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3 weeks after the launch of good news 🎉

Technical improvements, (multi-language page contents, image galleries, increasing loading speed...

👉🏽 From the 310 active points, 56 are new points introduced since the launch!

Thanks to all of you who are collaborating in the tool 🙏🏾, giving us feedback👋, adding new places 🛒📌... because [K*]OMUN, together with other orgs, we are making another economy possible!

Let's continue! 😎🤘
soon... more and better! 🚀🌎📌

Mi Horrible Experiencia en el Sistema Educativo | Jaime Altozano

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Actiontech Skillshare 2018 en la Ingobernable 
Tardes de talleres desde el 24 al 28 de Septiembre en @ingoberlab

– Soldering
– Video Streaming
– Solar panels, basic electric circuits
– Wireless stuff
– Projections: Videomapping
– Remote Triggering
– Common approaches to formatting data & How to keep data up to date
– Fundamentals of network analysis and of using a social network analysis tool
– R and Python for big data applications
– Lock picking
– Web maps
– GIS/mapping crash course
– Tracking
– UAVs
– Projections: Laser Guerilla videowall Hijacking
– 3D ecological printing
– Basic SoC and µControllers
– Waterproofing
– Long range motion detection camera
– Balloon and kite mapping
y mucho más :). En Madrid. La ingobernable. Centro de comunes Urbanos.
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Anda, qué feliz descubrimiento: la buena gente de @komun.

Por ejemplo: "Más de 4000 faircoin, 1000 kg de productos, un viaje iniciático, una red de cooperación"

cc @faircoopes @faircoop

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