IP addresses encrypted for one week was very divided. That's why we've decided to go with opt-in. Check here for details:

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