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Danny O'B @mala

omg inbox 40 nobody email me anything

@agocs awww!! thank you! I'm not sad about it, but I admit that I sometimes aspire to the freedom of car drivers!

Rotating moon (I need to work out how to put credits and cc licence data into ipfs, but it's from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.)

@saper the reasons get smaller to do it, and window between me learning and me being too old to drive safely narrowing

@wxl i used to feel a little itchy keeping my key on mobile, less bothered these days. I might try that.

I think it's looking likely that I will never get around to learning to drive.

@xor @yellowfrog it's worthwhile exploring some of the reasons why people feel phone numbers are private/valuable (without judging them). Off the top of my head:

1) Single phone number -> person mapping means hard to compartmentalise different identities
2) Possibility of harassment tied to knowledge of phone (why people want to keep emails addresses secret too)
3) Expensive to discard phone number, so permanent identifier
4) Phone co. can map to name/address

Unsurprising and yet surprising: I actually do conduct a bunch of *real* email conversations using PGP these days. It's pretty automatic in my client, so sometimes I don't even notice. Still bad for: reading email on mobile/travelling without laptop; conversations that accidentally fall out of being encrypted because of somebody's defaults; the perceived shame of having a key on the keyservers and having to admit you lost the key five years ago when you get an autoencrypted mail from me.

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<p>no Gods<br>no masters<br>no SPOFs<br>no admins<br>no bedtimes</p>
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<p>Smalltalk on your front-end. World is getting crazy.</p><p> <a href="http://amber-lang.net/index.html"><span class="invisible">http://</span><span class="">amber-lang.net/index.html</span><span class="invisible"></span></a></p><p><a href="https://mstdn.io/tags/programming">#<span>programming</span></a></p>

This is you working late at night on your brilliant free software project / manifesto / unassailable fanfic theory, this is: ipfs.io/ipfs/QmWLgiQ9mzqaoYmW2

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<p>MIT has a Mastodon instance now too, apparently. mastodon.mit.edu unless there's some lookalike glyph attack there.</p>

@lorax i haven't watched hacker wars

Reading someone who was ostracized from their community by vague allegations demand that someone else be ostracized from their community because of vaguer allegations of abuse. This doesn't seem a great route to go down.

From the archives, back when Silicon Valley corporatocracy was so hip they announced a Sun/Netscape enterprise alliance with one of those rap videos the young people were into: ipfs.io/ipfs/QmT4NcB4bV624RxgE (lovingly converted from ntk.net/2000/01/07/#LYRICS_DOT )

Gosh bits of Hacker News getting really into Georgism. What if we end up in a Ken Macleod future where all the young technorats are just arguing about what 19th century socialism is best?

(You may have very good, physical, and external reasons for having take that bit very seriously indeed)