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You like BBSes? Name five of their albums

We just re-watched Trouble With Tribbles and I don’t think McCoy knows what bisexual means.

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Stoned book projects: Taoist Classics for Indoor Cats

I'm not really scared of my own anger. I used to be, but my experience (I think partly as a man) is that it gets easier to control and there is less encouragement to lose it as you get older. My own sadness scares me more: not in the moment, but how it affects me and others. We are permitted anger, and permitted to regret it. Sadness is seen as an indulgence, not a threat.

Anger in women and anger in men affect me differently. I'm still working out why and how. Angry men put me into a fight or flight mode -- unpleasant, but it feels useful. Anger in women makes me dissociate. Which you know, is not the worst thing that can happen, but I find the difference significant.

I said on Twitter "I no longer think being sad and angry are opposite or inconsistent emotions. They can be context-sensitive responses to the same thing." Because you have given me more character(s), Mastodon, also: angry people scare me, a lot; too much. My own little lifepath has been trying to work out how to deal with angry people.

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"The numbers don’t add up. I’ve had nearly everyone I talked to tell me some version of the same story. The combination of expenses, regulations, and the culture of distant corporate management is all agressively hostile to their efforts. And taking on a single employee is often the difference between making money and failing within the first year."
granolashotgun.com/2017/08/04/ (h/t @sonya )

Does Universal Basic Income Require a State?

Don't call *anyone* terrorists. Find out who they are; find out why they do the things they do; practice justice. It's not that white people in the US get a break, it's that other minorities don't.

I just *knew* John McPhee used the command line (though I would not guess DOS) mobile.nytimes.com/2017/09/28/

I feel episode 1 of promised the hope and optimism of Trek updated for now, and episode 2 said no you get to stay in Yesterday’s Enterprise timeline. Oh well.

i want a capybaric chamber

alexanderperrin.com.au/paper/s calming if you miss the countryside and like pencil drawings and the right cursor key

We must seize the means of recognition

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realising everybody else in the Scott Alexander cult is going to spontaneously start meditating this week