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Planning birthday stream!!

If you got a Twitch account you can add it as a reminder, or add it to your own calendar!!

Stream will start around 15.00 CEST on the 10th of April, and I have no idea what we'll be playing yet. Got any suggestions? Let me know!

The idea is to chill, have some wine (or a lot) and play some games, either alone or with you all!

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Something cool happened: @Loa and I are now Humble Bundle Partners, and we've already gotten our first sale!!

Us being Humble Bundle Partners means mainly one thing!

You can now buy Humble Bundles, like you already have been, but support us on our road to this alternative way of sustaining ourselves! We get fairly big cut out of Monthly bundle!

For any purchases

Directly to the monthly bundle:

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Here it is, my 2017 summary update to !

I'm going to reiterate here: Thank you SO MUCH everyone on Mastodon who helped me through this year. All the support via Patreon, and other things. It doesn't matter if you stayed on for more than a month, your support was just as valued either way.

Full post here:


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And another friendly reminder: Mastodon don't run ads, and doesn't sell your data! You can choose to support the project as a whole, or support your local server!

For the Mastodon project/developmement I recommend checking out , which also has links to PayPal And :

or Liberapay

As little as $1 / month makes a difference in the long run!

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Hello fam, I'm a helper. I used to be the project manager here at Mastodon, but I have and kinda ran out of overall spoons.

I do try my best to help people and support people on here, and I was hoping maybe some of you would be willing to do the same for me.

Mid way through stream, break is having had and snacks are being eaten.

We're heading straight back into Traverser soon!

Always use the environment to your advantage!

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@cassolotl @maloki @gargron @HeckTheCistem IMO the main goal here is to create something that is not overwhelming for any one person, but also helps address the needs and desires of the community. and IMO those two things don't conflict at all

I'm offering the idea of a group of volunteers, being paid nothing, who can help improve community engagement. not asking an already overwhelmed person to get more work to do

In about an hour we're going to be playing something new tonight!

We're going to adventure in Traverser and see where it takes us! Hopefully it wont put too much strain on my arm!

See you soon!

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Like seriously though, with me taking time to mindfully eat and think about flavours and shit...

This stuff is like crazy good and I need to talk about it!

Hmm I want to CW, but I'll do it from the next message

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Good morning lovely people. Move a little slower and be deliberate about being around things that bring you joy. Be present and enjoy every moment.

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cute nonbinary people

boost if u fuckin agree

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Discourse, inspired by the change to CWs Show more

Reading kind of worked. But now sleep. Hopefully heal.

It really hate me being on the phone. Progress report later!

Hmm. Let's see how my arm feels about reading...

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“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

I slipped and fell, bracing myself on my dominant arm today. It is hurting a lot, I think I strained it...

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