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Good piece by Frank Pasquale on a divide in approach among tech policy folks about how to deal with the platform monopolies (bit UScentric in its terminology, but fortunately all that cultural imperialism will come in handy decoding whether you’re a Jeffersonian or a Hamiltonian).


I’m Jeffersonian in the streets, Hamiltonian in the manifolds.

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For now, do not decrypt encrypted PGP messages that you receive using your email client. Instead, use non-email based messaging platforms, like Signal, for your encrypted messaging needs.

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Do you use PGP In the email client Outlook?
Due to security vulnerabilities in Outlook with PGP (and GPG), you should follow these instructions to disable the link between the two. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/05/disa

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Do you use PGP in Thunderbird with Enigmail?
Due to security vulnerabilities in Thunderbird with PGP (and GPG), you should follow these instructions to disable the Enigmail add-on. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/05/disa

One of the awkwardness as of being in your late 40s is the context of your early adulthood is largely unwritten: it’s not topical, it’s not history, it’s just reacted to.

Here’s a good piece that describes the conventional — and I think mostly accurate — history of the UK Labour Party in the 80s and 90s. It’s not about Corbyn, and it’s barely about late Blair. But I don’t hear it retold much right now.


the truth is there's this magical point of sleep deprivation where my YOLObility lets me get far more done

i must forget this revelation immediately, it's like deciding that after a couple of pints I get better at motorcycle driving

mad props to Amazon for erroring out old skool: mad props to Amazon for erroring out old skool:


On bad days, my eyes get sort of shrunken into my head from dehydration. I think only friends I know well notice, but people are very observant. I wonder what they think?

A discussion led me to be reminded of Dan Bernstein's proposal to create a better replacement for email, 18 years ago: cr.yp.to/im2000.html

This was a pretty intense experience, plotting out the opportunities and risk scenarios for the next 10 years for EFF, Internet Archive, Wikimedia and Mozilla guided by @LHWilkinson . The raw materials don't really capture all the conclusions we came away with, but if you have any questions, I can try and answer them here: blog.archive.org/2018/05/08/th

ohh i am going to fix a bug in a program that I use every day and then submit it as a patch ♪♫♬

(this never happens)

(this still might not happen)

It's interesting that most of the responses to my post about democratic institutions thought that I was looking for alternatives, whereas I was actually trying to map all the different tactics within democratic institutions. I can't tell whether that was me being unclear, or just how my followers think about it!

The warm feeling that all your devices are over 87% charged

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Everything I Know: 42 Hours of Buckminster Fuller’s Visionary Lectures Free Online (1975) bit.ly/Nj16Qq t.co/Qg869bdcnJ

Thinking about democratic institutions and how they require you to: Persuade others, outnumber others, ally with others or disenfranchise others.

I feel like there other options but can’t verbalize them... anyone?

That third one is also the big lesson of for me, and one that I will write up one day I promise.

Not a coincidence that the first Beeminder that worked for me is one that got me taking my medication reliably...

After 5 years of trying and failing to get the hang of , I think I’ve finally got the knack of it (beeminder.com/dannyobrien ).

My tips:

1) Start small (set goals that are within what you already do, and slowly ramp up)

2) pay what you can afford, not what you think will punish you

3) if you suffer from depression or anxiety, work on things that help with that rather than attempt to modify or compensate for the symptoms.