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@oceangrunge @boots it was kinda a "hmm wonder how this works" by a contributor.

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@Gargron this has been around for ages, in so many ways. Unfortunately as someone whose has very little money a lot of the time, it kinda becomes a necessary evil... 😕

@nightpool yeah, at the same time we did go for RCs to avoid people running potentially broken stuff, if they wouldn't want to deal with that stuff.
At the same time is great that we get a larger testing field. Double edge I guess.
I'm also quite aware of what you're talking about.
We all slip once in a while though. Just glad we could catch it early (me slipping) so I could back track a little. Or something.

Okay, sleep!

@CobaltVelvet I'm not an admin, but can I have one anyways?

@nightpool I know, and I'm pretty sure you know that I know.
I tried to mitigate what I knew would be interpreted negatively with please, it obviously didn't work. And as you can see I did apologize quite immediately.

I'm tired, which isn't an excuse, but I am, and I didn't step away as I should haveI, and as I usually would have. I'm going to sleep now though. 😵

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Mastodon Admins are now required to smoke weed at least once per inter-instance drama, as per the new Federation Peace Convention aimed at restoring peace and justice in the galaxy. Thank you.

-- your beloved de facto empress

I'm going to bed, and I don't care that it's 7pm

@moritzheiber thank you! I haven't been able to go to my favorite cafe at all the past two months, this will definitely help.

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@boots definitely!
Cake time!

I know very well to not do work related stuff when this exhausted. I just kinda missed working... 3 day mega crunch of that damn thesis... Phew

@WelshPixie ah, I has two bills which I got reminded on this month. I blame thesis.

@squirrel yes, you did describe it well. And I'm sorry. Just that last bit got to me today, probably because I'm utterly exhausted.
Can you forgive me?

@nightpool I said please.
it's also very disheartening for the team to read things implying that we break things on purpose

@boots you're not wrong.

Unfortunately ending with a comment like that puts a very negative spin on it, like we are intentionally trying to make things shittier just to annoy people, which I hope everyone know isn't the case.

And yeah, I know it's part of the job to "deal with it", but today I just didn't have the energy.

@boots the last sentence of the post probably.

@squirrel @boots except that doesn't actually answer what I said. But sure. You can bam all you want.

I guess I would just prefer constructive feedback instead of "Omg why does every update break shit".

I think we'd all benefit from it in the long run.

@CobaltVelvet tummy screams "0 fucks given while writing thesis"...