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I forgot that in many countries, including the U.S., I'm permanently categorized as a carrier of degenerative prions: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creutzfe

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You've all heard of fidget spinners, I'm sure. But have you considered that you may be a fidget SINNER?

Hi, I'm Greg, the new youth pastor

@natecull it was the point where it demanded her full address, with postcode before I could download any (free) app that amazed me

People who love Apple for its privacy-protecting ways should really try setting up an iPad from scratch these days. I think I basically had to give it a sample of my mum's blood before it was usable.

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CW your politics please dear god i'm trying to get away from hearing about trump and republicans every second of my day

I am at a U.K. tech event, and while it was quite lovely, I remember my youthful fury 20 years ago when the British establishment discovered there was money in tech, and moved in on it.

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Happy Bloomsday, in honour of Aloysius, author of that notoriously difficult book about Dublin which rigorously follows unity of day and location.

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Please stop spreading the rumor that mastodon admins could be held personally liable for images that get automatically federated. In the US, the CDA specifically prohibits this.

"No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider".

Propagating this misinformation has caused many admins to make hasty decisions, to the detriment of the entire fediverse. Please don't do this

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Suggested Content Warnings (v1.2) - Feel Free to Boost :repeat: Show more

This looks like it was a pretty global meeting of city-builders blog.p2pfoundation.net/global- "We in Rojava have built decentralised, democratic self-rule in an extremely difficult situation. Economic embargo, besieged, terrorist attacks, chauvinist mentalities… In spite of all this, we built our municipalism"

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I wrote an essay to explain the root premise of anarchism in a way I hope is accessible and non-partisan:


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CORY DOCTOROW: This is an Arduino.
CLAY SHIRKY: It looks like a microchip?
CORY DOCTOROW: It's pretty cool. Can connect to and control any electronic system.
CLAY SHIRKY: Wow! That could save humanity a lot of troubl--
ARDUINO: Command received: SAVE HUMANITY
ARDUINO: Dominating power grid,
ARDUINO: Cracking codes,
ARDUINO: Summoning space-aliens via hyper-VLF chain pulse,
CORY DOCTOROW: Ah hell, some fuse configs turn it Posadist, one sec

I feel like prediction markets are the next piece of the Nineties Cypherpunk framework to have crack at reality. Here's Augur's current plan: medium.com/@AugurProject/augur

@zwol middle mouse is important! Maybe I will write something up to flesh out the idea more.

Must go to bed and stop reading about Captain Leonard Plugge: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_

Now up to 18 different, mutually incompatible chat apps on my phone, each with their own users. Sigh.

@dredmorbius and that's okay. I'm looking for people who are go "omg yes please let us work in fixing this nightmare, but first let us try and describe it together."

@K_REY_C @wxl well, the interpretation of line breaks in that scenario is always confounding to me, plus the old selection/clipboard confusion

@wxl i think it might mean just playing around with new ideas for clipboard managers. I like the idea of brainstorming and experimenting in this area.