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Máirín Duffy 🙋 @mairin@mastodon.social

the two main gun convos i participated in on facebook, one ended up in blocking, the other a deleted on account.

facebook brings humans together... 🤔

finally Mueller is on the move! 13 Russian indictments, include text about Americans assisting election meddlers in determining targets

saying cruel things to someone in order to inflict pain is a sign that a person is cruel

passive aggressive mommy bullshit reminding me possibly why i dont tend to have many female friends. middle school cruelty all over again.

the thing about living on a hill is when youre running late to make the train, you can run faster. lol

The worst is when pushing back against FEELS using data to support your points, and getting criticized for using data. Using data, using knowledge doesn't equate to arguing unfairly, being a bully, being mean, being a know-it-all, having too much time on your hands.

The point is to have an intelligent convo. Isn't it? 🤔🤔🤔

If i think smtg Ill say that. I wont state it assuredly. If I am not sure or if Im guessing Ill say such and provide the rationale for the guess I made.

It's not hard. Why do people have to act like experts on everything?

pet peeve: listening to someone speak authoritatively on something they clearly dont understand.

corollary: speaking authoritatively based on feeling and demuring repeatedly when asked what data supports positions.


im the kind of nut who spends 2 hours researching the american chesnut

tfw when you realize smtg you vague-complained about could be misconstrued as applying to smtg you totally are cool with and dont mean to throw shade at


i try so hard to not be an asshole but i think sometimes i unintentionally fail horrifically

wapo reports a former us vp candidate was in touch with kremlin and was found out by british intelligence.


Stoked to have my first presentation accepted at ! "Developers, Developers, Developers—How About Creatives?" is guaranteed to bring balance to the universe and make all your wildest dreams come true. socallinuxexpo.org/scale/16x/p

This super cool demo from FOSDEM shows using matrix to transmit video depth data from iphone X kinetic-style camera for 3d video chat!

now we just need hologram displays.... "obiwan, you're our only hope!"



i cant wait to see what adam schiff has to say about this stupid memo. dude is crazy chill in spite of the craziness he knows about

Who says toddlers dont enjoy free software? Krita makes for some quality family time!


im sorry my kids are obsessed with Moana.... but I am really wondering when she'll restore the heart of Te Fiti so Trump will turn into an animated yew sculpture?