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maloki @maloki

$70 in pledges! What!
Thank you so much guys! :) <3

@ploum Apparently this is how I get jobs these days :D
except I'm mostly just using patreon to fuel my passion now :D

Packing up and heading to bed.. :)
I had a great day today, and I am really happy about all the feedback we received today!

If I missed you please poke me again! Sometimes federation and notifications aren't working properly.

Have a great day-night-cycle. <3

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"A year or so ago, exasperated by a recent change of Twitter’s UI, I googled for GNUsocial implementations like TweetDeck. I actually found — a tiny little one-man project, that traded GNUsocial’s PHP habit for a broader spectrum of substance abuse, that tried, bless its heart, to recreate TweetDeck’s look. Twitter meltdowns its UI and steadfastly refuses to do anything about the goddamn Nazis, people are fleeing for #Mastodon’s greener fields"

I should probably have tagged this old post with #FAQ but I forgot at the moment.
But I remembered now ;)

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@squirrel Hormones playing tricks on you? I was a monster 3/5 weeks a month due to that.

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@maloki @shalf : Yeah! I think I saw a message from you but didn't realise it was you. For some reasons, it rang a bell today.

Glad to see you here and as excited by Mastodon as I am!

Let's make this rock :-)

Note to self, when you ask some people to help you with a writing project, you can trust them, and don't have to be there and look over their shoulder the entire time.

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i swear to god one day i'll mod mastodon so the timeline goes sideways

@frankiesaxx All federated (known) messages, which have the hashtag

@wxl Not necessarily just "ideas" though, but like concrete things that people can _DO_. If there are links associated to it, that's good.
I didn't want to give too many examples, because that'd just be me writing it myself... Haha, I guess my intro wasn't very informative.
But like "volunteer to be an admin" Answer questions in #needhelp etc etc.

@wxl I did try to say Any way people can contribute. I dunno why people only think about github and code, My brain just kinda stopped at that point though.

@ibull @citizenk

@ibull @wxl @citizenk Don't be afraid to write anything and everything in that doc. This is a draft, actual proper editing etc comes later!
I just need some help to get all the ideas down. :)

@bicicleta All and every medium through time has always had porn/nudes adapting first/the fastest to it.
It's just the way of life :)

@lanodan_tmp I forgot to come back to you with an actual reply as well!
Mastodon is definitely being considered as a venue for it, we just don't want things to accidentally get lost. But I have some ideas, which I pinched from some sci-fi guys starting a book club. :) Just a feedback thread / week or so, on a dedicated account etc. We'll see how it pans out!

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I bought the new Cory Doctorow book "Walkaway" at Borderlands forgetting I'd pre-ordered it from Amazon. Who in SF wants my second copy?