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I think this goes without saying, but please, go on camping trips to other places (like say, Chicago or Canada).

But do not post details about your camping trips.

Use a VPN to learn details of your camping trips, especially if you do a staycation.

I 100% support the right to go on camping trips. But do not tell me about them. Do not tell Anyone about your camping trips unless they need to know.

And if you haven't already: Delete any app that tracks periods. It can and WILL be used against you.

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#Abortion #Privacy

Abortion Privacy.

This guide is rather basic, and is clearly aimed towards normies, but it’s a good starting-point for folks who might not already be privacy aficionados. Merely researching reproductive care could soon be a crime in your area, and basic digital opsec will help you stay safer.

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A reminder for those of you who happen to be unlucky enough to live in the US right now with overturned:

Uninstall any proprietary period tracking apps you might have – they *will* snitch on you.

Use drip instead, its fully open source and doesn't include trackers[1].

From Playstore:

From @fdroidorg:


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Hello my fellow USians:

#Briar is a phone app that lets you send secure messages via a mesh network, including via bluetooth.

#Manyverse is a social networking phone app that lets you write posts which are cryptographically signed and which can propagate via a mesh network including bluetooth.

#Ripple is a "panic" app that can hide or delete data. It can be used with f-droid to remove entire apps.

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💼 We are hiring!
open roles for:
- Web developer
- Full stack developer
- Instance admin
- OnlyOffice engineer

[pls boost]

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My small contribution to #Fediverse & #ActivityPub


#Opensource tool to Embed #Mastodon or #Pleroma profile #feed on any web page.

Soon i will add more themes, more supported platforms etc.

Feel #free to #test and use. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please #boost ❤️
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Hey there!

I'm trying to make a list of places that sell de-googlised smartphones ready to use straight out of the box.

So far I've got

Are there any others?

#AskFedi #AskFediverse #AskMastodon

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Because the Fediverse uses chronological timelines, and because it has a worldwide audience, it is totally fine to boost your own post later so it can reach people in different time zones.

There's no algorithm deciding what people see in their main Fediverse timeline, so they just see whatever happens to be there when they are online.

#FediTips #Fediverse

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I am now in Berlin for the summer if anyone wants to meet up! I am bouncing around and my schedule is quite free. Am always down to make new friends and talk about all the various things that there are to talk about.

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You know Mr Burns (owner of the nuclear power plant) from "The Simpsons"? And the recurring joke of just dumping nuclear waste into the water?

As a child, I thought that's just a joke and not how these things work, of course.

But, if you look at the US, you'll see that that's exactly how it works for chemical companies.

They just dump so-called "forever chemicals" (AKA PFAS) into the rivers and so forth, polluting the drinking water long-term and in turn causing negative health effects.

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Nextcloud has a booth at the Zukunftskongress in Berlin the next three days. Come by to discuss how sustainable Digitalization of the public sector with Open Source and Nextcloud works

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Do you think that exposing directly to internet many #selfhosted services used for storing personal data like files, notes, etc.. might be dangerous? Or rather what is the level of risk, because there always is. I do all the typical stuff to protect it, like having updated version, using 2FA, proper https, passwords....

As a fun fact for those who have no experience with that I can tell that for example a SSH server on default port with public IP is tried by bots average 1 time every minute.

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Retroish computers. Its modern hardware in old cases. On the left has a ASROCK ITX board and the right a RPI3.

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Over 4 billion people use the Web. Fewer than 10 million people use the Fediverse.

If you're a developer and wish to make the Fediverse more popular, building Fedi tools for users already in the Fediverse will barely change that number. Building Web services that just happen to have Fediverse integration will make for a massive change.


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⚠️ SCAM ALERT! ⚠️ There are ads on Google that link to a fake version of OBS with malware. Only download OBS from our official site,, and never click any ads claiming to be OBS.


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I really like software that encourages the user to learn, to get involved, to feel empowered to explore and participate. We need more of that.

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I just heard someone referring to tetris as "an inventory management survival horror game"

I think now my life has meaning.

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