* eval in shell isn't as bad as eval in every other language (maybe because /everything/ in shell scripts is as bad as eval in other languages).
* I wonder how much easier it would be if you learned Unix in historical order. Remembering sci-fi stories of code archaeologists.
* I'm already collecting a bunch of one-liner recipes unique to my setup. I think Unix culture could have done with a better way of passing one-liners to new people.

also people in charge of this kind of thing it's a bit strange to make me login and set up two-factor authentication just to watch a video

also when i finally do log on it says "Hi, NULL"

I love y'all but this feels like some crazy corporate CMS thing you subcontracted out to people who Don't Get You.

I understand the siren call of outsourcing but maybe we can work together to do better than just grubbing in the scraps of Enterprise Software?

I would stream my flailing on this, but can't really because you'd see all my work emails be badly parsed live on screen

will return though!

I'm just going to sleep on this, and commit my "example" one-liners for now.

BTW if you enjoy watching somebody chin-stroke through their code like this, but wish it was somebody actually good at coding, I heartily recommend @mconley 's Joy of Coding

I guess maybe git submodules for now?

Oh boy I guess I can fix this later right?

i have no idea about the right way to refer to someone else's source code. Do I just copy it across? Do some sort of git submodule? Have a vendor directory, or just symlink it and then apologise in the readme?

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RT "Hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over" Damn, shortcuts is so 🔥🔥


ooh i'm getting into serious stuff now. I want to use some of mblaze's parsing cleverness, which means linking an object library to my c code. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING.

I have at least transcended into being prodigiously bearded with a slight Unix potbelly. me and @lizzard have been singing "Unix tips and a fat belly" to the tune of

I am doing all this old school Unix stuff in bed with two halves of an ergonomic mechanical keyboard. I feel like I'm hacking from a recumbent bicycle. And that's okay, because I wanted to be when I grew up.

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okay I have written a few one-liner helper scripts and I'm now at the point that I can read my notmuch inbox with mblaze... not /swiftly/ and maybe i'm just enamored with the novelty, but it feels a little less overwhelming already

but i should sleep

* Drafting manpages is harder than it looks -- or perhaps, exactly as hard as it looks. I feel I may have fallen into a trap using mdoc, but right now it seems much clearer than the old man macros.

* Look at this, a history of man pages!


* Breaking these down into little utilities was a good idea. Things have got simpler, and also I may be able to more easily remove extra cruft in the future.

* Writing getopt with short options and a terse usage statement feels like I'm in 70s Unix re-enactment society. Not in a bad way!

* I hope someone is recording the oral history of UNIX before we start losing the memories.

* I am so slow at this!

* I do love git-cola!

Separation confirmed! Now they are waiting for the reply from

Now watching the japanese video feed on niconico: (you have to sign up I think)

more notes!

* Rather than load up complexity in the binary I'm writing, I'm going to split it into two smaller utilities. LIVIN' LA VIDA

* I realized that one of the niggles I have with mutt is that it feels perceptually slow, especially when I'm dealing with filing lots of mail. I'm going to try to keep to Paul Buchheit's maxim of sub-100ms interaction. I think that's about 10K of lines printed on kitty, the fast terminal I use these days. Maybe doable?


* fgets and gets are kind of a mess in how they handle '\r' and bounds checking. I wonder what the history is there?
* It's still pretty hard to find simple versions of common C tricks online. For instance:
buffer[strcspn (buffer, "\r\n")] = 0;
looks like an acceptable way to strip EOL chars from a fgets, but it took me a while to find it. Useful function though!

don't go near the black rectangle, Hayabusa2-san!

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