Good morning, everyone. Hope your Sunday is/was/will be a great one.

HEY there. Done.

After everything I said, I’m enjoying it a lot. More on this later.

ZAP didn’t make it to the timeline… Reposting.

And wishing all the issues afflicting the service are quickly solved.

We check on Mom&Dad every day, but Saturday we do it in person. I like Saturdays.

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It's crazy all the things you need to deselect if you want your Mac to fully sleep.


Having fun with sticker spotter.
Always nice having another purpose for our walks…


Found these cute Romanesco cauliflower on our morning walk. Always thrilling.

SmugMug trial ends today, and I’m sticking with Flickr for now. Couldn’t get myself to test it thoroughly, doubting it would be a great fit.
Their constant emails trying to get me to upgrade didn’t help either. A bit too pushy.

Yesterday saw someone yelling “TAXI”, trying to flag down a cab. Felt very strange, like something from a long gone past. Like being inside a documentary.

There’s a week left on my first Half-Century! Not sure how I feel about being a semicentennial…

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Not a fan of eavesdropping? We now have a public DNS service up as a beta that offers DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS, with QNAME minimization and basic ad blocking. Audited by Assured and only a guide away:

If you’re into or feel free to visit, a new project I’m starting...

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My anniversary of being retired. I got my life back. Found happiness and sadness. Walked a lot. Got lost. Resisted google maps. Took a lot of pictures. Now I live here. Life is good. Thanks all for putting up with me. Most of all so grateful to be here. Right now. Thanks Vietnam.

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