The Commute

Too early in the morning, after falling asleep in the couch late yesterday. Slept through the night, woke up just in time.

The one thing I dislike about these assignments is the embargo rules. I totally get them, it would ruin the whole point of the show, but sometimes I get a photo I wouldn’t mind sharing and I have to wait six months before I can do that…

Back home from another day at the studio.

TIL the thermometer they use to check us first thing every morning doesn’t measure temperatures under 34c. I got a LOW. A few minutes later I was warmer, at 34.2c! Yikes!

This challenge was great to reinforce my belief that words don’t come that easy to me. Done it, but it was harder than I anticipated.


Today I became a pedestrian again, after a week of driving. Usually we get around by foot, but working outside the city forces me to drive. Like it, but still prefer the walking method.


Day Off

A lot of errands to run, but still time for a long walk, and all that before the 1PM curfew.

Feels great to be home.

Back home for the day. Tomorrow we have the day off, and Monday we’re back, early in the morning, for another covid test and a day of fun and games. Five days to go, then a language change. We’re moving to Italian. Ciao!

I believe the word generator is fixed! Mask? Mask?? Are we supposed to believe this is a “random” word?


Day Four? Five?

Another one finished, we’re almost at the halfway point.

Today António returned the favor and caught me while waiting for lunch. Double masked maique.

Oh! And I’m also doing the Italian version, so that’s another week and a half of this!

To write, or not to write. That is the dilemma.



Finished for today.

Three days in and my nose is bruised from wearing the darn mask all day long. Still nine to go, and the band aids are already in place.

See you tomorrow.

This week I had to adjust. Can’t see tinyMovieStar awake, so I spend whatever free time I have going through the thousands of photos I have on the phone, and enjoying the ones movieStar sends throughout the day.


That Morning Mood

Breakfast is such a happy moment at the studio…

Wrapping up before going to bed, for the absolute minimum amount of time that manages to keep me human-like, I realize it’s been three days already since the last covid test, so tomorrow I’ll have my nose vandalized again before breakfast. Sleep tight.

Another day, another couple of thousand photos in the bag. Everytime I get home and see how many of them I’ve taken I immediately start worrying about the time I’ll spend picking and editing them. It’s not going to be pretty.

I’m too close to the end to call this one off. But it’s not easy trying, and failing, to come up with something decent every day.

Sorry about that.


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