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New features in the Artodon gallery!

- Now the Author data only appears on hover.
- It shows an icon to indicate if there are multiple images in the toot

And some stuff more.

Read the code here:

You can also donate something on the link to make me keep going with the development!

It will be live soonish, I want to clean some stuff and then I'll ask our fried @Curator to upload it to mastodon.art.

i imagine if you're a customer support person in one of those chat tabs you get *really* used to being ghosted

This looks great: students.brown.edu/seeing-theo

I predict, with 70% probability, that probability + "thinking in bets" + prediction markets will hit the mainstream in the next 18 months. Now I just need a way of testing that prediction!

filling in the Hugo nominations! A mixture of stuff that is bound to get nominated lots, and things that only I am going to ever nominate nom nom nom

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more unmarketable star trek universe show ideas: something about the absolutely nightmarish life of a hologame bugtester

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hello i'm cyberpunk martha stewart. that is my job and also what i do for fun. hardware holograms music brainhax bikehax blinkyhax etc.

My new favourite phrase from this week: Madeleine Elish's "moral crumple zones" (also "liability sponges): papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf

I peeked at the birdsite, and there yclept a goode thyng:


Seriously though imagine how easy it would be to make a version of black mirror to scare medieval guys:

"A crabbe comes forth from clockeworke and pincheth a man"

"A yeoman boileth a potte but it shrieketh at hymme"

"A ghastlye play, acted out by imps upon a flat glasse"

Just pestered my daughter to tell me the funny meme she was watching on the Internet; turns out she was just laughing at me

TIL: If you hit Ctrl-M in Firefox, it mutes the current web page.

The only bad thing about using so far is that I feel like a historical Dave Winer reenactor

i have no idea why I am awake and coherent at 6:30am but I'm running with it

I am now switching fairly seriously to using Leo to organize things and this keyboardio Model 01 to type on. Yes I am aware I do something like this every 16 weeks or so, but this is really stretching bits of my brain, and I think is going to be good/useful

I can't type for toffee on this keyboardio Model 01 but I already love it.

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Just read #RFC 7962, a survey of "Alternative Network Deployments", i.e., non-mainstream networks such as community networks, #ISPcoops, etc.

I think it gives a pretty good classification of alternate networks, a nice overview of the most common technology, and it has links to many cool projects. Maybe interesting to the #DIY #ISP community? :)

#decentralized #networks

Somewhat connectedly, I'm experimenting with the Leo Editor again. It's really improved since I last played around with it, and the vim bindings are *pretty good*. It still has a pretty steep learning curve though. leoeditor.com/

(I am experimenting with being rationalist-adjacent today. I kind of like it, but am unsure of how weird and/or rude it is making me)

I always think of the news as the stuff that surprises me, rather than confirms my preconceptions, so this is news:


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Over a dozen states want "obscenity filters" installed on all Internet-connected devices, removable only with a payment, an ID, and a written request.
eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/stat source: twitter.com/eff/status/9692866