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what i'm thinking about a lot is how text-driven Unix (and ) is, and what other composable forms there might be. This is sort of the route Smalltalk and Dynabook explored, but didn't come back with results that could challenge text in all spaces (it's a 5K year old tool).

But how could we make a fundamental OS that has that close relationship to an interface like twitter.com/Dynamicland1

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...and I was just recommending IPFS to @Shamar, and found this mention of as an inspiration for it: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

Still exploring the space: it really is like a tiny guerilla movement, with cells in odd places. For instance, is this a 9P interface to git, buried in Docker’s Moby project github.com/moby/datakit/blob/m ?

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by the way, I was wholly unqualified to build an ISP when we built our ISP and I was also the only one of us who computered so do not let little things like having any idea what you are doing get in your way.

(@Shamar is the person behind JehanneOS -- he also pointed me to this great list of not-many-user operating systems: wiki.osdev.org/Projects

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Let's try mastodon, as @mala suggested...

yeah this is so going to be my next Twitch project

basically i think we should have 8 billion operating systems, everybody in the world gets one except for Bill Gates because I've kept my nineties grudges

you're allowed to come with me but you have to build your own operating system

it's like light sabers

Fuck it! If I'm wrong, everyone else is doing fine with their popular, "multi user" operating systems and "ways of organizing society". If I'm right, then it's all down to me! IT'S MY OPERATING SYSTEM, AND YOU'RE ALL JUST CONNECTIONS TO IT

I like what he's doing. But I felt that moment of despair, where I wonder if I've just backed myself into an ideological and cultural corner, like I'm now in a filter bubble that's just me and Giacomo. And even then, I was thinking ... well, I don't agree with that, so maybe I could fork this...

so I think I reached the very furthest summit of my Plan 9 foray -- a fork of a fork of a fork of Bell Lab's plan ,9 called JehanneOS, which as far as I can work out has one maintainer and one user (the same person, Giacomo Tesio). It's named after Joan of Arc.

oh i should add to this so that the other 22 people can find me.

i had a late night half-dream about adapting the Elm Architecture so that instead of generating HTML, it'd generate a plan 9 file system (with files acting as outputs and inputs). What obscurantist corner am I painting myself into!!?

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I've put online"Tool Safety", my zine about what writing Beautiful Soup taught me about software development: crummy.com/software/BeautifulS

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still waiting for great rap battles of history to do william dalrymple vs theodore dalrymple