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Found a solution to a nasty hardware issue I was having

Solution is to take a nap

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Daily link: the great dimming of Betelgeuse 

Betelgeuse' dimming last year seems to have been due to an eruption of dust from its southern hemisphere


#space #astronomy #betelgeuse

I do understand if you think all of cryptocurrency and blockchain is a not-very-elaborate ponzi scam, but if you're going to smuggle out one thing from that scene, read and share what you learn about zero knowledge proofs

yes i am catching up, but i am catching up on math from the 26th century

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just broke my head explaining Halo. I sat staring at the ceiling for an eternity going "but this means... what... no... gosh... criminy..." electriccoin.co/blog/halo-recu

I’d say “childlike” but that implies more sense-of-wonder and fewer tantrums than I’m capable of

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I think my new role is to be the most childish adult in the room

I'm torn between whether we'll be known as Late Industrial Roman Empire or just one of the Sumerian-style Cultures

don't make a climate collapse comment here it's too painful

Just to convey how much of a stuck record I can be, here's me writing about cyherpunks and digital currency a month *before* the bitcoin paper was posted: oblomovka.com/wp/2008/07/19/wi

What an amazing resource: teachtogether.tech/en/index.ht

I love that I keep finding new things online

With the qualities that digital information has, you really need to treat it like toxic waste. When we say "Information wants to be free", it's not a rallying cry, it's a description of an (often dangerous) quality of digital data. It's like saying "U²³⁵ wants to be fissile."

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And if you think this is bad in the US: how many Cote d'Ivoire mobile phone users do you think consented to this anonymized data release to academics, a year or so after the end of a civil war? arxiv.org/abs/1210.0137

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It's not just companies, mind you. The census faces similar challenges -- they work hard to inject noise into their public data so you can't draw conclusions about individuals. But the more noise you introduce, the less useful the data is for, e.g., measuring racial injustice. census.gov/programs-surveys/de

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The lesson of this story (of a Catholic blog using commercially resold Grindr data to out a gay priest) is *either* that anonymised data can always be de-anonymised (pretty much the intuition of lots of experts I know), or, less generally, you can't expect an org that benefits from selling other people's data to calibrate how much they should spend on anonymising.

is it bad that I want to feed all these San Francisco punk rock posters into an AI so I can just have an infinite number of punk rock posters for every occasion? verasphere.smugmug.com/Punk-Sh

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You know what I miss about OS X before IVE-1138's redesigns? Only resizing from the bottom right corner. Because that meant the right side of the app was all scrollbar, so I could put a window flush against the edge and just flick, drag to scroll.

And the scrollbars were big chunky things, not the dinky little bar "always on" gives me, let alone the useless "never when you need it" default.

Basically everything about the windowing widgets are wrong now.

oh man, I'm going to be all decentralisation all the time from now on, I hope that's ok with you people

Or if you’re already building a piece of the decentralized web, and wonder if
ffdweb.org/ can help you with resources, connections or funding, mail me at danny@fil.org. Or chat with me here as @mala. I'll be happy to help. Fin!

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