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i wanted to make a shitpost but something ominous happened

Visiting a house with a corgi puppy is a bit like being around a very orally focused, furry Elijah Wood. *sad big eyed expression * I will take the Ring to Mordor though I do not know the way. *sniffs everything * *chews*

Comparing OpenStack to Kubernetes feels like comparing a short film of someone dropping off a letter to a somewhat longer film about someone driving a monowheel to the post office and attempting to barter a cream pie for stamps while dressed as a gorilla.

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if you ever find yourself upset with the "current generation's" slang of saying "feels" or "mood" too much just remember the 19th century had this

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SEA folks, any suggestions for electricians? Nothing urgent, but we have some work needs doing. North of the city would be preferable!

My w3w address is really good, but I can't think of a way to talk about it without giving away basically my exact location :P

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Okay. You know what? I'm instituting a new thing. You can participate if you want to but there's no shame if you don't.

I'm gonna call it #BeMyNeighborWeek in honor of the 50th anniversary of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood". (I'm four months late, shh.)

Until 12:01 AM on June 24, I'm going to try to be like Mr. Rogers. No sick burns, no scoring points, no annoyed brush-offs. I will do my best to be patient and kind and understanding.

You can be my neighbor if you'd like.

I'm moving soon! I'm in the Seattle area and would be interested in splitting a 2- or 3-bedroom location if anyone else would be interested.

Considering the Solstice parade/party in Fremont, today. We'll see if we're willing to actually make it down there.