look I'm just pointing out that Rocannon's world had wingsteeds and maybe there's some connection?h

sobering up today I realise that I stonedly derailed a very serious discussion of the works of Ursula K. Le Guin at a party by demanding to know whether Catwings took place in the Hainish universe.

I know it seems like the Internet’s fault but believe me it was the exact same bullshit before, except you couldn’t answer back.

Seriously, they're really good! Second half playing now!

Hey, my friends who are the most amazing dancers are livestreaming their show RIGHT NOW livestream.com/kineticlight !

It really is a fantastic show.

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@mala I have so many questions about this "NTK Network" that is in the news

A couple more commits to , mainly example code I've been playing with but isn't really ready for the general case yet.

TBH, I haven't got to a point where I'm as fast answering mail on as I am on . And the fastest mail interface for me is actually my phone — I bang through email on that.

Oh no! Maybe the last 20 years of usability wasn't wrong after all!

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GOOFUS listens to Rammstein

GALLANT listens to Wulfband

GERHARDT listens to anonymous dark-minimal tapes from a short-lived obscurantist rhizome

GORMULUS listens to the subtle creasing of spacetime as his imperial armada ritually annihilates the Betelguesian parliament-planet

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The family in Łódź decided that instead of using the money to emigrate, they would buy a headstone for their mother Judith. The family had been previously too poor to afford one. They sent this photograph to the US to show what they had done.


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My father's father Charles Bornstein was born in 1903 in Łódź, Poland and moved to the United States with his father and brother Aaron when he was a child. His mother Judith had died when he was only three months old. Several older siblings stayed behind.

As adults in the 1930s, Charles and Aaron sent money back to their older siblings in Łódź so that they and their families could leave Poland and come to the US.


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Very nice post on the GC improvements recently made and upcoming for GNOME Shell, and the difficulties of mixing a reference counted system with a garbage collected system.


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Random person following! Explore who your followers follow! They have cool ideas!

I just remembered entering a space quiz competition when I was 9 or something and getting a MASSIVE pile of European Space Agency stickers. ( @lizzard just sent a load of stickers to a teenager who dressed up as the Firefox icon for Halloween, and I’m hoping ironically or unironically they had just as much fun)

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