my most unpopular (yet pretty basic) opinion: things that people blame capitalism for in the current era are facets of humankind that in fact vastly pre-date the rise of capitalism in society, an will require a far greater re-engineering effort, whose shape is possibly hidden from sight by strictly anti-capitalist stances

I'm sure you've already had people moan about this on your timeline, but woke up to a dim orange sky, and it's getting progressively darker.

2020, man.

i spent today getting an obscure mail client working with the latest version of an obscure language and it was very satisfying if a little too much like sitting in the garden, whittling

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Demo of the same chat program I wrote earlier in #Spritely Goblins running over Tor onion services and CapTP:

Here's the thing. The chat program contains *no networking code at all*. Literally none. CapTP takes care of all of it. It's just objects messaging each other. I didn't change a line of it from when I just tested it on my local machine. I just hooked together the two users via CapTP.

I'm pretty sure I can get a Windows 10 user to a working Debian command line prompt in a few lines of PowerShell these days. Does anyone have the equivalent on Mac?

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Public Enemy has just released a new version of their 1989 anthem "Fight the Power" (featured in the Spike Lee breakout "Do the Right Thing") along with a video featuring Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG and QuestLove.

The new version is outstanding and the accompanying video even better, integrating recent footage from the Black Lives Matter uprising, with the guest MCs explicitly tracing the current struggle to Public Enemy's decades of activism.


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Internationally-recognized cybersecurity and encryption expert
@joncallas joins EFF, where he will shepherd tech projects and lend his considerable expertise to our policy work. Welcome, Jon!

Hey, coding pals! Ilya writes:

Want to play a key role in a growing ecosystem of cutting-edge open source web archiving tools, and make web archiving easier and more accessible to all?

Webrecorder is now hiring a generalist developer on a contract basis:

Apply by September 15th!

I react to people talking about “consumers” the way other people react when one talks about “users”

🎵 That’s not my name! That’s not my name! 🎵

New idea for my gravestone epitaph:

"I demand an explanation!"

(previous lead candidate: "Sorry I'm late.")

I'm about halfway through @doctorow 's How To End Surveillance Capitalism, and when I'm not nodding furiously in agreement, I'm sitting back and trying to work out *what* I think. I want more people to read this so I can talk about it with them.

after blundering around lots of different frameworks and not really grokking them, I read in an hour and -- I think! -- understood it all

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#Peertube development is still going but they are missing some money to continue it without using #Framasoft 2020 budget.

We can donate at so we will have the best alternative to #YouTube!

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On Monday, I'll wrap up my talk w/ @eff's Danny O'Brien (@mala), where we discuss the heroic work of Max Schrems and the EU Court of Justice rulings that basically invalidates Privacy Shield.

If you missed part 1, start there:


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why not shamelessly shill for my own instance again because why not

if anyone hasn't heard, i admin an instance, that's centered around food/cooking

posts made there are automatically CW'd when they federate out, but appear on the instance itself without a CW for ease of use

and also a 5000 character limit so you can share your favorite big long recipes

whoever you are, if you like food and/or cooking, we'd love to have you!!

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We’ve put together a free ebook on digital rights that will help you understand what role technology should and should not play in fighting back against the COVID-19 crisis.

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A friend of mine who works at the Wikimedia Foundation wants to spread the word that they are hiring for two research positions:

Research Engineer:

Research Scientist (Disinformation):

Application deadline is Aug 31. You'd be working remotely in either case. I can put you in touch with my friend, if you have questions.

if you are bored of what this century has to offer, this is what a previous era viewed as entertainment:

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More jobs — this one is remote, anywhere in the world. Software engineer building anti-harassment tools at Wikipedia:

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