I can set multiple timers now on my HomePod with iOS12 🎉

I’m really looking forward to Apple’s September event tomorrow 😬

In preparation for Apple’s 2018 September event @zs, @kaidombrowski and I recorded a special episode of So Cast.

We are listing our predictions for the event, some of them might be more wishes, but I think we have some reasonable guesses in there 🙂


I enjoyed recording episode 11 of So Cast the other day.

If you want to hear me trying to pronounce aluminum and end up sort of failing in the end, you should check it out 😬

Later on we talk about the upcoming Apple event, that’s also interesting 😊


I’m waiting for @zs to wake up (at 5:30am Sydney time) to record episode 11 of So Cast 🎤⏰

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond for the first time yesterday, they got so much stuff 🤗 I wish I knew about this when I moved into my apartment 2 months ago!

MacBook Pro concerns 

My spacebar on the 2017 MacBook Pro has been unresponsive three times during the last three days 😟

I just finished recording the 10th episode of @socast with @kaidombrowski and @zs!

I'm really enjoying this 😄

I wanted to order a photo book for my parents from Apple before this service goes away, I quickly realized how few pictures I take that have me in them.

Most of them are of tech products, coffee, or, the more rare ones, me holding a tech product or drinking coffee 😛

This bridge to find all the people you follow on Twitter on Mastodon is pretty neat 🙂


I’m on a long commute and forgot my headphones 😕

And a new episode of ATP is out ☹️

Getting a sneak peek of @zs’s /dev/world talk. If you’re going, you’re in for a treat!

Tickets are still available for another day: devworld.com.au/#tickets

Alright, this is my first Toot! I'm excited to start using mastodon ☺️


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