You got a spreadsheet of 100 conference talk names and presenters and need to generate a banner graphic for each. What to do? Use Inkscape!

:) Here is a tutorial on how to automate this and generate them in seconds: Example files link in vid details!

I need your best "fell down a rabbit hole debugging and the issue was the Linux OS / kernel" stories... trying to come up with a plot for a video game :)

Abstract wallpapers: this is from the "Petal" series... one dark, one light. Both are 4k x 4k square so they can be cropped either way. Appreciate any/all respectful feedback/ideas/etc. :)

This is super basic but just a heads up - we are working on an abstract refreshed set of 6 extra wallpapers for 37.... I am thinking of this as the set of base colors each will have (these are the fedora brand colors.) Any opinions, thoughts?

My evening has been spent researching open source novel writing software :-) I am not writing a novel though, but a family history. So I can document all the cool shit I've researched about my family that is locked into my brain without any backup!

Fedora 37's wallpaper will be inspired by Hedy Lamarr - see some of our initial brainstorms / moodboards / sketches in this fantastic post by Fedora Design team member Madeline Peck:

After some hours trying to get docker desktop to work on any OS (windows, linux) without luck, I find myself wondering what the fuss is about it.

Hm so I clicked to unboost and it just boosted it twice. Um, is there a way to unboost

I'd be down for classifying as homicide the denying of mothers' required legitimate health care, forcing them to die of sepsis due to your dogma and ignorance

If you wanna participate (or just watch) in the F37 wallpaper's creation, this is the space to watch 😄

The fact I am writing this is probably bad and I am probably not supposed to say this stuff out loud. But it is real. 🤷‍♀️

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I think in the past I got by in being unable to connect well with people by just working my rear off and produce so much work at a high quality so that I would have some value to others. I can't really pull all-nighters or work outside of work hours at all now, so I don't have that option anymore. So there's now no resson to put up with me anymore

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Since July 2017 my life has been an unending series of crisises and heartbreak. I think a lot of people know me from the person I was before then and I am pretty different now and not really in a good way

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I don't know how to post to social media anymore. I don't know what I can say, what I shouldn't say.... when I post I feel like I am hurting myself, hurting my reputation (which maybe is wrecked now bc of it, and maybe wasn't deserved since what I post is typically what I actually really think.) Typically I am motivated to post just to share something and I am lonely and don't really have time to actually talk to people. 🤷‍♀️

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