Me: Now that @lizzard has set out on her work trip, I can really work on the house — and myself a bit too!

Me, 2 minutes later: I see no pressing reason to wipe this spaghetti from my chin

old people asking if we can move the chat conversations to email, while the young people ask if we can move from email to chat

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@mala this is the worst X-Men power ever.

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@mala damnit this article had me checking the back of my head.

And yes, I have the spike.

My strategy for translating text is to use Google Translate or and then translate it back into English, and tweak until the output is constant, and I now realise I'm using a fixed-point combinator over human language translators

Okay this is exciting -- I think about the Dynabook and journalism all the time:

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#Debian Buster release date announced: July 6th!! 🎉🍥✨🐕

so in around 1981 me and people I knew were messing around with "microcomputers" and not really realising that what you do then, can determine what your job and life is years later, but in retrospect how exciting and privileged it is to make that line from childhood to adulthood

anyway i see my kids being superintensely into D&D and fic, and feel like this is a premonition of the world of the future

This quote from Dan Ellsberg is my favourite argument in favor of openness and against confidentiality:

Okay, this is *kinda* an ad for the Foresight institute and nothing wrong with that, but it also does express what I (and I think @eff) are thinking at the moment:

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An excellent thread on YouTube's recent decisions on content moderation.

No platform can be neutral at this scale and dominance. The way in which that non-neutrality plays out is going to define free expression for billions
A few thoughts (THREAD INCOMING) on the Maza/Crowder/YouTube debate: I think this ends up being tricky for companies in large part because they aspire to uniform rules, but the harms of…

Okay this is the kind of content I am here to appreciate (“hat” “tip” to @philgyford )

This AMA with the author of "Hacking Life" is turning into a mental health/limits of the approach confessional by some of my favourite experts in

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For some reason I'm just noticing Wikipedia edit tags for the first time.

They are little labels that automatically get assigned to an edit.

Since January there's one for anonymous edits from Congress. Thanks @legoktm!

Here's an example from @congressedits

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Nebula and Rocket Raccoon Eat McDonald's - Because I like to imagine they had some lunches on Earth, going to all the places Quill used to talk about, in between doing Avengers-crap.

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #fanart #nebula #rocketraccoon #marvel #avengers #avengersendgame #endgame #mcu #guardiansofthegalaxy

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