Do you help run a federated or decentralised service in Europe -- or know someone who does? Please pass this link on. It's the application to meet politicians to discuss how the EU's copyright filters (Article 13/17) will be implemented. I worry about a backroom deal struck between Facebook/Google that excludes the next generation of open Net services: .. Please speak up!

And if you're worried about being prepared or strategy, I can put you in touch with good people in Brussels!

@mala hey @gargron @hugo I assume you folks already know about this, but just in case...

@mala I suppose being a swiss citizen hosting content in Germany automatically excludes me from such debates?

@mala > at the latest by 18 September 2019.

yeah, whoever wants to participate has to make it clear right now

@mala It would be great to have some good folks show up and explain why this idea is bad, but really this is kind of a non-issue. Even if it passes, the EU does not have the political power to enforce it in any meaningful way.

I too would worry about such a background deal. These two huge corporations, have got too big... and probably too comfortable with that position.

@mala I am wondering how things will work in Britain after Brexit as there is opportunity for lobbying for new laws on that subject here too.

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