Not a heavy user, but it seems to be down whenever I need it. Downtime was not a thing a while ago, what the hell happened to them ? Shouldn’t Microsoft be able to keep this going without a problem ? I can’t even imagine what it must be like for someone who depends on them for actual work!

The virus can ravage many of the body’s major organ systems, including the brain and central nervous system.

More on COVID and Brain Damage

01:30AM, girls asleep, me wide awake. This happens so often these days I have to stop posting it.

New header. A crop from an amazing work by Waneella.

Just realized tomorrow I’m having my photo taken for the national ID card, one that will stick with me for 5/10 years.

I haven’t gotten a proper haircut since March.

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Recommended #foss website monitoring solution? Selfhosting preferred

Tried dipping tinyMovieStar’s feet in the pool. That did not go well.

Quick dip in the pool. It’s too hot, and tomorrow will be even hotter!

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I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was more important or less important - William Eggleston
#photography #quote

Was the Discovery channel always this bad ?? I don’t recall the programming being this shitty, but I might be very wrong.

TIL: You can double-tap the current observations on CARROT app to quickly switch between main data source and DarkSky.

I believe NOW is the time to panic: we ran out of coffee!!!

Have to make a quick run to the supermarket and get a few packages, otherwise we risk having a very nasty day!


Slow Sunday it is.
Up since 8AM, girls still sleeping. No plans for today.

Workshops might be on the horizon. I really must find something to do while this whole freelancing thing picks up again, if it ever does. It’s been too long without work, and it’s not looking good.

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There is a saying in Japan: the lotus blossoms from the mud and remains unstained from the mud (ハスは泥より出でて泥に染まらず). This is actually true. The lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties of the lotus that are a result of the nanoscopic architecture of the plant's surface that resists dirt particles. We're feeling inspired this week from the ability of the lotus to shine brightly and beautifully in a world the feels particularly ugly right now.

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