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Today I speak w/ ICCL's @johnnyryan about a suit they've launched in the EU over the massive & never-ending data breach that is real-time bidding (ie, the basis for the internet economy). It's a data free-for-all & it's unlawful under .



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Here’s that CGI application I’ve been working on; a work-in-progress, basic HTML frontend to the Wayback Machine, for browsing the old web straight from an old browser, including the Wayback Machine’s site search 💻🌐📅 wayback-classic.nfshost.com

Bear in mind that I *was* using Windows mostly as a glorified Linux platform, so some of it was me going "Man, I'm doing as much hacking of Windows to fit my model of how my computer works than I do on Linux". But still, I usually find *something* worth learning about when I switch platforms.

I guess how Windows deals with multiple generations of system preference UI (it keeps them all) was interesting. Tablet/stylus software was quite moribund. And they *really* want you to use Edge.

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I switched to Windows briefly, because their Linux System is now good enough to run graphical apps, and I thought it would save me some time with drivers on this new laptop. I switched back after a few weeks.

I'm being a tad unfair on MS, because in order to use the graphical WSL, I had to use a beta of Windows 11 -- but it was so slow compared to Linux, and most of my tools were in the browser, and I couldn't find decent Windows desktop equivalents, anyway.

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EFF is suing the US postal service, analysts at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), sorted through massive amounts of data created by social media users to surveil what they were saying and sharing, Internet users’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, and Telegraph were likely swept up in the surveillance program.


There, and now to make sure I'm not giving into my own biases, here's another non-cryptocurrency, non-filecoin-y project you should look at: interpeer.io/ (c/o @jens)

(reminder if you find this kind of exciting influencer content annoying you can mute . Alternatively, DM me your irritation as an attachment, and if ... maybe 5? 3? people want it, I'll put this stuff behind a CW.

again, and please god I am trying to make this NOT sound like an advert, but for those of you who are reaching for your religious-culture-appropriate crucifix-equivalent because it's cryptocurrency, I understand completely and will only note here that doesn't use a proof-of-drowning-polar-bears system, so may be more redeemable in your eyes. Or at least you can play with it with maybe less in-built guilt.

also for some reason I decided to write about this just before I go to sleep so be patient!

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So is one of those cryptocurrency-y things, and hosting costs money, but as it turns out this hosting service is free.


Maybe in the future I will burble about the -- possibly temporary, but maybe long-term --- way that the filecoin ecosystem is built so that its storage providers are incentivized to offer open source/CC-licensed data free or ultracheap storage.

But for now, if you're interested I have a couple of invite codes. If you're already , ping me.

Anyway, a bunch of the folks (including whyrusleeping, one of the founding IPFS devs) are working on more human-level APIs, and an alpha of that for folks wanting to host public, open licensed is here: estuary.tech/

It's invite only for now, but if you're already using to host content for public use, I'm pretty sure you'll can get a code. There might be a wait, because this is a small skunkworksy team at the moment. (Five people! arg.protocol.ai/ )

So you probably know that is intended to build an incentive structure so that a network of decentralized storage providers are rewarded for storing content at costs that are (hopefully) cheaper and more flexible than the current giants (cough AWS cough).

It's *really* early days, but it's now at the point where the network works, though I'd say that the tooling is still in the command-line-of-mystery phase. >>

So you will have to pay a bit of decentralised tech tax in my Mastodon posts from now on. I'll try and make sure I use some consistent tags so you can mute them if it gets too much.

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Greetings Internet! The Joy of Coding returns today with Episode 256! Come join me while I livehack on Firefox, and review some patches! It's going to be a hoot.

Starts at 1PM ET:


And I wish to remind you all that this has happened before and will happen again: bestmindsofmygeneration.com/be

This is such a lovely project by @darius , an exploration of 365 of the first RFCs write.as/365-rfcs/table-of-con

My motto in 1997 is the same as it is now: “They Stole Our Revolution. Now We’re Stealing It Back.”


@karmanyaahm heya Karmanyaah! I saw that you were putting the RFCs on . Do you want to apply for an invite to estuary.tech to see if you can get them backed up onto the network? I’ll see if I can help

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