I absolutely remember around 1999/2000 thinking, wow, I wonder what it will be like to be the equivalent of aging hippies but in 2020, and I am glad to announce that I am what I predicted.

I am maybe not entirely surprised by what the aging hippies ended up as either

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"No masters, no gods" in Arabic by Syrian Calligrapher Mouneer Al Shaarani

omg the elation when you finally shake off a cold

i kind of want my mouse cursor to do more, you know. Like it's wasted on double-clicking. Even right-click windows seem skimpy these days

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my main disconnect is with folks who got into the Internet because it was the sensible career path to take, versus people who were like I HAVE NO JOB OR PROSPECTS this seems FULL of edge-case weirdoes YOLO

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Courts are recognizing that the border should not be a Constitution-free zone. We have filed a brief in a case brought by Haisam Elsharkawi, a U.S. citizen whose digital devices were searched.


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If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

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Programs are a prison: Rethinking the fundamental building blocks of computing interfaces - djrobstep.com djrobstep.com/posts/programs-a

one thing I really like about the wider blockchain community is the smartest people spend a *lot* of time thinking about incentives and game theory and disaster scenarios. More people should do this!

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What are your favourite examples of websites or services that aren't Facebook/Google/etc, that do good in the world, and couldn't exist without an open Internet? (Assuming we've got the big names like the Internet Archive, Wikipedia, etc)

things i try and notice more often: when everybody is laughing and/or furious that somebody didn't know some simple fact, and I conveniently forget that *I* didn't know that simple fact 5 minutes ago

outlandish things we predicted: Governor Schwarzenegger, disappearance of Princess Diana, mainstreamification of fake news, conspiracy theories, DJ celebrities and anime, Star Trek franchise overextension...

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Here's a full copy (big PDF) of one my favourite variants, which was personalised for an imaginary Gen X Guardian reader from the far off future of ... 2004: static.guim.co.uk/ni/145460324

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someone on the bird site was asking what 1994 was like, and completely separately Dan Hon found this "teaching guide" to a thing I co-wrote then about a possible "future Guardian"! theguardian.com/gnmeducationce

Me, looking at daughter working on 500 piece jigsaw puzzle: Why create work for yourself?

She: you’re the one who codes in lisp

i don't have any good advice here, I just wanted to put this out somewhere where someone can (correctly) throw it back in my face the next time I lose it on the internet

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everytime i've lashed out online, I've more-or-less regretted it. Even when it theoretically "saved lives", it turned out that I was just playing a part in an even worse, anger-driven scenario of which I only belatedly learned

it's also very rewarding. long before social media platforms, you could get a long way by shitposting, trolling, and just generally ignoring the consequences of your actions in favour of playing to the crowd

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