polycul.es - because minds must see a polycule that eyes cannot comprehend.

.es pulled its head out of its ass, polycut.es now set back up.

MH (-), meta 

Talking about it in abstract is something I can do, though, and that helps some. Being earnest and real less so. I talk about depression well (and often!), But I don't ask for help well at all :P I either don't want to be a downer or don't kord what to say other than I'm down c.c

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MH (-), meta 

I have a REAL hard time talking about this in a conversation, and a much easier time shouting over social media. It's led to fights with those I'm close to, even, and a lot of me hiding stuff from loved ones. I wish like hell it was easier, cause I always feel like it's driving a wedge between me and my loved ones when I probably need them most.

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MH (-), drug ref 

Legit, next thing to try, on the strong recommendation of my doctor, is shrooms. My last experience was whatever, but I proceeded to be mostly clear of symptoms for like two years. Two years! Two years of blessed silence would be amazing.

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MH (-) 

Struggle continues, feel like dying on the regular.

But y'know, happens every 5 months like clockwork, so I dunno why it's any more worth complaining about this time than the last umpteen times. This time just comes with bonus akathisia.

Dunno what's going on, but I'm having a hard time working with my .es domains, which means polycul.es / polycut.es might be wonky. Just in case, I bought polycule.app which now points to the site, if you need.

Thinkin' bout my D&D kobble. Kinda want to get art of her ._.

From PR Gnus in Washington I'm hhhhh hhh hhhhhhhh hh hhhhh able to breathe after three weeks.

Disronroni «to purr all over the place»
Ekronroni «prrf!»
Praronrono «the ur purr»

(Dio mia, iu haltigu min x.x)

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Ronroni da «purrworthy»
Ronroneto «prr»
Ronronema «having a propensity to purr»
Ronronejo «purrbox»

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Mi ŝatas la lingvajn postafiksojn en Esperanto, ĉar oni diras:
ronroni «to purr»
ronrono/ronronado «a purr/some purring»
ronrona «purrful»
ronroni «purringly»
ronronulo «a purrer»
ronronjo «a cute purring feminine person»
ronronano «one of those who purr»
ronroningo «a vessel for purrs»...

Mi estas horora felulo...

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