Almost symmetry

Not perfect, but close enough, hopefully.

She eats everything.
She eats nothing.
She eats everything.
She eats nothing.

I never know what I’m getting into at dinner time.

Same item: delicious one day, inedible the day after, indispensable again on the next day.


Had the usual cups of coffee in the morning, and decided to skip photographing those, hoping I’d meet a beer in the afternoon. Sadly, that didn’t happen. So…

Back to memory land, and a place where a beverage is never far.

Weekend plans: after a week without the usual visit to all the grandparents (I was working during the weekend, and my in-laws went to Brazil), we’re back to regular programming this time around. tinyMovieStar is thrilled.

Edited yesterday’s trip photos.

It was a quicker visit than usual, to a jail. The wine is made by the inmates.

The prison is located in one of the poshest areas in the country, incredibly beautiful. Fun day.

10 Years Later

Seems like not a lot has changed. Those in power are still the same, the misery remains. Wishing you all the best, Timor.

Back from the wine producing prison. This one surely wins the “Most Out of the Ordinary” award on this series of visits.

Just in Case

I’m taking this one with me today, might need it later.

Time to pick up tinyMovieStar, and have a beer. Tomorrow I have to work again, this time in a different venue: a prison. Should be fun.

Great idea, again, by @sod.

Tap here, and you’ll be taken to a random entry in the photoblogging challenge.

I saved the link on Drafts, and use it repeatedly now 🙂

Looks like this time we’re really going! Not our island, but an island anyway.

First time on a plane for the tiny one, we should be heading to France in under a month.


Speed through the Recents folder on Camera Roll, all 125 460 photos, and pick one. That’s as random as I can get.

No work today. Feels great to say that. Time for some “Tokyo Vice”!

Best. Moment. Ever.

Got home after days without seeing the girls, tinyMovieStar jumps up and I pick her and there’s a tight, long, hug. movieStar says “This is happiness”, and the little one replies “It’s not happiness, this is love”!

My heart exploded 😍

Final Day

This ends today, and I’ll finally be able to spend some time with the girls. Missing them SO much, on top of the whole exhaustion thing.

Have a great Sunday.

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