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Máirín Duffy 🙋 @mairin@mastodon.social

I guess if you enforce difficult-to-comply-with-and-heavy-handed password policies and even block LastPass from autofilling or even click-to-filling these password monstrosities, you're playing a cruel joke on the world when you don't use https on the log in form?

Random story:

I first discovered when I was a college intern at Red Hat. John Palmieri needed a logo for dbus, and I lamented there wasn't an open source vector program to create one, and he introduced me to sodipodi.

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There is a laptop compromise
When sitting on your thighs
You might need to kill
A process that's still
And could turn potatoes to fries.

tfw ebay sends you an email urging political action on tax law....


TFW you have to crop / blur photos when laptops are in the shot because photos are so high res now you can read people's screens

(And to elaborate more - the idea is not just to engage with the Irish-speaking community but help by being another number on a service I know is evaluated to determine a minority language's importance which can do a number of good things for the language if the numbers are up.)

I'm thinking about using Twitter for real again, but primarily to interact with the Twitter 'Gaeltacht'. Am I a horrible person? o_O

coloring book is finally done, 18 minutes before my deadline

i think my laptop knows im betraying it, the amount of fail in the hours since i put the new one on order is astounding

im about to lose another hour of work - the system is at least responsive, but krita itself has been peged at 100% for 5 min straight. starting to give up hope it'll come back.

ive lost about 5 hours of work all told

maybe the flatpak i'm using is broken but krita for me over the past 2 days has crashed catastrophically 5x, no exaggeration, never saves out an autosave even tho that's turned out, never does crash recovery, actually removes the file from the file system during crash. it's been so unreliable.

for the best results, treat those you work with as peers not subordinates (particularly when they are *not* your subordinate)

subtoot :)

Táim ag obair ar leabhar dathúcháin anois... 😀

The @GIMP team has just announced GIMP 2.10.0 release candidate 2 is out with multi-threaded painting, rewritten UI themes, on-canvas panorama rotation in 3D, various improvements, and 40 bug fixes!


(Sorry - last post had the wrong URL)

i'm looking at a laptop released last month and its cpu is vulnerable to spectre. i dont understand. how is this legal to sell? are there any laptops available with fixed cpus?