JFC, the negotiations are so incoherent that earlier this week, the European TV, film and sports rightsholders said they should be halted. Now the *recording industry* says they it’s broken. It was their idea! ifpi.org/downloads/17_Jan_2019

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ALERT: The government of Maduro in Venezuela takes yet another step to control the internet in the country. A leaked text for a "cyberspace" bill would give the government total control of the internet.

Read more here accessnow.org/a-bill-in-venezu

Why yes, my Parliament tribute band consisting entirely of Common Lisp developers *is* called (defun defunk), how did you know?

Hmm, actually given my habits, this laptop-on-when-closes thing could basically mean I have an always on, almost always networked, personal system. It’s the dream!

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Wrote an article about why private torrent trackers tend to suck on the whole. The main point delves into human nature, cooperation, and punishment. v-mundi.com/private-trackers-s

#Opinion #Torrent #Piracy #FileSharing

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>Disabled my laptop going to suspend when lid shuts
>Tethered it to my phone then put it backpack
>ssh into it from phone
>can code on bus 👍
>phone warms up hands, laptop warms up lap🔥

>otoh, probably giving myself cancer

oh this is so easy on my eyes, at last: the parsed from the official XML, and rendered as plain HTML in all the official EU languages. gdpr.dataskydd.net/

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Streaming some more. I'm setting up a new laptop as a new dev machine. Look, I don't get out much, okay? I'll be at twitch.tv/codetherapy or on YT / Facebook near where you're reading this.

God, I love those livestreaming sessions. They're a salve to my soul -- a little bit of socialising, a little bit of showing off, a weirdly asynchronous and frequency-bound communication, the sound of my own voice, geeky audience, thinking about code, concentrating for a long time, echoes of being on stage and safe.

I'm going to futz around doing a livestreamed session and yes you may design to join me. Setting up a new laptop as a new dev machine. YES RIVETING. I'll be at twitch.tv/codetherapy ! Also because you are my masto-peeps you can join my Discord at: discord.gg/mnNrH5

I’ve always liked how many people in the U.S. are good public speakers, esp. relative to Brits.my theories include: 1) UK people not taught it; 2) public speaking culturally awkward for implicit British “must do formality while demonstrating embarrassment” rules; 3) American free-riding on ubiquitous media rôle models. 4) ancient 19th century values?? 5) I’m delusional

Sitting at the back, doing Neighbourhood Emergency Response Training in San Francisco. Not sure I’d always find this neighbourly or reassuring, but it’s kind of calming these days. sf-fire.org/training-schedule-

Also I’m getting out of the (flammable) house!

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