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There comes a point half-way through this article about all the penises in the Bayeux Tapestry when I am no longer surprised to read the words "raffishly moustachioed" historyextra.com/period/mediev

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you, mayhaps: hmmmm this oulipo local activity is mildly slow, but comfy
ivy: *loudly winding up my typing arms*
you: no, wai-

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Today, EFF and co-counsel @walterslawgroup are urging a federal judge to put the online censorship law on hold because it threatens our plaintiffs’ ability to engage in protected online speech. eff.org/press/releases/hearing

you know what I think the next wave in things-people-will-collectively-learn-together? de-escalation.

If you're doing (or thinking) of doing Net Neutrality advocacy in the U.S., the activism team at EFF did this one-page toolkit guide on talking to your representatives (or candidates)! eff.org/net-neutrality-defense

I think we all have to accept that our friends are 90% right, and it's okay that they're 10% INSANE AND OMG HOW CAN YOU THINK THAT.

yes i am talking about me

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*sigh* Fred Turner's revisionist history of 1960s/70s counterculture, like that of Adam Curtis (see his 'All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace' series), completely fails to distinguish between the projects of genuine idealists, and the cynics who who use trendy language to justify and recruit people to whatever they would have done anyway. The #MerryPranksters, #WELL, #FSF, and #EFF are the former, #CharlesManson, #Scientology, and #SiliconValley are the latter

My birthday was eating cake made by @lizzard, watching England lose (but well!), chatting deeply with Smári McCarthy, then meeting my daughter off the plane and watching the last few Steven Universe together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!

I think one of my very favourite cultural genres is “TV anchorperson messes up and everyone around has to keep a straight face”

oh god it was privacy badger you have no idea how humiliating this is within my relationship ... it is like game of thrones shit here... A Mozillian ALWAYS PAYS HER DEBTS

god so many add-ons it is a miracle anything works

still that got the mozilla-wielding gf to log back onto mastodon

oh no it was just a firefox add-on being naughty. now i must find out which one (i hope it was not the one from work)

omg omg i think i might have found a regression in Firefox, which means I get to use MOZREGRESSION mozilla.github.io/mozregressio OH YEAH

One of the things that I noticed in listening to the European Parliament debate on and was the live interpreters briefly mentioning their own strike action before translating the rest of the debate. The were requisitioned to translate it: euractiv.com/section/economy-j

Woohoo! In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against and —the disastrous and copyright proposals. That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.